Sell Avon with Brochures Tips

The brochure is probably the most popular & well known marketing tool that customers know & love. Even with many customers now shopping online, I know in my experience, they still enjoy browsing through the latest brochure. As an Avon representative, the brochure, whether it’s paper or online, is the most valuable marketing tool you have in your arsenal. Below are tips on how you can utilize the brochure to grow your customer base & your campaign sales.

Printed Brochure vs Online Brochure

In 1996, Avon was one of the first retailers to create an online store for customers to shop from. Though I was still a minor at this time, I can appreciate & acknowledge the fact that Avon has continually been able to evolve & shift in creating an easy shopping experience starting with the door to door sales Avon popularized with their famous slogan, “Ding Dong Avon is Calling”. Since then, especially over the last 10-15 years, most consumers shop online from the comfort of their own home, having their orders shipped directly to them.

To better serve our customers, as well as provide us a more streamline back office tool, in December 2021, Avon updated their online store with a whole new format & features including an interactive digital brochure. Customers can now go online & shop from the same printed brochure. However, with the online brochure, they have access to even more features to make their shopping experience more enjoyable & easier with tools like interactive images & videos, tips on choosing the right product & my personal favorite, a shade matching tool that will help customers (and representatives) choose the right makeup shade for their skin tone.

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Sell Avon with Brochures Tips

Utilizing the Avon brochure, printed or online, is a great way to showcase what your customers can purchase & enjoy with new products, sales & special offers every 2 weeks. Below are tips on how you can grow your Avon business by utilizing the brochure.

Be Professional

It is very important to be professional & to treat your Avon business as such. As we first start off our business, most of the time our customers are people we personally know, whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, etc. However, as you continue to grow your business, more & more of your customer base will be people you do not know. It may even be people you will never see, especially if you have an online business with customers who are shopping with you from all across the country. From the start, I always kept things professional, whether I knew them or not. One benefit of this is you can work out the kinks with those you know so when you continue to grow your business, you will be good to go. Also, when you do that, you are showing your customers that you care about your business & you care about them. Who would you shop from or do business with… someone who is providing you a professional experience or someone who doesn’t seem to give a you know what.

The first way you can accomplish this is by providing professional looking, neat brochures EVERY TIME. Most of the time, this is going to be your customer’s first impression of you & your business. Even if they are an established customer, you want to give your customers a positive image, right? Why would your customers respect you & your business if you don’t?

So what does a professional looking brochure look like? Well honestly, Avon does most of the work for us. They create beautiful brochures each campaign that provide not only images of the products but also models using the products as well. All you really need to do is put your information on it, whether you neatly write it in or you put a label on it. Which FYI, you can easily print out professional looking labels right at home on Avery through AvonPerks… you can even have the QR code to your online store printed on the label!

As a representative, you not only have access to a sneak peak at what’s to come 2 campaigns ahead with the What’s New, you also are able to purchase brochures 2 campaigns ahead. By purchasing brochures ahead of time, you are gonna give yourself enough time to get them ready & handed out/delivered in time before the campaign starts and/or when you submit your Avon order for representative delivery orders.

So what if you only have an online business & don’t use printed brochures? Well first off, you should still be ordering brochures each campaign… I learned this lesson the hard way & I’ll explain more below. Secondly, it’s still important to at least offer your customers the ability to receive a brochure each campaign. As I said above, there are many customers who love browsing through the brochure, even if they do place their orders online.

Establish Goals

The first thing I implemented into my business that put me on the projectory of success was creating business goals Establishing goals is going to help you know how & what you need to get from where you are now to where you want to go. When it comes to establishing goals, you want to establish your long term goals first… determine what your business needs to look like in order for you to achieve your long term goal(s), aka your why. Next, you want to establish where you currently are in your business so you know where you are starting. Finally, you will break down your long term goals and establish what you want to accomplish within a given period. I typically go through this process annually.

When it comes to establishing goals in regards to sharing your brochure is going to help you continually grow your business. How many new customers do you want to reach out to each campaign? How many new locations or businesses do you want to work with each month? Are you looking to establish more of an online business? How can you share your online brochure with new & old customers? As I said, think about what you want your business to look like & then start working towards that.

For more tips on how to establish & implement goals, check out my blog, Goal Setting Success Tips

Be Consistent

The next best way to treat your Avon business as a business is being consistent. The number one complaint I hear from customers is how hard it is to find a representative that they can rely on whenever they are ready to place an order. Being consistent is going to provide a level of trust from your customer and let’s face it, we only shop from & do business with those we trust, right?

So how can you be consistent? The best way to show customers is by continually providing the brochure, whether it’s by delivering a printed brochure or by sending them a link through text or email. And if you have read any of my previous blogs or watched any of my tutorials on Youtube, then I’m sure you know what my next suggestion will be… a campaign routine.

Yes, that’s right…

Having a campaign routine is going to provide a way for you to stay organized & be prepared. You’ll want to establish a date within the campaign that you will submit your Avon order. For example, I submit mine the first Thursday of the campaign. In doing this, my customers know they need to contact me by that day each campaign. It will also let customers know when they can expect their order. This will become very important when customers are looking to purchase a gift for like a birthday, wedding or the holiday season.

For more tips in how to create a routine, check out Selling Avon Consistently with a Campaign Routine

I personally recommend giving the brochures to customers before the campaign even starts. I’ve come to notice from my experience that customers need about 10-14 days to browse the brochure & place their order, whether it’s with you personally or online. A lot of people like to place their order around pay day and many now a days get paid every two weeks. Continue reading for more reasons this timeline tends to work out the best, at least for me.

As my business began to grow, especially with having more & more customers shopping online, it became harder & harder to be consistent with providing a brochure each campaign. To be honest, at that time, I would be lucky if I did it once a month. I knew that this was an area I needed to figure out because when I was consistent, my sales did go up. On recommendation from I believe it was Molly Stone Bibb (not 100% sure as it has been a bit of time), I decided to try Campaign Mailer. This is a business that does bulk shipping of Avon brochures. It does cost money, but I will tell you this, first off, it is less expensive to use Campaign Mailer than by shipping the brochure yourself (even if you put it in an evnelope & mail it First Class, which is what I did when I first started my online business). Secondly, once I place my order, that is it… each of my customers on my mailing list will automatically receive.a FREE brochure. Their brochure will be labeled with what information I completed during ordering process. There is limited space so you are limited on personalization. I typically will say something like:

Shop Avon C# online until M/D/Y at + enjoy FREE SHIPPING with $60+ order. Connect w/ Jen at

Utilize Samples

After investing in catalogs, investing in samples is the next best thing you can do for your business. Everyone loves to receive FREE samples. They provide a great way to introduce products to your customers, especially new products. This is especially true when it comes to products that customers will want to know what they are purchasing such as skincare products to ensure their skin will not have a negative reaction and fragrances so they know what the scent smells like.

When using samples, I’m not saying you need to create a “chunky brochure” with a bunch of different samples. You can easily tape a sample on the front cover or slip a sample where customers can find the product in the brochure. Personally, if there is a sample available for a new product, that is my priority. If there isn’t one, then I will chose a sample that is on sale & that I know my customers will enjoy. My customers primarily purchase make & skincare, so that is primarily the samples I offer.

For more tips on using samples, check out my blog How to Market Your Avon Business with Samples

Share Everywhere You Can

Most customers don’t place an order each campaign, honestly most customers don’t place an order more than a couple times a year. This is where establishing goals as I’ve stated above can come in handy. You will know how many total customers you need to have based on your average campaign sales & your customers average order size. This is why on top of continually sharing the brochure with your current customers, it’s important to share the brochure everywhere you can so you can attract new customers to your business, whether it’s in person and/or online.

You always want to make sure you are ready & prepared. You never know when you will come across a new potential customer… waiting in line at the grocery store, at the park with your kids, your waitress serving you while you eat. As a shy representative, one of the easiest ways I was able to network with new customers is by wearing something Avon… a shirt, jewelry, a lipstick. Then when someone would comment on what I am wearing that opened the door for me to introduce them to my business. I will say, the times I had a brochure ready to give to them, would more likely lead to a sale compared to when I would have to come back & give them a brochure, when I am sure by then they have forgotten & moved on.

For more tips as a shy Avon representative, check out my blog Avon Selling Tips: Being a Shy Representative

Another way I was able to continually grow my business in my local area is by leaving 3-5 brochures on my car wherever I went. More times than not, I would come out to my car after doing my grocery shopping or whatever errand I was doing, my catalogs would be gone. This is another reason why it is important to provide the flyers & coupons because you may not have the opportunity to let customers know about your business.

The best way to become “THE” Avon representative in your area is sharing your brochures everywhere in your local area. Start off right in your own neighborhood. How many of your neighbors actually know you are a representative? This year I saw first hand how much I was lacking in this area. Within a couple months a me marketing my business in my local area I started getting new customers placing orders almost every campaign and I even have a couple that are customers who have placed multiple orders.

One way of letting your neighbors know that there is a representative in their area is by tossing brochures. What exactly is tossing? It’s exactly how it sounds. You go house to house in a neighborhood & toss a brochure onto their driveway/doorstep. This is a great way to use up old/expired brochures with my favorite flyer, “Why There’s an Avon Brochure on My Driveway”. With tossing, I do want to make sure you know to check your local areas laws & rules as I know some areas this is not allowed. Also, DO NOT PUT ANY BROCHURES IN THE MAILBOX. This is considered federal property & you can be fine by the U.S. Postal Service.

Another great way to reach out to your neighborhood & beyond is to share brochures at a yard sale or local event. When many think of doing events or even yard sales, they think they need products to actually sell, but that’s actually not true. Have your brochures displayed & you can include a flyer to let them know a little more about your business. I also recommend adding a coupon that they can use with their first order. 10% off any size order or $5 off $25 are the most popular coupons in my experience.

Lastly, think about where you go in your day to day life. Are there locations that you can leave a few brochures? What businesses do you go to on a regular basis? Think of places like:

  • Doctor’s offices waiting rooms
  • Post Office
  • Gym
  • Coffee Shop
  • Hair/Nail Salon
  • Shopping Carts
  • Local Park
  • Daycare
  • Your car windshield while parked
  • Pool Hall/Bar
  • Public Restroom Stall
  • College Campuses
  • Real Estate Offices

For more examples CLICK HERE

Now when it does come to private businesses, you definitely want to make sure you get their permission. You want to make sure you keep it professional & don’t be afraid to offer the owner and/or employees a discount or special offer by allowing you to share your business. Share with them a picture or actually bring an example of how you will display your brochures. I perosnally recommend creating a little brochure holder which you can make on your own or you can purchase them through Amazon. This will provide a professional way to share your brochures that won’t interfere with their business.

Now for those of you who are looking to share your brochure online… the easiest way to share a link to your online brochure. You can do this on your social media pages, text messages, emails, etc. If you have a blog or Youtube channel, this is another great way to share the brochure. You can do a slideshow or share highlights from each campaign’s brochure.

One thing to remember is that this is your Avon business & it’s up to you on how you want to reach your customers. Think about how & where you can market your business that will meet your targeted audience.

Learn how to determine your targeted audience by checking out by training, Determining Your Targeted Audience

What tips do you do with sharing the Avon brochure?

Share below tips, ideas & recommendations you do in your Avon business to share the brochure.

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