5 Habits of a Successful Avon Representative

What I love about being an Avon independent sales representative is the ability of each person to create their own path to success. There is no ONE way to become a top seller and/or leader. What I have learned in the 7 years of being an Avon representative is that there are 5 things that those of us who have reached success have in common:

  1. You are your brand
  2. Knowledge is power
  3. Set goals & make a plan
  4. Create a routine
  5. Be Consistent

Below I will go over each of these topics in more detail & how I implement them into my business.

You Are Your Brand

I know when you are just starting out, you may feel the pressure to focus on all that Avon has to offer. It’s great that Avon offers a wide product line providing our customers & even us representatives an ability to purchase many of our daily essentials at a one stop shop. But this wide variety of product availability can feel overwhelming. I personally recommend focusing on the categories you actually enjoy using from Avon. In doing so, this is going to make it so much easier for you to share & market your business.

It’s important to remember that you are your brand. In doing so, you are going to attract those who want to accomplish the goals you are able to achieve with your favorite Avon products. My recommendation is to think of yourself as an extension of your targeted audience. You are a consumer just like your customers are. Think about what makes you choose to purchase the Avon products you use…. does it help minimize your wrinkles? Do you love using more eco friendly cleaning products? Do you love to accessorize your look with unique, on trend pieces? When you focus on marketing to customers like yourself, you are going to know what products they will enjoy and what solutions they are looking for.

Another thing to remember is when you focus your brand around who you are, this is going to make it easier for you to connect with your customers. Believe it or not but consumers want to feel connected to those they shop with, even those who shop online. Consumers prefer shopping with those they have similiarities with & who they feel understand them.

Knowledge is Power

One of the many benefits us representatives have is access to a wide variety of training through Avon U. Not only do you have access to training on how to start & grow your business but also information & product guides to help you learn all about the products. Personally I feel that a representative who is continually learning & applying what they learn are the ones who not only become successful but also are in it for the long haul.

This is an extension of you being your brand. You want to be the one that your customers and followers go to for answers for whatever your brand focuses on. For example, my customers know they can come to me for recommendations when they are looking to deal with certain skincare concerns or check out my blog or Youtube channel for tips on how to create makeup looks with Avon’s makeup products.

You can share your knowledge in a variety of ways…. Create a blog, have a Youtube channel, do an email newsletter or do short video clips on social media. You can even do special events, online or in person where you teach others whatever your topics relate to your brand. You can find ideas on what to share by doing a quick Google or keyword search.

Set Goals & Make a Plan

Setting goals was the first step I took to help get me on track to creating a successful business. I see my goals as my road map or directions on how I am going to get where I am now to where I want to be in a year. Since I started doing this, I’ve become a pinnacle achiever multiple times in sales growth, earned an all inclusive trip for 2 to Dominican Republic and most importantly my business has grown in sales, customer base & leadership.

The thing about setting goals is that it is very diverse. You have to set goals the way that best meet you and your business. It’s important to break down your goals from long term to short term goals. I start off with determining my long term goals. What do I want my Avon business to help me accomplish. What is your why? Next, I determine my annual goals. What can I achieve in a year to get me closer to my long term goal. Finally, I break these goals down even further by what my business needs to look like each campaign in order for me to reach my annual goals.

Learn more about how setting goals & creating a plan by checking out my blog, Goal Setting Success Tips

Create a Routine

I know I am someone that thrives when I am on a routine. I personally find that by having a routine, you are able to ensure that you get tasks done in a timely manner. This comes in handy with tasks that you have to do each day like checking emails or responding to social media comments to campaign tasks like placing & delivering orders. By creating a campaign routine, you are going to know what needs to get each day and after a while it will become second nature without thinking.

Having a routine is also going to show your customers that you can be reliable which I know from speaking to many of my customers, that is one thing they struggled to have with previous Avon representatives. Remember, this is a business & you need to treat it like a business. If you don’t, why would your customers?

Learn more about how to create a campaign routine by checking out my blog, Avon Training: Creating a Campaign Routine.

Be Consistent

If there is one thing that I emphasize when it comes to creating a successful business is being consistent. First of all, as I was just saying above, consistency is going to provide reliability to your customers. For the most part, customers are not going to place an order EVERY campaign. If you want to create a customer base that is loyal, you need to show that you are going to be there when THEY are ready to shop.

Another thing consistency is going to do, especially regarding marketing, is it will continually have your business out there. I recently watched a video on the history of Coca Cola. How they became a household name was by continually marketing their product where ever their consumers went… magazines, billboards, television commercials… they even made clocks that were put in school classrooms. Now I’m not saying that you need to go & spend all kinds of money. Honestly, now with social media, you can market your business for FREE and with social media marketing, consistency is KEY.

Learn more about how to market your business with social media by checking out my success tips at Sell Avon Online: 6 Social Media Marketing Tips for Social Media.

What are Your Success Tips?

Share below tips or ideas that have helped you create a successful business

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