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One of the number one questions I receive emails & messages from other Avon representatives & direct sellers is how to do a Facebook party. With the hustle & bustle of everyday life, I happily share my tips & info as well as provide links to templates that I use for my parties. Because this is requested so often, I figured I would create a blog post so they can easily find all the info, tips & templates they will need to have a successful Facebook party in one spot.

Do note, though this blog post is primarily targeted for Avon independent sales representative (only because that is what I am), most of the information provided can work with any direct selling or small business who is looking to implement Facebook parties in their business.

What is a Facebook Party?

Facebook parties are a great way to get a group of customers or potential customers together on a Facebook event page during a specified time, typically a few hours up to 1 week. During the party, guests will go on a Facebook event page where they will be able to learn all about your business while also enjoy special offers, games, prizes & more. Though it can be done without one, typically there is a host who will receive a discount on their party order based on the total orders placed during their party. If you think back of when you were growing up when your mom would host Tupperware parties at her house…. it’s like that but it’s all done on Facebook and shopping is done through your online store.

Who is a Facebook Party Host?

A host is usually a customer of a business who shares with their Facebook friends & family a business they enjoy shopping with. In doing so, they are typically awarded a discount on their party order.

Are you looking to host your own Facebook party? Check out my blog Buy Avon Online: Host a Facebook Party

What’s a Mystery Host Facebook Party?

A mystery host Facebook party is basically the same as what was described above except that the business owner started the event and at the end of the party will name one of the guests, typically guests who placed a qualifying order, as the host and receive the host discount.

Doing a Mystery Host Facebook party is a great way to introduce to your customers what they can expect if they choose to host a party with you. My very first Facebook party was actually a Mystery Host party. I also do Mystery Host parties when I am wanting to create interest. For example, I will do a Halloween Mystery Host Party in October and during that party, customers who schedule a Facebook party with me during November & December (for the holidays), will receive a special offer they and/or their guests can enjoy during their scheduled party.

Benefits of  a Facebook Party

As the host:

  • It’s FREE to do. All you have to do is invite your friends on Facebook.
  • The rewards of FREE products and a discount on your party order.
  • You can party in your pajamas.
  • No need to clean your home.
  • Won’t need to hire a sitter to hang out with your friends.
  • It’s a fun, interactive way to catch up with friends across the country.
  • You & your guests can have fun wherever you have Facebook.
  • Providing a way to help your friends save money through your favorite Avon representative
  • You and your guests can shop online & have your orders delivered right to your door within 2-11 business days based on your location. (Expedited shipping is also available, click here to learn more)

As the Avon Representative/Direct Seller:

  • It’s free to create an event page
  • Cost of expenses & time is minimal compared to in person parties… remember online orders Avon ships orders!
  • A great opportunity to share your business with more people you may not have reached otherwise.
  • A fun way to increase your online sales & team.
  • You are able to help your customer (host) save money with host rewards.
  • You don’t need to hire a sitter. You can work at home & still go about your day to day life, especially the way I do it!
  • Giving you another choice & avenue to grow your business & customer base
  • This will keep you be competitive with other representatives/direct sellers.
  • Something you can do with or without a host (as described above)

Implementing a Facebook Party

The number one advice that I give to those who ask on how to create a successful Facebook party is to do all the work prior to the party starting… honestly I did it before I even had my first host. In being prepared ahead of time you are going to ensure that you will have everything ready to go as soon as a host is interested and when the party starts.

Scheduling a Facebook Party

You have a customer who has reached out to you & asking for information on scheduling a Facebook party. What’s next? I will send them this email:


I am happy to hear that you are interested in hosting an online Facebook party with me. My goal is to provide a fun, informative party for you & your guests while helping you earn as much as possible. 

What is a Facebook Party?

You & your guests will be able to come together on an exclusive Facebook event page during your party timeline for opportunities to enjoy exclusive offers, games, giveaways & more while learning about my business & products I sell as an Avon independent sales representative. During the party, guests can place their party order through my online store and based on the total orders placed (before taxes & fees) you will receive a discount on your party order as shown below:

As a host, to ensure a successful party, you will be responsible

  • Invite guests to RSVP through the event page
  • Share your brochure packets & flyers to those you know who may be interested in placing an order but do not have access to Facebook or are unable to attend.
  • Follow up with your guests through sharing event page on your Facebook page, sending reminder messages/texts prior to party & check in with those you shared brochure packets & flyers with.
  • Participate & engage with your guests, games & posts through out the party to ensure guests maintain interest and have a fun, interactive party.
  • Place a party order through me by designated time to take advantage of your host discount. You will receive a Paypal invoice where you can submit your payment due after discount has been applied. 

As the party facilitator, to ensure a successful party, I will be responsible

  • Creating the event page & facilitating an interactive party through posts on the event page through activities, games & giveaways while sharing info on Avon products & my business.
  • Provide instructions with scripts, brochure packets & images to host
  • Provide exclusive offers & opportunities for guests to save money & receive FREE gifts & prizes.
  • Ship any prizes & rewards to winners for FREE
  • Available before, during & after for questions or concerns regarding the party, orders place and products purchased.

To get more of a sense of what to expect, feel free to check out my blog Buy Avon Online: Host a Facebok Party

I hope this information helps. If you have any questions please let me know & I will be happy to answer them. Please let me know if you are interested in scheduling a party. I have availability beginning at the end of August.

Look forward to hearing from you & hope you have a great day!

Click here for Google Docs

When it comes to scheduling a Facebook party, I will request:

  • Date & time they would like party (must be at least 4 weeks in advance)
  • How long they would like the party to be (a few hours, weekend or week)
  • Theme of the party (Makeup Mayhem, Girls Night In, Holiday Party, etc)

Setting Up a Facebook Party

One thing I have learned, the hard way, is this is the most important step! Once a host has scheduled a party or you have picked a date of when you will do a Mystery Host party, how you set up can make or break the success (& your stress level) of the party. This is why I require a 4 week notification so I have the time to get everything in order to provide the best Facebook party.

Create an Event Page

The first thing you will need to do for a Facebook party is to actually create an event page for the party. If you have a business page on Facebook, I recommend creating the even through your business page and not your personal profile. In doing so, this is going to have guests immediately connect to your business page where they will be able to easily click on to learn more about your business and follow you if they so choose.

Creating an event page is easy:

  1. Click Event tab
  2. Make sure Host is listed as your business page. You can see options by clicking on drop down.
  3. Choose online event
  4. Fill out event info (Name, date, time, etc)…. Make sure to choose Public in privacy drop down and allow guests to invite other guests
  5. Location choose “Other”
  6. Write a quick description about your party. Make sure to mention host, date & time and if applicable door prize info
  7. Upload a cover photo (I personally create a new cover photo for each party through Google Drawings)
  8. Event Settings tag your host in co-host section
  9. Click “Save”

Once you have created the event page, your host will receive a notification letting them know you invited them to be a cohost. Once they accept it, they will be listed as a cohost on the event page.

Host Party Kits

What probably separates me from probably many others that do Facebook parties is that I provide Host Packets. This is something I provide the host about 1-2 weeks before their party is scheduled to start. In the packet, they will receive:

If they do not live in my local area, I will ship this kit out to them for FREE. I’ve learned that they appreciate these kits as it provides them everything they will need to “market” their party. It also provides them a way to be able to collect orders for those who do not have Facebook and/or shop online. Even if they are the ones who are responsible for collecting payment & delivering the orders for those customers, in providing this option, it helps them grow their party order for more of a discount (and it gives you more earnings).

Party Script

The biggest thing I found that has helped me in implementing my Facebook parties is by creating a script before hand. What do I mean by script? Well it’s exactly how it sounds… I will write out each post, create & save images, determine games & prizes… have everything I want to share during my party ready to go so all I will have to do is copy & paste the text and add image from my saved folder. See next section for my template of party timeline

By doing this before hand, I am able to first off make sure I am sharing all the info I want to share in a professional manner and is spread through out in between games & activities. Secondly, especially for those who have parties that are a weekend or week long, this will allow you to still do what you need or want to do. You can easily work the party through your phone if you are on the go, just make sure to email or save your script & images on your phone.

Click here for an example of a script

Let’s Party on Facebook

Ok now the party is approaching & you are ready to go. Here is what customers & guests can expect with my Facebook parties:

  • Day of Creating Event Page: Within 24 hours of creating the event page, I will welcome guests with party info & instructions (host should be doing a welcome post as well)
  • 1 Week Leading Up to Party: I will post through out the week:
    • Reminder to RSVP before start of party to be entered into door prize raffle (will message host to share this on their personal profile & share with their invited guests who have not RSVP’ed)
    • Link to the brochure that will be available during party so guests can begin shopping & placing items in their cart
    • Info on how to place an order during the party & remind them they must RSVP on the event page for order to count towards party (this is how you will be able to tell who is party order and who is regular online order)
    • Party’s Exclusive Offers they can take advantage of as a guest during the party
Example from a past party
  • 2 Hours Before Start of Party: Post “Party Day” image & remind guests to RSVP before start of party to enter in door prize & receive notifications
  • 1 Hour Before Start of Party: Either go Live or post a pre-taped video (depending on what I am doing at that time) welcoming guests to the party, introducing myself and quick reminder on how to participate during the party & place a party order.
  • Party Time: Based on your party length, will determine how spread out you do these posts, but here is a list of the type of posts I will do:
    • WELCOME: You of course will start with a welcome post where you will explain how guests can engage & place their party order. I also will repost the party’s special offers so they are reminded of what they can take advantage of.
    • ROLL CALL: Do a roll call so you can see who will be participating during your party.
    • GAMES & ACTIVITIES: I do two different types of games/activities
      • Party Activity: this is an activity guests can do through out the whole party in order to receive a prize. A favorite is Tic Tac Toe click here for an example.
      • Mini Games: These are games that guests can do within a short period of time during the party to win a prize. Here are some popular ones that I use:
        • Eye, Lip Liner: Guests have to take turns commenting Eye or Lip and last guest to do so before you comment liner wins. This is a great game to give away Glimmer lip or eye liners.
        • Simon Says: Guests will have to complete whatever Simon says in the comments of the post. The guest who completes the most, first wins a prize. This is a good game to get guests to do things such as like your business page, join your email list, etc.
        • Avon Uno: You post an image of an item in the comments. Next person will comment a picture of a product that is from the same brand or category. This continues until you comment UNO and last person to comment will win a prize. Click here for example.
        • Google “BLANK”: Have guests Google something fun like craziest nails or craziest purse and place image in the comment. Have them vote on who’s the craziest and the guest who has the most likes wins.
      • Party Activities: These are activities that guests who complete this activity will receive a prize. Here are some popular ones that I use:
        • 1st Person or Next Person to Place $XX Order Receives a FREE Gift with Order: I believe this is self explanatory. You also can ask them to do something else if you want.
        • Deal or No Deal: Guest will comment a number. You will PM their prize & they will have 10 minutes to say Deal or No Deal. They can receive their deal with their qualifying order and they can only say “No Deal” up to 3x. Click here for example.
        • Schedule a Party & Pick a Number: Each guest who schedules a Facebook party with you can pick a number for a prize that they can enjoy during their Facebook party (I do this to ensure they follow through with their party… learned the hard way on this one)
        • Naughty or Nice: Each guest can pick a number and you will PM them to let them know if they were naughty or nice. If they were Naughty they must place a qualifying order to receive their prize. If they are nice they just receive the prize. (TIP: Have more naughty prizes than nice).
      • Prizes: You can choose what prizes you want to give for each game and activity.
        • Products: Popular prizes I give away are lip balms, shower gels and Glimmer liners. As far as other products, I give away products that I have received for FREE through incentives or products I purchased through special offers like the What’s New bundles.
        • Discounts: I love giving discounts, especially those for a future order. This will encourage guests to place another order with you. Two things when doing discounts… 1. Make sure to put an expiration date that they have to use the discount by and 2. make sure that you still receive some profit from your sale. Don’t do a 30% discount as a Contender… popular discounts are 10% off any size or $5 off every $25 order.
    • PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS/BUSINESS INFO: In between a game or activity, I will have 2-3 posts regarding products I sell and info on my business.
      • Product Highlights: The products that are talked about will be based on what the host chooses as their theme. I will also highlight any special offers or sales that are currently going on regarding those products.
      • Business Info: The information I share regarding my business include customer benefits, customer programs I offer, my blog and social media pages.
    • PARTY ORDERS: Guests can place their party order anytime during the party.
      • It’s up to you if you want to allow your host to collect orders for customers on their behalf.
      • It’s up to you if you want to allow local customers to place representative delivery or host delivery orders.
        • Make sure all orders are paid for by close of party. You can have customers pay you via Paypal, Venmo or other online payment systems. Remember you can pay for Avon orders with Paypal.
    • CLOSE PARTY: Thank all the guests for attending and give a big thanks to the host for providing you the opportunity to share your business with their friends & family. Finally, remind guests when to expect their orders & prizes.
  • Host Discount & Party Order: Once the party has closed, I will contact the host via messenger or text letting them know what the party order total was and what their discount is. I will give them until noontime the next day to submit their order to me. Once I have their order I will send them an invoice so they know what their remaining balance due. Once that is paid, I will submit their order online on their behalf. (If it’s a local customer I will submit with my typical representative delivery order date)

Party Follow Up

Just like with everything in business, it’s important to follow up with not only the host but also the guests. I will:

  • Message each guest who participated and/or placed an order on Facebook by following day.
  • Each guest who placed an order and the host will receive a thank you card, a sample or two and a brochure.
  • Any orders/prizes that need to be shipped out from me will be done within 1 week of party ending.
    • Any guest who wins a prize and did not place an order will also receive a brochure with my current “New Customer” coupon.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to doing Facebook parties, you always need to keep in mind that the main objective of doing so is to getting more people aware of your business. That is how I determine the success of a party!

Secondly, for inspiration & more ideas on activities & games, do searches on Google and Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to utilize other direct sales companies or businesses ideas… it doesn’t HAVE to be from an Avon representative or from the same company as you. You can easily create your own images through Google Drawings or other image creating programs.

Thirdly, practice makes perfect. The more Facebook parties you do, the easier it will be for you to set up & implement your parties. As you saw through out, there were a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way. Don’t be afraid to be flexible to a point. Certain things like payment of orders should be set in stone and non-negotiable. Run your Facebook party like you would if you were typically doing business any other day.

I hope this blog helps you prepare for your next Facebook party. Feel free to comment down below any questions or email me at

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