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How to Create a Routine for Your Avon Business

One of the most important things I learned as an Avon representative & running a successful Avon business is being consistent. By being consistent, your customers can count on you to be there for whatever their Avon needs may be. In creating a routine, you are not only going to ensure consistency, it will also help you manage your business with ease. Knowing what needs to be done at any given time, it will help you accomplish tasks in a timely manner & help you be prepared. This will help you have more confidence when you are talking to potential customers & recruits and minimize your stress level.

Below you will find the steps on how you can create your own, personalized routine so you can follow through & be consistent.

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Creating a Campaign Routine

The first step in creating a routine is setting a goal of what you want to accomplish with your business. This will help you create a list of things you need to do each campaign. Having a goal will also help keep you motivated in accomplishing these tasks. Just think of your goal as the destination of your dream vacation & the tasks you do each campaign is the path. In creating a campaign routine, you are creating your own GPS directions to your dream vacation.

TIP: When setting a goal, it is important to choose a goal that will help you grow your business, however make sure it is a goal that is achievable. You don’t want to set your goals too high because then you will get too discourage & want to quit. 

The next step you will want to do is create a list of activities & tasks you need to do each campaign. These are things that you will need to do each campaign in order to keep your business running.Your list must have these basic items:

  • Prep brochures
  • Sort orders
  • Deliver brochures & orders to customers
  • Collect order payments
  • Follow up with customers & new contacts
  • Submit order to Avon
  • Pay Avon

Other items that you will want to add are activities you will do to get new customers such as talking to X number of people about your business each campaign or pinning a flyer up in X number of bulletin boards. You will also want to add things you will do on a daily basis such as posting on your social media or do the power of 3 (Talk to 3 new people each day about your business).

Once you have your list of tasks you want to accomplish each campaign, it is now time to plan it all out. What I have done with creating my campaign routine is separate the campaign into a Week 1 & a Week 2 as you see below.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednes. Thurs Friday Saturday
WEEK 1 To Do List


Sort Orders

Prep Brochure

Deliver Brochure& Orders

Collect Order Payment

To Do List


Deliver Brochure & Orders

Collect Order Payment

Week 2 To Do List


Follow Up To Do List


Submit Order

Pay Avon

To Do List


For my business, I decided to not work on the weekends so I can spend time with my family. So, as you can see each day Monday- Friday, I know what I am working on. Being a work at home mom of 5 boys with one of them under 1, it is very important for me to stick to a routine so I know that everything is getting done in a timely manner. Since I have created my routine, my business has grown & I am able to enjoy the reason why I chose to be a work at home mom even more so.

TIP: Make sure to block out time in your schedule when you will focus on work. If you have a full time job your blocked out time will be different then for those who are working at home full time. An amazing benefit of being an Avon representative is you can work your business around your schedule, so why not take advantage of it.

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Implementing Your Campaign Routine

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The one thing that is more important then creating a campaign routine is following through. The first couple of campaigns may be rough for you, especially if you are someone who is not use to being in a routine. Once you have done it a few times & you start seeing how much easier it is to run your business, the routine will begin to become like second nature.

TIP: Create a checklist of your tasks. If you are like me & have your whole life on your phone, there are plenty of apps you can use that you can use. My favorites are Google Calendar & ISO Timer. I use Google Calendar to block out the time I will work & I use ISO Timer as my checklist. You can learn more about how I use these two apps in my blog AvonMom’s Top 10 Online Resources.

What you want to do is go through your planned routine for the first 1-2 campaigns as you have it. Take mental notes on what didn’t work out for your schedule or any other changes you may want to move around, add or delete. Once you have gone through your routine a few times, implement your changes. Continue to do this until you find a routine that works best for your schedule & your business.

TIP: The one thing you can not change is your order due date so make sure that any changes you make will work for your order due date. For example, you don’t want to deliver brochures to your customers a day or two before the order due date. I recommend giving customers at least a week so you give them the opportunity to go through the brochure when they have time. You don’t want to rush your customers & have them feel forced or to not even bother because they won’t have time in their schedule to look at it by the order due date.

Once you have created your routine & you have been following through, you want to remember that as your business grows, what you need to do may change. That’s a good thing!

I recommend that you do a “check up” every 3-4 months to see if your current routine is the most effective for your business. Remember, the point of having a routine is to help you be consistent in completing tasks in a timely manner so you can be an Avon representative and/or leader that others will want to be apart of.

Routines have been a part of my life since I became a mother & once I implemented a routine into my business, it has helped my business in so many ways and I know it will help yours as well!

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