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The Super Sellers Team Recognition: Campaign 8

Recognition is one of the benefits I love as an Avon representative. Together, we celebrate one another’s successes triumphs. As you start & work on growing your own business, it can be very easy to get lost in your focus and forget to actually reflect on your journey. As a leader, it is my responsibility to help my team take a step back and celebrate themselves for not only achieving incentives and having incredible campaign sales & recruiting numbers but also to celebrate their growth each step of the way, no matter how small that growth could be. Below you will see all the amazing work my team, The Super Sellers did in Campaign 8 2021.

The Super Sellers Campaign 8 Team Recognition

Our team is staying on track with continual growth in sales & team size. We once again reached Silver Ambassador with over $2,000 Award Sales and at least 6 first generation orders. On top of that, in spite of losing 4 team members, we had 4 team members returned and gained 6 *NEW* representatives onto our team, including Dawn Gigi who added her 2nd team member to her team and is now able to qualify for Star Promoter earnings.

Congratulations Dawn Gigi!

I held my first Facebook Live training on our team Facebook page and went over different ideas on how to utilize the Promotion Tool into their business. The Promotion Tool was down for a couple months so this was a great opportunity to remind my team members how incredible this tool is & how easy it is to implement into their business as a way to grow their sales & customer base. I all ready have another Facebook Live training scheduled for next week & look forward on going over how to share the Avon opportunity with their personalized link. On top of that, on April 11th, I will be doing our monthly team meeting where I will be going over ideas & tips on how they can take advantage of the amazing *NEW* products Avon will be launching for Mother’s Day as well as utilizing the amazing products we sell all year round.

Avon finally announced that they will be doing a virtual celebration for the 2020 Pinnacle Achievers. I received an invitation email letting me know that I am going to be recognized for my achievements in 2020. I am super excited & anxious. If I do achieve top 10 in just 1 category, I will automatically earn the Avon Destination 2021 trip to Hawaii. This is a major moment for me because the first trip I’ve ever earned with Avon was a trip to Hawaii for their President’s Recognition Program Celebration they use to hold every year. However, the day after I found out I earned this amazing trip, I received the dreaded phone call from my doctor letting me know that I had cancer. Because of this, I was obviously unable to attend my first AND second earned trip with Avon. Being able to earn this trip to Hawaii once again because of being a Pinnacle achiever, this will just bring everything full circle to me.

As I look at the report that compares our team numbers to last year’s numbers, I will have to say our team has come a looonnnngggg way!

Earlier this week, I announced on our team Facebook group page a *NEW* team incentive. I wanted to create an incentive that is going to help encourage, reward & acknowledge those on my team who are continually working hard in their own Avon businesses.

From Campaign 9 to Campaign 13, representatives on my team will have the opportunity to be entered for:

  • Business Bundle with a $60+ order as a NEW representative in their first 8 campaigns
  • FREE Product with each campaign they have $150+ Award Sales
  • FREE Product Bundle with each campaign they have $250+ Award Sales
  • Leadership Bundle with each NEW representative who joins their team during the incentive period.

Plus, each representative who places a $60+ order in ALL 5 CAMPAIGNS will automatically receive a Special Gift and each campaign, I will draw a name for those who qualified for each category in that campaign for a FREE Sampler. I also am offering a BONUS INCENTIVE for each campaign our team qualifies for Gold Ambassador, I will draw a name from each representative who placed any sizer order for a special surprise. In order for our team to qualify as Gold Ambassador, we need to have a total of $4,000 Award Sales and have 9 1st Generation orders. As you can see, I created this incentive to help encourage growth as well as recognize them along the way. I did incentives similar to this last year and each time I did, our team reached Gold Ambassador so I know we will get there! GOOD LUCK SUPER SELLERS!

Learn more about Avon recognition program & incentives at Avon 2021 Recognition Guide & Incentives.

Top Sellers

As a team we sold $2,844 in total Award Sales with $1,454.38 in online sales. Here are the top 10 representatives in total campaign Award Sales:

  1. Ravinia Williams from Chicago, IL: Click here to shop online with Ravinia.
  2. Keisha Henry from Hilton Head Island, SC: Click here to shop online with Keisha.
  3. Anita Young from Caldwell, ID: Click here to shop online with Anita.
  4. Marsha Taylor from Welling, OK: Click here to shop online with Marsha
  5. Ndeyfatou Gaye from Bronx, NY: Click here to shop online with Ndeyfatou.
  6. Sofia Ernst from Olathe, KS: Click here to shop online with Sofia.
  7. Barbie Zachrich from Holland, OH: Click here to shop online with Barbie.
  8. Cecelia Gilmar from De Soto, MO: Click here to shop online with Cecelia.
  9. Heather Rivera from Orlando, FL: Click here to shop online with Heather.
  10. Kris Farias from Charleroi, PA: Click here to shop online with Kris.

Welcome back Danielle Albright, Belinda Anderson, Selena Edwards and Kris Farias,


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  • Belinda Anderson from Largo, FL: Click here to shop online with Belinda.


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1st Generation

  • Laurene Clark from Carmichael, CA: Click here to connect with Laurene
  • Hannah Cranner from Las Vegas, NV: Click here to connect with Hannah.
  • Sheila Potter from Kinston, NC: Click here to connect with Sheila.
  • Maria Puchi from Drexel Hill, PA: Click here to connect with Maria. (Hispanohablante)
  • Laura Vulpi from Whippany, NJ: Click here to connect with Laura.

2nd Generation

  • Isaiah Colley from Houston, TX: Click here to connect with Isaiah.

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  • FREE online training, tools & support to help you start, grow & manage your own successful Avon business anywhere, anytime.
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