Avon Incentives 2023

For over 135 years Avon has provided a way to help woman earn money & empower themselves through financial freedom, long before it was a norm in our society. Now, many women, and a few good men, have not only been able to achieve their financial goals with a business that they can work into their daily life, but also receive recognition & opportunities.

Since joining the LG family in 2019, Avon has been working to update & improve with things like launching a new website in December 2021, releasing new and/or upgraded products and there is even more to come. On top of enjoying quality products, as an independent sales representative, you can take advantage of:

  • FREE online store & app for your customers across the U.S. to shop from AND for you to work anywhere, anytime through your FREE back office account which provides business tools like customer management tools, invoice tool, marketing tools & more.
  • Discounted prices on your favorite Avon products + save money with other businesses through Avon Perks and your favorite LG products, including electronics & appliances through the LG Partner Store.
  • Be the first to try out & use *NEW* products, save money on exclusive offers and bundles and learn more through top selling representatives on how they work their business in Avon’s What’s New.
  • Access to FREE training through Avon U, webinars & Avon’s representative exclusive Facebook group, Avon Representative Social Selling.
  • Access to support & guidance from your mentor & other representatives who share their tips & experiences through their Youtube channels or blogs, like this one.
  • Enjoy recognition through President’s Recognition Program, Leadership Program & Pinnacle Awards. To learn more, click here.

And what this blog post is all about, have the opportunity to earn bonuses, rewards & incentives, on top of your campaign sales & leadership earnings.

Learn more about Avon’s earning opportunities by checking out my Sell Avon page

2023 Avon Incentives

Through out the year, Avon continually offers a variety of incentives to help encourage, recognize & reward representatives who continually work their business and reach sales & leadership goals. Since I’ve been a representative, over the last 7 years, I’ve had the opportunity and have earned bonus earnings, FREE Avon products & gifts, all inclusive trips and more!!! Below is a list of incentives that Avon has been or is currently offering in 2023:

New Representative Rewards

To help encourage & support *NEW* representatives as their start on their new business venture, Avon offers rewards that they can enjoy starting with a FREE gift with their first any size order. Yes, that’s right… you will receive a FREE full size product with any size first order. Now if your first order is $60+, you also will receive a $10 creadit that you can use within 28 days. With that $10 you can order a pack of brochures & samples!

To encourage & reward those who participate & join Avon’s FREE New Representative Welcome training, which occurs every two weeks, you can get a FREE Smart Start Kit with your next order. The Smart Start Kit includes a pack of brochures (10 brochures) and 25 samples. All you have to do is attend one of the trainings within your first 8 campaigns (first 4 months), complete a short survey afterwards to confirm attendance and then place your next order as usual.

Click here to see schedule of next New Representative Welcome training

Avon Superstar Incentive

Campaign 1 to Campaign 6 (January 4 to March 28)

Start the new year on a winning streak and earn a FREE charm & keychain that celebrates Team Avon 2023 and your superstar status when you place any size orders in any 3 campaigns between Campaigns 1 and 6.

Blast Through 2023 Incentive

Campaign 1 to Campaign 6 (January 4 to March 28)

Get a blast of earnings through Campaign 1 to Campaign 6 as a *NEW* or a Premier level representative. *NEW* representatives can earn up to 30% on Beauty sales when they sell $100 or more in a given campaign. Premier representatives can earn up to 40% on Beauty sales when they sell $400 or more in a given campaign.

Plus, ALL representatives can score FREE product collections up to $1,550 when they have achieved their sales goal based on their sales level as shown in chart below:

With the FREE product you decide what you want to do… sell (which means it’s pure profit!), giveaway to your loyal customers or do a giveaway offer and/or personally use them so you can get to know the products better and share your experience on your social media.

Avon Next Incentive

Campaign 19 2022 to Campaign 6 2023 (August 17, 2022 to March 28, 2023)

Who doesn’t love free shipping? Contender & Premier representatives, until Campaign 6, can earn free shipping on their next campaign order. You will receive an exclusive coupon code to use with your next order, when you have $150+ within a campaign as a contender or $400+ within a campaign as a premier representative.

New Representative Allocation

Campaign 19 2022 to Campaign 6 2023 (August 17, 2022 to March 28, 2023)

Leaders who are Bronze Ambassador & above, will get rewarded for each *NEW* representative who places a $100+ qualifying first or second campaign order. You can earn up to 5 newly contracted representatives to help you grow your team.

Avon Diamond Club

Meet Avon’s most dazzling reward program to date! For every million dollars in team sales, achievers earn a ½-carat Swarovski® lab-created diamond on a chain necklace- the ultimate statement of success! There’s no limit to how many diamonds you can earn so start building!

Learn more by checking out Avon’s Reward & Recognition Guide

Let’s Get You Started…

Join Avon today with Reference Code: jantunes at avon.com.

As a new representative, enjoy

  • 25% earnings on beauty & jewelry sales and 20% on fashion & home sales
  • Enjoy opportunities for bonuses & incentives with qualifying campaign sales
  • FREE online store customers anywhere in the U.S. can shop from & enjoy FREE SHIPPING with their $60+ order
  • FREE online training, tools & support to help you start, grow & manage your own successful Avon business anywhere, anytime.
  • Have access to a team Facebook group where you can enjoy weekly live trainings & tutorials, recognition & incentives and a place to find support as much or as little as you need.

Join Avon today with 1 of 3 options:

  • Get started for $0
  • Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  • Choose a starter collections with best selling products value starting at $112

Limited Time Offer

As a first responder, receive a $300 value Welcome Bundle with your first order.

No matter what option you choose, you will receive all the benefits of being an Avon representative so you can take control of your financial future just like Jen Antunes!

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