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Whenever starting any business, it can be nerve wracking & overwhelming. One of the benefits of starting an Avon business is the access to a variety of tools and support not only from Avon, but also from other representatives. I know for me, I looked to those like Molly Stone Bibb, Emily Seagren, Lisa Scola and Theresa Paul. They are/were top sellers & leaders who actually shared tips, ideas & tools that they utilized in their own business through blogs, Youtube videos and Facebook groups. Because of them, I was inspired to share what I was learning along the way as I started & built a successful Avon business.

5 Tips for New Avon Representatives

When I first started my business, I was able to achieve the current incentives creating a solid foundation for my business. Within 3 years, on top of having a way to help provide for my family while working at home by sharing my passion for beauty, I earned an all inclusive trip and was invited to Hawaii for the President’s Recognition Program Celebration to receive my awards for being a top seller online & growing my team. Below are tips that have worked for me & lessons I’ve learned along the way to help you too create a solid foundation for your new business venture.

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Tip #1 Create a Game Plan

The biggest thing that made a difference in my business was creating a game plan. Once I did that, that is when I actually saw real results of my business growing & getting closer to where I wanted my business to be. The way I see creating a game plan is basically creating a road map to help you know how to get from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. To create a game plan, you will need to:

  • Break down your long term goals into short term goals.
  • Track your progress as you go.
  • Make adjustments when applicable.
  • Reward yourself along the way.

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Tip #2 Be Consistent

One of the biggest mistakes many representatives make is that they don’t treat their Avon business as such… a business. Being consistent is key not only when you are new & starting your Avon business, but something you need to continually do. Think about it… what if your favorite local store & restaurant did business whiley niley. You wouldn’t know when you can go there and if it’s new to you, is that a business you would trust? Probably not.

Continually working your business is what will continually grow your business. As Marie Forleo says, “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” Every business has activities & tasks that they need to do in order maintain, manage & grow their business. There is no difference for us as representatives. For me, having a campaign routine & utilizing a task to do list are what helps me be consistent in my business. In doing so, it’s going to help provide stability not only for you but also for your customers. In turn, this is going to build trust & loyalty. For you, this is going to help you know what needs to get done and when it needs to get done by.

Learn how to create a campaign routine & be consistent by checking out Sell Avon Consistently with a Campaign Routine.

Tip #3 Follow Up

The next biggest mistake many representatives make is not consistently following up. This is not only those who are apart of your customer base & team but also anyone you talked to in regards to your business. Think about how many times you were thinking of ordering something online or going to the store for something and then completely forget all about it. We get busy. Things slip our minds. That is why it is up to us to ensure we are continually following up with everyone we come into contact with our business.

As a new representative, I know I personally struggled with following up because I didn’t want to be a “bother”. But I learned the hard way how key this activity is. One thing that helped me with this was thinking of how other businesses follow up. This is when I started doing email marketing. I am able to follow up with customers, team members & others all across the country with a few clicks of the mouse. Once I started doing this, I noticed that my business not only continually grows but also, it allows me to stay connected.

For more tips on following up & using email marketing, check out 7 Tips to Create a Follow Up System and Email Marketing Tips for Avon Representatives.

Tip #4 Utilize Your Support System

For me, I had some friends & family that were super supportive since the beginning. They would share brochures at work, engage with my social media posts & videos, refer new customers and do whatever they can to help. I’ve even had family members call me up to let me know they are doing a tag sale & offer for me to sell products on hand and/or leave brochures for people to take. Don’t be afraid to ask those you know for help, even if they may not be interested, they may know someone who is. The way I think of this is when a new marvel movie comes out. This isn’t my cup of tea but I know when I hear of one coming out, I immediately go to my boys & see who wants to go opening weekend. There is usually at least one of them interested.

One of the things I love and am proud of is being apart of the community of Avon representatives. First off, as an Avon representative, you have access to amazing online tools through your Avon account. There you will find access to customer management tools, invoice tools, social media marketing images & videos and so much more. On top of all these amazing tools, Avon also provides training & tips through webinars, Avon U training modules and Facebook group page, Avon Representative Social Selling. Also, each year Avon hosts an annual convention where thousands of representatives across the country come together, in person & virtually, for the Avon Convention. At this time, representatives come together for training, tips & networking with one another. As I’ve stated at the beginning of this blog, our community of representatives, from my experience, is supportive & encouraging. Even if you may not have anyone in your personal life who would be supportive, know you can find this starting with your mentor. I know for me, I offer to support each member of my team as much or as little as they want or need.

Tip #5 Believe in Yourself & Your Business

As much support as I had, I also had many who looked at my business as a waste of time. I admit, the first few years, there were times I allowed the negativity effect me and almost get me to quit a few times. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned through my Avon business that has helped me not only with my business but also personally is that there will always be people who will think negatively about you. Even if someone may not agree with your decision to start an Avon business, they can still be supportive of you. It’s up to you to believe in what you can accomplish with your business.

Believing in yourself, your business & what you can do is important. Think about it…. if you don’t believe in your business & what you are offering, why would anyone else? When you are passionate & are enjoying what you are doing, it’s infectious. I talk alot about this with marketing, especially online marketing, you are your business. When you share with others what you love about Avon and how it improves your life, you will reach others that will connect with you.

Now I’m not going to sit here & say that it is all cupcakes & rainbows. Just like with any business, or honestly anything in life, there are highs & lows. I’ve been with Avon since 2015 and have had many highs & lows. I have learned to appreicate & enjoy the highs of earning trips, incentives & awards. They are proof that I can accomplish my goals. During the lows, I take that time to reflect & decide what adjustments & changes I need to improve on. No one is perfect and having a business is about continually growing and striving to be the best it can be. If I can do it… you can too!

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