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The Super Sellers Team Recognition: Campaign 25

Recognition is one of the benefits I love as an Avon representative. Together, we celebrate one another’s successes triumphs. As you start & work on growing your own business, it can be very easy to get lost in your focus and forget to actually reflect on your journey. As a leader, it is my responsibility to help my team take a step back and celebrate themselves for not only achieving incentives and having incredible campaign sales & recruiting numbers but also to celebrate their growth each step of the way, no matter how small that growth could be. Below you will see all the amazing work my team, The Super Sellers did in Campaign 25 2020.


Today we celebrate Small Business Saturday & I am honored to be apart of this amazing community along with my fellow Avon representatives & team members. We work hard to balance our every day lives as we build our Avon businesses so we can accomplish our financial goals whatever it may be.

With the holiday season upon us now, our team did hit a slight snag in Campaign 25 sales. However, with us upon the busiest week of the holiday season, I am excited to see how far are team can go as we come to a close of our 2020 sales year.

To encourage our team & to celebrate those who have worked hard this holiday season, I am currently offering a team incentive which I announced in our November team meeting. Our team incentive will be going on from Campaign 25 to close of Campaign 2. There will be multiple categories representatives can receive an entry for business tools, samples & products + if our team reaches Gold Ambassador at any time during the incentive period, any representative who has ANY size Award Sales up to that point will receive an entry. See image below for our current team incentive details:

As we continue to adjust to Avon’s new tracking system, in Campaign 25, we lost 92 representatives due to inactivity on their AvonNow accounts. However, we did add 6 *NEW* representatives & Heather Rivera grew her team once again having her one step closer to Bronze Ambassador in Avon’s Leadership.

On top of that, Dawn Gigi and Selena Edwards took advantage of the *NEW* representative incentive, Pathway to Premier.

Congratulations Dawn Gigi and Selena Edwards!

Learn more about Pathway to Premier incentive by checking out Avon Incentives for New Representatives 2020.

For the rest of the year, Avon will not be updating their Pinnacle Awards list in order to keep the integrity of the final calculations. Winners will be announced beginning of 2021. Fingers cross I am on top 10 once again in online sales & online sales growth.

Learn more about Avon’s recognition programs including Avon’s President’s Recognition Program by checking out Avon Recognition Guide: Dream Big.


As a team we sold $1,987 with $830 in online sales. Here are the top 10 representatives in total campaign Award Sales:

  1. Dawn Gigi from San Tan Valley, AZ: Click here to shop online with Dawn.
  2. Selena Edwards from Warner Robins, GA: Click here to shop online with Selena.
  3. Anita Young from Caldwell, ID: Click here to shop online with Anita.
  4. Anonymous
  5. Anonymous
  6. Adeyinka Adeyemo from Houston, TX: Click here to shop online with Adeyinka.
  7. Joanna Roman from La Luz, NM: Click here to shop online with Joanna.
  8. Heather Rivera from Orlando, FL: Click here to shop online with Heather.
  9. Anonymous
  10. Idalia Diaz from Paterson, NJ: Click here to shop online with Idalia.

Welcome back Adeyinka Adeyemo!


I’d like to welcome our *NEW* Super Sellers to our team & to Avon. I look forward to working with you as you start your *NEW* business adventure.

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Generation 1

  • Stephanie Alison from Picayune, MS: Click here to connect with Stephanie.
  • Tammy Caruso from Kokomo, IN: Click here to connect with Tammy.
  • Jadi Kriener from Cresco, IA: Click here to connect with Jadi.
  • Belina Silva from Newman, CA: Click here to connect with Belina.
  • Diane Venancio from Hermitage, MO: Click here to connect with Diane.

Generation 2

  • Anita Rose from Elkton, VA: Click here to connect with Anita.

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