How to Earn Money with Avon in 2023

Since 1886, Avon has provided a way to help woman, and a few good men, earn money & empower themselves through financial freedom, before women were even allowed to vote or to begin working outside the home. As an Avon Independent Sales Representative, you are provided the tools & support to help you create & build a successful business that you can work into your daily life. You can start achieving your financial goals & creating the life you want, whether you are looking to earn part time or full time income.

Being an Avon Independent Sales Representative

In 2019, Avon became apart of the LG Household & Healthcare family. Since then, LG has made changes & modifications to the Avon business model to ensure that it’s Avon representatives are provided with the tools they will need to start, build & manage a successful business & be able to do it anywhere, anytime. On top of all that, Avon has been updating & improving their product line with things like adding product collections & updating classic faves. As a sales representative, you can take advantage of:

  • FREE ONLINE STORE for customers anywhere in the U.S. to shop from & enjoy exclusive pricing, offers & FREE SHIPPING with their $60+ order when they shop with you.
  • Opportunities to EARN REWARDS, BONUSES & INCENTIVES to help increase your earnings & support your business.
  • Access to FREE ONLINE TRAINING with Avon U’s quick training modules as well as Avon’s Learning & Development’s team LIVE TRAININGS & WEBINARS to help you learn how to start, grow & market your business as well as access to product guides, marketing materials & more.
  • Ability to SAVE MONEY & enjoy exclusive offers on your Avon faves & *NEW* products through Avon What’s New as well as with other businesses through Avon Perks & LG Partner Shop where you will find discounts on travel, movie tickets, office supplies, electronics & more.
  • BE IN CONTROL of when, where & how you run your business with the help of online tools you can get right from your mobile device through the AvonGo app, available now through Apple Store & Google Play.

You will be able to enjoy all of these benefits & then some while you work towards your financial goals. To learn more about how you can do so with Avon, continue reading….

Ways to Earn Money with Avon

Avon offers two ways for representatives to earn money- selling Avon products and/or mentoring a team of representatives. Many representatives take advantage of both of these earning opportunities, however, with Avon you are not required to do one or the other. You are the one who decides what you want your Avon business to be so you can focus on either or both earning opportunities.

Selling Avon

As a representative, you are able to sell amazing products to your customers, online or in person, either through representative delivery and/or events. There are 3 ways you can sell Avon:

Now on to the reason you are here… what do you get paid when selling Avon products. Well, that is based on your sales title and what products are being sold. As a new representative, you will start at the Contender sales level. You can rise in sales level based on your total Award Sales during that sales year. Once you have achieved Premier sales level, you will be able to enjoy that increase of earnings the rest of that year.

Learn more about being a new Avon representative along with tips on how to get started by checking out Sell Avon New Representative Tips blog as well as my menu where I share my tips, ideas & tutorials at New Representative Tips

Once you have sold $10,000 within a given sales year, you will reach the first sales level of Avon President’s Recognition Program (PRP), which is a recognition program for top selling representatives. As a PRP representative, you will receive increased earnings the rest of that sales year AND all of the following year. Also, each time you reach a new sales level for the first time, you will receive a FREE gift from Avon Rewards.

For tips, ideas & information on how to sell Avon products, click here

Mentoring a Team

One of the many benefits of being an Avon representative is that you are a part of a supportive community. You will find support, guidance & assistance from your mentor, other representatives (who may not even be on your team), field coaches & of course Avon’s corporate office. One way that Avon implements a support system is through their Leadership Program. With Avon Leadership, representatives are financially rewarded for mentoring other representatives who are apart of their team. Just like in sales, the more your team sales & size grow, the more you will earn as a mentor.

Do note, that with Avon, if you do decide to mentor a team of representatives, there is a level of expectation for you to support & guide your team. Direct sales get a bad reputation with leaders looking to add bodies to their team…. that is not how it is with Avon. Of course like with anything in life, there are a few bad apples, however, overall, the Avon community is supportive who cheer each other on, celebrate one another’s successes & want to help one another out. Now don’t worry, Avon does provide a variety of tools & training to help you be the best mentor & support to your team through Avon U and Avon VIBE.

Learn more about Avon leadership program by checking out my blog post, Avon Leadership

Avon Incentives

As a representative, no matter what sales or leadership level you are at, all year round, you will have opportunities to earn bonuses & incentives that will recognize & reward you for all your hard work in growing your business.

For more info on Avon’s incentives, check out Avon Incentives 2023

Let’s Get You Started…

Join Avon today with Reference Code: jantunes at

As a new representative, enjoy

  • 25% earnings on beauty & jewelry sales and 20% on fashion & home sales
  • Enjoy opportunities for bonuses & incentives with qualifying campaign sales
  • FREE online store customers anywhere in the U.S. can shop from & enjoy FREE SHIPPING with their $60+ order
  • FREE online training, tools & support to help you start, grow & manage your own successful Avon business anywhere, anytime.
  • Have access to a team Facebook group where you can enjoy weekly live trainings & tutorials, recognition & incentives and a place to find support as much or as little as you need.

Join Avon today with 1 of 3 options:

  • Get started for $0
  • Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  • Choose a starter collections with best selling products value starting at $112

No matter what option you choose, you will receive all the benefits of being an Avon representative so you can take control of your financial future just like Jen Antunes!

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