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Host an Avon Facebook Party

A fun way to save money with your favorite Avon products.

With upcoming holiday season, I know how hard it can be to try to get through the holidays without breaking the bank or start off the new year more in debt. One way that you can save money while getting all of your holiday shopping done this year plus have fun with your friends & family is by hosting an Avon Facebook Party.

What is a Facebook Party?

A Facebook party is a way for you to receive a discount as a way to thank you for sharing your love of Avon with your friends and family on Facebook.  Your party will have an a Facebook Event Page where you & your invited guests would go before & during the allotted party time for games, raffles, prizes and of course shopping through my online store. With an Avon Facebook Party, you & your guests will be able to enjoy more savings through exclusive offers and opportunities.

Facebook Party with Jen Antunes

When it’s time for your party, Jen follows a simple routine of posts to help keep your guests participating on your party event page and help you receive the best discount.

Jamberry Party Games & Graphics | rachel patterson | Flickr

  • 1 Week Prior to Your Party: Jen will post a variety of information to inform your guests about shopping with Avon with Jen Antunes such as the 100% Money Back Guarantee, blogs from her website Journey of an Avon Mom for your guests to learn more about Avon products & shopping Avon online, engagement posts to get guests excited, ask questions, request samples & more. By the time your party starts, your guests will know what to expect at your party & how to help you earn your goal.
  • 1-2 Hours Prior to Your Party: Jen will post a short welcome video to welcome your guests & introduce herself.
  • Start of the Party: Jen will welcome everyone to your party once your party has officially started with a roll call post. Shortly after, Jen will also add information regarding any party specials, a door prize game/raffle & instructions on how to place an order at anytime during the party.
  • Product Highlights: Based on your party theme, Jen will highlight a few Avon products. She will share information about the products, what the current sale is and if applicable tips on how to use the products.

Super Makeup Party Ideas Younique Mary Kay Ideas #makeup

  • Giveaways/Raffles: You & your guests will be able to enjoy giveaways & raffles by completing various activities such as
    • Free Gift with 1st order placed or next order placed.
    • Be the first to XXX, receive a XXX.
    • Each guest who places a $XXX order, will receive a XXX.
  • Games: Through out the party, you & your guests can also participate in party games to have a chance to win free products, discounts & more. Popular games Jen has used are:
    •  Eye, Lip Liner: Guests will comment on this post eye or lip until I comment liner. The last guest to comment eye or lip will receive a prize.
    • Simon Says: I will post a variety of slides through out the party for you & your guests to complete. The person or persons who complete the most slides will receive a prize.
    • Tic Tac Toe: Each time you or a guest complete 3 boxes in a row, he/she will be able to choose a secret prize box. If they complete all the boxes, he/she will receive a special gift.
  • Placing an Order: At anytime during the party, you & your guests will be able to shop at Jen’s online store.. There is FREE SHIPPING on all $40+ orders. Your guests will also be able to enjoy any other discounts, coupon codes & FREE SHIPPING offers that Avon is offering during your party timeline. To learn more about types of discounts, coupon codes & FREE SHIPPING offers, check out Avon Online Coupon Codes.

Hosting a Facebook Party

Who wants to PARTY?!  Do you want to be my next ONLINE HOSTESS?!  Is your Avon wish list HUGE? Do you want to earn freebies and get items at a discount? Perhaps you’re thinking about joining Avon as a beauty boss?  A party is a great way to take your friends’ temperature AND earn your signup fee! Throw an Avon Facebook Party for all of your friends!  Want to know more? Ready to do it? Contact me!  #FacebookParty #OnlineParties #Avon #Discounts #Freebies #WishList #HostessWanted #Parties

Hosting a Facebook party is much simpler then the ones we grew up watching our moms doing. The main priority as host to a Facebook party is to get as many of your friends & family to go on your party event page in the comfort of their home. You don’t have to worry about getting your house in order, serving food & drinks or finding a babysitter. You & your guests can have a fun time in the comfort of your pj’s while snuggled up on your couch while watching your favorite show.

When scheduling your Facebook party with Jen Antunes, you would have the choice of:

  • Date & Time
  • Length of the Party (2 hours to 1 week)
  • Theme of the Party (Make-up Mayhem, Girls Night In, A New You With Anew, Holiday Party, etc.)

Once you have scheduled your party, you will be sent an email within 48 hours that will have everything you will need to invite your guests and to follow up to ensure you have the most success possible. Like to include those who may not be able to attend or may not be on Facebook? Let Jen know & she would be happy to work out a solution, including providing you with brochures & placing the orders on their behalf.

For hosting a Facebook Party with Jen Antunes, on top of opportunities to win prizes & gifts, you will receive a discount off your party order based on your party’s total orders.

NEW Facebook Host Discount Earnings

Benefits of  a Facebook Party

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  • It’s FREE to do. All you have to do is invite your friends on Facebook.
  • The rewards of FREE products and a discount on your party order.
  • You can party in your pajamas.
  • No need to clean your home.
  • Won’t need to hire a sitter to hang out with your friends.
  • It’s a fun, interactive way to catch up with friends across the country.
  • You & your guests can have fun wherever you have Facebook.
  • You are helping your friends save money.
  • Guests can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all $40+ orders anywhere in continental U.S.

Like to Host an Avon Facebook Party with Jen Antunes?

Email Jen at or message her on Facebook Messenger at Avon with Jen Antunes.

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