DISCLAIMER: All products mentioned & used in this video were purchased with my own money and my thoughts & opinions are based on my own research & personal experience. Feel free to use the links I provided to learn more about the products. Note, any Avon products listed are connected to my online store and if you do choose to purchase them from that link, I will earn money as an Avon Independent Sales Representative.

My Fall/Winter Nighttime Skincare Routine 2020

My combination skin quickly went from dealing with an oily t-zone to struggling to hold onto any hydration as soon as September hit. Since then, I have been trying out all kinds of hydrating products & even did a whole YouTube video & blog where I discuss how to transition your skincare routine for Fall & Winter so I can learn more about how to help my skin hold onto hydration.

Recently I shared my thorough nighttime skincare routine that I am currently doing to help keep my skin hydrated & help it maintain it’s hydration. Click on the video below or click here to see what products I am currently using… heads up you will see that I took my own advice & have a couple products that I mentioned in my Transition Your Skincare Routine video.

Share below your recommendations & tips on how you keep your skin hydrated in the Fall/Winter months.

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