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When it comes to spring & summer season, this is normally when we all strive to get that glowing, sun-kissed, lively skin. I mean it makes sense. We just spent the last 6 months or so fighting with it to staying hydrated & not dry it self out through the cold, dry winter months, especially for those of us who deal with the cold, the snow and the tremendous dry heat in our homes, which are great at keeping us warm as well as drying out our skin. Plus, with us finally moving into getting back to what life use to be before the pandemic, I know many of us are excited to get out there and start living in the world again. This is our time to shine and show the world the beauty that has been under all these layers we’ve had on. 

Spring/Summer Skincare Routine

The main things you are going to focus on with your spring & summer skincare routine is using lighter formulas and protecting your skin from the sun. Now the sun isn’t all bad… nor is it all good.

In the video below, I go over how you can transition your skincare routine for spring & summer, for your skin type. I focus on keeping your skin hydrated as well as protected from the sun and other environmental stressors are skin experiences during the spring & summer months.

Please feel free to comment down below your favorite skincare tips & product recommendations that you use to help keep your skin hydrated and/or use during the fall & winter months.


Below is a list of references that I used in preparation for this video. Feel free to check them out to learn more about the topics I discussed today:

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