Sell Avon Online: 6 Social Media Tips

Over the last tens or so, use of social media among consumers has been continually growing. “The number of social media users has doubled this year compared to 2016 (6 years ago) and tripled compared to 2012 (10 years ago).” (Domocus, 2022)

As an Avon representative, social media will allow you to reach a larger number of people that you may not otherwise have reached. On top of that, 1 marketing post can continually bring consumers to your business compared to in person marketing techniques that last for a period of time. Being a busy mom of 4 boys, I decided to transition my business to primarily online in 2016 so I knew I had to grow my online presence, aka social media presence. The way I saw it was my social media marketing allowed me to share my business with the highest amount of people with as minimal of work & time as possible.

Social Media Platforms

Over the last decade, the number of social media platforms have expanded. It’s important to know what are the top social media platforms in the number of users as well as which platforms users are spending the most time on. Knowing this will allow you to know exactly where you should focus your social media marketing strategies.

Once you have determined what social media platforms you are going to market your business, the next thing you will want to do is determine what type of posts are favorable. What type of posts do the users enjoy the most? Beautiful images or informative images? Short videos or livestreams? Each platform specializes in something. For example, Facebook is all about creating community like atmosphere compared to Instagram where it is more about what who you are, what you love and how you live your best life.

Social Media Marketing Tips

One thing that I have learned through marketing my business on social media as an Avon rep is that no matter what platform(s) you use, you can implement your Avon business into your posts and do so in a way where it not look or sound like a sales pitch. So how can you do this? Below are 5 tips you need to implement into your social media marketing.

Tip #1: Set Goals & Objectives

If you know me or follow me then you know I am a huge advocate in setting goals & objectives. The way I see it, setting goals is going to give me a point B to get to. It’s going to let me know what tasks to implement so I can get to where I want to be.

When it comes to establishing goals & objectives with social media marketing you first off are going to need to determine what your ideal consumer aka follower looks like. Their gender, age range, lifestyle, interests, etc. Once you know who you are marketing to it will help you know what content to create.

Each social media platform you may have different goals & objectives. One you may want to focus on growing your following. Another you may want to focus on traffic to your online store. Another may be increasing engagement. With their being so many social media platforms I am not going to ever say you need to utilize every single platform. However, I do think it is important to utilize ones that you feel best match your business. Now if you are unsure or feeling overwhelmed on what social media platforms to market my best advice is to look at 2 things… where do you feel most comfortable and secondly where are your customers. I will admit these may not align. I personally would do both but if you are looking to focus on one of these, then you have to decide which one will best meet your objectives.

Learn more about setting goals by checking out Goal Setting Success Tips

Tip #2 Make a Plan

Once you know what your objectives & goals are, the next step is creating a plan. Having a plan is another aspect I strongly feel is important when it comes to managing any business. You need to know what to focus on that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

When it comes to creating a plan for social media marketing, you will need to create a social media calendar. What a social media calendar do is show you when you post what on each platform. To determine what to post that is where you will need to do research. You want to make sure you are providing content that is on trend & what your followers will be interested in. For me, social media marketing is all about informing consumers on how you can help them resolve an issue. As an Avon representative, you can help them with fighting fine lines & wrinkles to having a clean home. It is up to you to show them how they can do so.

The biggest thing about social media marketing is about being consistent and utilizing scheduling tools is going to help provide you a way to be consistent. Now if you are like me that markets on multiple social media platforms, it can feel overwhelming to make sure you are posting on a consistent basis at the right times. That is where scheduling tools can be very useful. Many scheduling tools do have free plans available and allow you to schedule up to a month or more for different social media platforms. I personally have used Buffer since 2016. I find that it is easy to use & I love that it has an app available so I can work through my phone where ever I am.

Now even if you are utilizing a scheduling tool, you will still need to establish time each day to do daily maintenance. What do I mean by daily maintenance? That is going to include responding to comments & messages, liking & commenting on other posts, sharing on your stories, etc, etc.

Tip #3 Be Yourself

No matter what platform you market your business, the best way to grow on social media is by being yourself. Believe it or not but your followers still want to feel a connection. More and more consumers are looking to social media on what to buy. By having a connection with your followers, they will look to you & trust in you on what to buy when it comes to resolving whatever “issue” they have. When it comes to your Avon business, I recommend becoming an expert in whatever category or categories you love about Avon. If you love their jewelry & fashion, then you be the person that your followers look to on what is trending in fashion that season. If you love their skincare, then you be the person your followers look to creating the best skincare routine for their skin. If you love their makeup, then you be the person to show them how to create trending makeup looks. According to King (2022), 73.3% of consumers purchase products or services because of social media.

By being yourself, creating content is gonna come to you easier. The best way to show who you are & what your business is about is through livestreams. When you are sharing, your followers will see your love & passion. That is contagious. Think about the last time a friend told you about this amazing restaurant they went to. I’m sure it made you want to go & check it out right? That is what you will portray when you share what you love.

Tip #4 Encourage Engagement

Whatever your social media goals are it’s important to provide content that your followers are going to want to engage with. Engagement on every single social media platform is going to help you grow…. grow your social media presence which will lead to growing your business. “In addition to improving the impression of your posts to outside viewers, interaction sends engagement signals to each platform that helps inform their targeted advertising algorithms.” (Dolan, 2022)

Right now utilizing video content is popular. I understand that many of you may be freaking out but this type of content is the best way to reach more followers. Most social media platforms actually push video content in front of more followers because that is what followers are clicking on. On top of that, video content is a great way for you to show your followers exactly how products actually work. You can show what they look like and provide tutorials on how to best utilize the product for the best results. It also will provide the avenue for your followers to ask questions & to engage your posts.

Another great way to encourage engagement & create a stronger connection is by creating exclusive Facebook groups or specialized pages. In doing so, you can focus on specific topics that your followers who are following are interested in. For example, I have a Facebook group that is exclusively for my customers who actually ordered from me. In this group I provide exclusive offers, ability to purchase from products I have on hand as well as information they are interested in regards to my Avon business. I also have a Facebook group for my team of representatives where I provide weekly tutorial videos, share tips & ideas, provide recognition and more. These pages provides them information that they are specifically interested in. On other social media platforms you can create pages that focus on specific interests that can relate to your Avon business. For example, creating a fashion page or a lipstick page. You can then share information, tips, tutorials & other content that focus on that specific topic or interest.

Tip #5 Promote Your Social Media Presence

With social media marketing what many people don’t realize is that they actually have to market their own social media. Social media marketing is all about continually growing and in order to do so you have to promote your social media pages.

First, connect & promote with those you know & your customers. I ensure that at the end of all of my emails I have links to my social media pages. I’ve recently started using Linktree. This provides a way for me to provide a single link where people can go to and be connected to a list of social media pages & websites. This has become very useful especially when it comes to cross promoting my social media pages as well as my blog & online store.

Another great way to promote your social media is by doing giveaways where you require your followers to not only like & follow your post but also share it. This is going to help you reach to new groups of people you may not otherwise have reached. Let’s face it everyone loves to receive FREE products. I’ve done many giveaways to help grow my social media pages. You can have it where it is only through one social media page or you can link it through multiple pages.

Tip #6 Track & Adjust

You’ve implemented all of the above tips… now how can you tell if it’s working? That is where utilizing tracking & analytics. This is going to help you determine what is working and what’s not working. Many social media pages actually provide business options like creating a business page on Facebook or choosing a business account on Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest. The business options typically come with analytic tools that can help you see what posts are reaching the most people, receiving the most interaction & more. You can even see what times & days are best for you to post.

When it comes to utilizing analytics properly you do need to allow time. I’ve come to notice that when it comes to social media marketing, on top of consistency, being patient with time is also key. You need to give your posts time to do it’s work.

Once you have given it time and you have been continually consistent then you can see what adjustments you need to make. When it comes to social media marketing you do need to be flexible in making changes. You may need to change when you post or what you post. You may need to change how much you post. It is a process that will continually change and you will need to be flexible with those changes. What may work today may not work 6 months from now.


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