How to Earn Money with Avon in 2022

For over 135 years Avon has provided a way to help woman, and a few good men, earn money & empower themselves through financial freedom, before they were even allowed to vote or begin working outside the home. As an Avon Independent Sales Representative, you are provided the tools & support to help you create & build a successful business that you can work into your daily life. Whether you are looking to earn some extra money to help save for retirement or to help make ends meet or you are looking to create a business that provides full time income, you can achieve your financial goals & creating the life you want.

Being an Avon Independent Sales Representative

In 2019, Avon became apart of the LG Household & Healthcare family. Since then, LG has made changes & modifications to the Avon business model to ensure that it’s Avon representatives are provided with the tools they will need to start, build & manage a successful business & be able to do anywhere, anytime. For example, last month (December 2021), Avon launched their new website AND app which provides it’s representatives and customers that is going to be more secure, easier to navigate and more tools & information about Avon’s amazing products. On top of all that, Avon has been updating & improving their product line with things like adding product collections such as *NEW* Isa Knox LXNew skincare lines to having curated collection of products from well known brands like Chi and belif to updating customer faves like Glimmerstick liners to getting Avon classic Skin So Soft in brick & mortar businesses like CVS.

On top of having access to quality products, as a sales representative you can take advantage of:

  • FREE online store & app for your customers across the U.S. to shop from
  • Working anywhere, anytime with AvonGo app & FREE back office account which provides business tools like customer management tools, invoice tool, marketing tools & more.
  • Discounted prices on your favorite Avon products + other businesses through Avon Perks & beginning January 19, 2022 LG appliances, electronics & technology.
  • Ability to purchase *NEW* products before they are launched in Avon’s What’s NewTo learn more, click here.
  • FREE training through Avon U as well as through Social Selling Facebook group with the Learning & Development team.
  • Ability to earn bonuses, incentives & rewards through Avon Rewards program. To learn more, click here.
  • Enjoy recognition through President’s Recognition Program, Leadership Program & Pinnacle Awards. To learn more, click here.
  • Access to support & guidance from your mentor & other representatives who share their tips & experiences through their Youtube channels or blogs, like this one.

You will be able to enjoy all of these benefits & then some while you work towards your financial goals. To learn more about how you can do so with Avon, continue reading….

2 Ways to Earn Money with Avon

Avon offers two ways for representatives to earn money- selling Avon products and/or mentoring a team of representatives. Many representatives take advantage of both of these earning opportunities, however, with Avon you are not required to do one or the other. You are the one who decides what you want your Avon business to be.

Selling Products

As I stated above, representatives are able to sell amazing products to their customers, online or in person, either through representative delivery and/or events. There are 3 ways a representative can sell Avon:

For tips, ideas & more information on how to sell Avon products, click here

Now on to the reason you are here… how do you get paid when selling Avon products. Well, that is based on your sales title and what products are being sold. As a new representative, your earning potential is:

Once you have reached $10,000 Award Sales within a given sales year, you will then be a President’s Recognition Program rewards member. This is when you will be able to enjoy higher earning potential, award ceremony & VIP privileges at Avon events. For 2022, representatives have until close of Campaign 21 to lock in their sales level for the rest of 2022 into Campaign 2’2023.

For more information on Avon’s earning opportunities, check out 2022 Avon Rewards & Recognition Guide

Mentoring a Team

By sharing the Avon opportunity with others, in person or online, representatives are able to increase their earnings through Avon’s leadership program. In order to be a mentor, you must agree to:

  • Build strong relationships with your team members by learning about their passions, their why & what motivates them to be a successful representative.
  • Share your expertise, success story & what feeds your passion. You are a role model!
  • Be ready to help problem solve when team members come to you for help by guiding them to a solution and/or tools they can use for success.
  • Recognize & celebrate each team member’s success.

As your team grows, you as a Representative Leader, will receive campaign earnings & bonuses based on your leadership level:

Learn more about Avon’s leadership program & earning potential by clicking here.

2022 Incentives

Through out the year, Avon offers a variety incentives to help encourage & recognize representatives who reach sales & leadership goals. Depending on the incentive, representatives can receive bonus earnings, FREE Avon products & gifts, all inclusive trips and more!!! Below is some information on the current incentives Avon is offering in 2022.

1st Order Reward

How it Works

To help encourage & give *NEW* representatives a solid start with their new business venture when they place their first order.

What You Earn:

  • FREE gift value of $38
  • $10 Avon credit to be used towards 2nd order

How to Qualify:

  • Submit any size order by designated campaign listed in your welcome email from Avon
  • If 1st order is $60+, receive a $10 credit that you can use towards your 2nd order

Pathway to Premier

To help *NEW* representatives grow their income & be recognized for their sales growth, they can receive up to $3,300 in bonuses on top of their earnings within their 1st 8 campaigns. This incentive is exclusively for NEW REPRESENTATIVES ONLY.

What You Earn:

There are 3 bonuses *NEW* representatives can reach within their first 8 campaigns:

  1. Stepping Stone Bonus: Earn a $20 bonus for every $200 in Award Sales you have within a given campaign
  2. Mini Milestone Bonus: Earn $50 bonus
  3. Milestone Bonus: Earn a 10% bonus

Plus, if you reach Premier level within your first 8 campaigns, you will receive a $1,000 credit towards your qualification totals to earn all inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico. (See below for more info)

How to Qualify:

At the close of each campaign, each new representative in their first 8 campaigns, Avon will deposit any bonuses they have achieved based on their total campaign sales and total Award Sales with in their first 8 campaigns.

  1. Stepping Stone Bonus: Every $200 Award Sales a campaign (can earn as many as you qualify for in that given campaign)
  2. Mini Milestone Bonus: Once you reach $500 Award Sales within your 1st 8 campaigns.
  3. Milestone Bonuses: Each time you reach a $1,000 Award Sales within your 1st 8 campaigns up to $5, 000. (Receive a bonus with $1,000 Award Sales, $2,000 Award Sales, etc.)

You can earn Stepping Stone Bonus on top of Mini Milestone and/or Milestone bonuses. They are each their own qualification. Now once you have reached $5,000 Award Sales, whether you do so within your first 8 campaigns, or after, you will then have reached Premier level, which as you saw in above chart will increase your Beauty & Jewelry sales earnings to 30% and you will receive Rising Star Pinnacle Award for achieving Premier level in your first year.

For information & guidelines on Pathway to Premier Incentive, click here.

For FAQ’s of Pinnacle Awards, click here.

Go Bigger on the Big Island (ENDED)

In 2021, representatives had the opportunity to earn a FREE all inclusive trip in March 2022 to Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort & Spa in Hawaii. From Campaigns 3 to 5, achievers can earn an upgrade and/or an exclusive sunset cruise based on their personal sales performance growth over the past year.

What You Earn:

Representatives can earn a hotel room upgrade and/or sunset cruise excursion for themselves & their guests.

  • Top 3 Representatives: Earn a VIP room upgrade and sunset cruise for them and a guest of their choice.
  • Top 4-15 Representatives: Earn a VIP room upgrade
  • Top 16-35 Representatives: Earn a sunset cruise for themselves & a guest of their choice.

How to Qualify:

Being a top 35 representative with highest percentage of growth from Campaigns 3 to 5 2022 compared to Campaigns 3 to 5 2021 with a minimum growth of $1,200.

For more information, click here

2022 Destination Avon: Cancun

From Campaign 1 to Campaign 26 2022, representatives. Beautiful beaches, all-inclusive perks, exclusive events… earn a trip for 1 or 2, to Cancun, Mexico for the Spring of 2023.

What You Earn:

Earn a 5 day, 4 night trip for 1 or 2 to *NEW* Hilton Cancun All Inclusive Resort in Spring 2023.

Pinnacle achievers will earn a 6 day, 5 night trip for 2 to neighboring luxurious resort, Waldorf Astoria Cancun Resort with VIP perks.

How to Qualify:

Earn the trip either through personal and/or team Award Sales from Campaign 1 2022 to Campaign 26 2022 based on what your sales & leadership title is at the close of Campaign 2 2022.

Plus, as a new representative who earns Premier level within your first 8 campaigns, earn a $1,000 credit towards the qualification for the trip.

For more information & guidelines, click here.

For printable PDF Flyer click here

All In Leadership Incentive (ENDED)

Earn an exclusive bonus as a leadership representative at the close of Campaign 5 based on your Generation 1 representatives campaign orders between Campaign 1 to Campaign 5.

What You Earn:

Earn cash bonus up to $5,000 based on your Generation 1 team size

How to Qualify:

All Bronze Ambassadors & above who have at least 3 Generation 1 representatives on their team can earn cash bonus with qualifying percentage of Generation 1 representatives having $25+ Award Sales one campaign during the incentive period as shown in chart below:

If goal reached by close of C4, qualified leadership representatives will receive bonus in Campaign 5. If goal reached at close of C5, qualified leadership representatives will receive bonus in Campaign 6.

Learn more on

Make(Up) Your Way (ENDED)

Win an exclusive 3-piece gift set of large Makeup Travel Case plus two skin care favorites when you’re one of the top 2,000 Representatives with the highest makeup sales total in Campaigns 12-14 and place a makeup order in each campaign.

Learn more by clicking here for PDF flyer

5 Minutes of Fame

All leadership representatives from Campaign 12 to Campaign 16 can earn a chance to be interviewed from the audience LIVE at Avon’s 2022 Convention August 5 to August 7 in San Antonio, TX. You can share your team’s success, dedication & pride!

How to Qualify:

Each downline representative on your team will be assigned points based on their generation to you. The top 3 Ambassadors, Leaders and Executive Leaders who have the most points by the close of Campaign 16 2022.

For more information, click here

Summer Blast

All representatives have the opportunity to receive product bundles up to $1,550 value from Campaign 14 to Campaign 21 based on their sales growth compared to last year during the same campaigns. Any representative who do not have prior year sales can qualify for product bundles as they reach target goals as shown in image below within the incentive period.

Plus, all new representatives in their first 8 campaigns also have the opportunity to earn 30% on all beauty sales each campaign they have a total of $100 or more in sales during the incentive period.

For more information & guidelines on Summer Blast Incentive, click here

Avon Diamond Club

Meet Avon’s most dazzling reward program to date! For every million dollars in team sales, achievers earn a ½-carat Swarovski® lab-created diamond on a chain necklace- the ultimate statement of success! There’s no limit to how many diamonds you can earn so start building!

For more information on Avon’s current incentives by checking out Avon 2022 Recognition Guide & Incentives

Let’s Get You Started…

Join Avon today with Reference Code: jantunes at

As a new representative, enjoy

  • 25% earnings on beauty & jewelry sales and 20% on fashion & home sales
  • Enjoy opportunities for bonuses & incentives with qualifying campaign sales
  • FREE online store customers anywhere in the U.S. can shop from & enjoy FREE SHIPPING with their $60+ order
  • FREE online training, tools & support to help you start, grow & manage your own successful Avon business anywhere, anytime.
  • Have access to a team Facebook group where you can enjoy weekly live trainings & tutorials, recognition & incentives and a place to find support as much or as little as you need.

Join Avon today with 1 of 3 options:

  • Get started for $0
  • Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  • Choose a starter collections with best selling products value starting at $112

Limited Time Offer

As a first responder, receive a $300 value Welcome Bundle with your first order.

No matter what option you choose, you will receive all the benefits of being an Avon representative so you can take control of your financial future just like Jen Antunes!

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