Sell Avon

Selling Avon

If you are looking to earn money, whether it is to have the finer things in life or you are just tired of working on someone else’s schedule, you can create an online business part time or full time when you join Avon as an Independent Sales Representative.

Benefits of Joining Avon

As an Avon representative, you will have the opportunity to enjoy these benefits & more:

  • Have a FREE ONLINE STORE for customers anywhere in the U.S. to shop from
  • Opportunities to EARN REWARDS, BONUSES & INCENTIVES starting with your first order receiving a FREE WELCOME GIFT with any size first order + $10 CREDIT when your first order is $60+ (see below for more info on incentives & bonuses)
  • Access to FREE ONLINE TRAINING with Avon U’s quick training modules + LIVE TRAININGS & WEBINARS each week from Avon’s Learning & Development Team including how to start, grow & market your business as well as product guides, marketing material & more.
  • Ability to SAVE MONEY & enjoy exclusive offers on your Avon faves through Avon What’s New as well as with other businesses through Avon Perks & LG Partner Shop where you will find discounts on travel, movie tickets, office supplies, electronics & more.
  • BE IN CONTROL of when, where & how you run your business with the help of online tools you can get right from your mobile device through the AvonGo app, available now through Apple Store & Google Play.

Sound pretty good?

Well, you can enjoy these & even more as an Avon Independent Sales Representative.

Joining Avon

Are you ready to join Avon & start your very own online Avon business?

As an Avon representative, you not only earn money to reach your financial goals but also open doors to opportunities & meeting new people.

To get started:

  1. Go to & use Reference Code: jantunes
  2. Review & complete online contract
  3. Choose your sign up option:
    • Take advantage of $0 sign up
    • Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
    • Purchase starter collection for $30 for customer fave full size products & brochures.

Earning Money with Avon

As an Avon representative, you are able to earn money online through selling Avon products and/or mentoring a team of representatives as described below.

Selling Avon

Once you register your Avon account,  you will be able to set up your FREE online store where customers across the U.S. can shop from anytime, anywhere. If you want, you also can sell Avon in your local area through events & representative delivery orders by sharing the Avon brochure. You are not required to have any products on hand unless you so choose to do so. Many representatives keep a few items on hand that they know their customers love and/or if they do local events for on the spot sales.

Your earnings will be based on your sales level. As a new representative, you will begin at the Contender sales level. Once you have $5,000 total sales (includes personal, business tools, online & representative delivery sales), you will reach Premier level increasing your Beauty & Jewelry earnings for the rest of that sales year.

Representative Level 2023 Non PRP Earnings Chart

Once you have sold $10,000 within a given sales year, you will reach the first sales level of Avon President’s Recognition Program (PRP), which is a recognition program for top selling representatives. As a PRP representative, you will receive increased earnings as well as recognition & more opportunities within Avon.

Representative Level 2023 PRP Earnings Chart

Mentoring a Team

One of the many benefits of being an Avon representative is that you are a part of a supportive community. You will find support, guidance & assistance starting with your team mentor to other representatives (who may not even be on your team) to local coaches to Avon’s corporate office. One way that Avon implements a support system is through their Leadership Program. With Avon Leadership, you are financially rewarded for mentoring representatives who join your Avon team. Just like in sales, the more your team sales & size grow, the more you will earn as a mentor.

Leadership Team Sales Earnings Chart

Avon Incentives

As a representative, no matter what sales or leadership level you are at, all year round, you will have opportunities to earn bonuses & incentives to recognize & reward you for all your hard work in growing your business. Below is a list of each incentive & bonus you can take advantage of as a new representative.

For more info on Avon’s incentives, check out Avon Incentives 2023

Avon Superstar Incentive

Start the new year & your new business on a winning streak! Earn a charm & keychain reward that celebrates Team Avon 2023 & your superstar status when you place orders of ANY amount in any 3 campaigns between Campaigns 1 and Campaign 6. Your reward will arrive with your Campaign 9 order (while supplies last)

Blast Through 2023

Get an extra blast of earnings from Campaigns 1 to Campaign 6. As a new representative, you can earn up to 30% commision on your beauty sales when you sell $100 or more + receive FREE product collections for every $500 in sales up to $5,000. With the FREE product you decide what you want to do… sell (which means it’s pure profit!), giveaway to your loyal customers or do a giveaway offer and/or personally use them so you can get to know the products better and share your experience on your social media.

For more info on Avon’s incentives, check out Avon Incentives 2023

Avon Next

Who doesn’t love free shipping? Until Campaign 6, you can earn free shipping on your next campaign order when you have $150+ total sales.When achieved, you will receive an exclusive coupon code that you can apply to your next campaign order.

Avon Destination 2023: TBD

Each year Avon offers a FREE all inclusive trip for representatives to earn by the end of the sales year through increasing personal and/or team sales. In 2022, representatives earned an all inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico which they will be attending this spring. Keep an eye out for more information on where we will go next!


As the mentor & team leader for The Super Sellers, I do my best to provide support & guidance to not only my team of representatives, but to all representatives. I know when I first started my business in 2015, I looked to not only my mentor but also to top selling representatives for guidance, tips & ideas. You can begin to feel overwhelmed or stuck in not knowing what to do next. To better provide help, support & guidance, I’ve created these blog posts so others can learn from my mistakes & have the confidence to create their dream business.

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