My Spring Night Time Skincare Routine

As warmer months are approaching, I like to take this time to get my combination skin ready. This year, I decided to focus on maintaining my hydration to help combat my oily t-zone that I usually struggle with in the summer months. So far, it has worked and my skin has been looking the best it’s ever been. I know when you are struggling with oily skin, you think of drying your skin, not hydrating. However, by maintaining hydration to your skin, especially if you have oily skin, it’s going to help minimize the oil your skin produces. Our skin produces oil because it thinks it needs it, so if you maintain your skin’s hydration, it won’t need to tell it hydrate as much.

My In Depth Spring Night Time Skincare Routine

Once or twice a week, I will do an in depth skincare routine. What I mean by in depth, what I mean is it’s my routine when I do my masks & I focus on whatever my skin may need such as any breakouts, dull skin tone, hydration and things like that. Below, I show you what my current in depth, spring night time skincare routine as well as share other products I use in my night time routine through out the week.

What are your favorite spring & summer skincare products?

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