Avon Online Fundraiser

Raising funds can be a hard task to complete especially if you are needing funds for time sensitive things like putting a new roof on your local church, needing to pay medical bills for a long term illness or even paying for students to go on an expensive field trip. You can now easily reach your fundraising goals with ease!

Benefits of an Avon Online Fundraiser

  • Receive 25% of the proceeds selling quality, affordable products that everyone in the family with actually use on a daily basis.
  • Receive funds raised within 1 week of fundraiser ending.
  • Backed with Avon’s 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Easily sell to family, friends & more with an exclusive link to Jen Antunes Beauty online store.
  • Safe choice for kids to raise funds for their school, club or teams.
  • Receive a FREE fundraiser packet filled with all the materials you will need to have a successful fundraiser, including flyers & brochures to share around town
  • Facebook event page where supporters will find info on your fundraiser, updates on sales, special offers & learn more about Avon products.
  • NO upfront merchandise requirement or minimum fundraiser total requirement.
  • Simple registration process with minimal paperwork, including tax exemption fundraisers.
  • Have the support & guidance you need for a successful fundraiser from a trained and experience representative the whole time!

Start an Avon Online Fundraiser

Please provide at least 30 days notice to the start of your fundraiser to ensure you are able to receive FREE fundraiser packet in a timely manner.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out at jenantunesbeauty@gmail.com

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