My Winter Morning Skincare Routine

The winter months are known to be especially difficult for those of us who have dry skin. I personally have combination skin with my t-zone getting oily and the rest of my face being more on the dry end of the spectrum. Lately, my skin has become extremely dry all ready. 

Now, the winter months tend to dry out our skin for a few reasons…

  • Humidity drops which means the air around us is dry
  • We tend to stay in doors more. With heat going on and windows staying shut for months on end. This ends up creating that dead air is what many of you may call it. W
  • Take more hot showers. If you are like me, you like your showers scorching hot but this is absolutely horrible for your skin. It dries it out & makes it harder for your skin to hold onto any moisture that it may have. 

Now, no matter what skin type you may have, it’s very important to keep your skin hydrated all year round because when our skin becomes to dry it can lead to our skin’s natural barrier to break down. Our skin’s natural barrier is there to do what you would think… to help protect our skin from environmental stressors like allergens, dirt, viruses. On top of that, it helps keep our skin’s hydration in. So when that barrier breaks down, that’s when you can start seeing skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne and things like that.

Learn more about winter skincare tips & recommendations at How to Transition Your Skincare Routine for Fall/Winter.

My Winter Morning Skincare Routine

In the dry, dead winter months, I focus on two key ingredients within my skincare routine… hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. Hyaluronic acid is a very popular skincare ingredient that is known to help hydrate your skin. This is a key ingredient that I utilize in my night time skincare routine.

However, in my morning routine, I enjoy using vitamin c because this is antioxidant ingredient that is going to help protect my skin from environmental stressors. On top of that, vitamin c is known to help even out and brighten your skin tone. Living in cold Massachusetts, in the winter months I am not one who goes outside too much. As a result, my skin gets very dull looking.

To learn how I keep my skin hydrated & to brighten my skin, check out my morning winter skincare routine video below:

How do you keep your skin hydrated & rejuvenated all winter long?

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