Avon Leadership 2021

Are you looking for a way to earn more money in your Avon business? How does bonuses, recognition & incentives sound? With Avon’s leadership program, representatives have the opportunity to not only grow their own business & income but also help others start & build their own successful Avon businesses.

Leadership Titles

Once you have 1 representative who joins your team through your online store or by using your reference code, you will begin your journey with Avon’s leadership program. As your team grows in sales & size, you will be able to rise in leadership levels. And just like Avon’s President’s Recognition Program, the higher you are, the more earnings & bonuses you will receive.

Below is a chart of each of the leadership levels and campaign requirements to reach each level:

Beginning January 5, 2021, the changes that will occur are G1 leader requirements will be eliminated and beginning with Bronze Leader, total team sales will be increased by 5%. As of Campaign 24 2020, new representatives who do not have leaders will be added to existing teams via round robin.

Leadership Bonuses

As a leadership representative, you have the opportunity to earn leadership bonuses for mentoring & supporting your team of representatives.

For more information, check out Avon’s 2021 Career & Compensation Guide by clicking here or go to AvonNow Commissions & Sales Level.

Being an Avon Leader

As a leadership representative, it is your job to help support & mentor your team of representatives. You can do so by:

  • Building a strong relationship with your team members by learning about their passions, their why & what motivates them to be a successful representative.
  • Sharing your expertise, success story & what feeds your passion. You are a role model!
  • Being ready to help problem solve when representatives come to you for help by helping to guide him/her to training tools for success or coming up with ideas that they can implement into their business.
  • Celebrate each team member’s success no matter how small or big it may be.

For tips & ideas on being an Avon leader, click here or check out my YouTube video Avon Mentor Tips.

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