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Avon Incentives for New Representatives

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As an Avon representative, one of the many benefits you can take advantage of is their awesome incentives. At any given moment, Avon is offering a variety of incentives that will put more money in your pocket, earn amazing prizes like FREE trips, products, business tools & more.

As a *NEW* representative, it can be overwhelming as you are starting your Avon business, build a solid foundation & then on top of all that work for each of the incentives Avon has to offer. Below, we will talk about each of the incentives as well as some success tips that *NEW* representatives can take advantage of as they start & build their business and get the most out of all the amazing earning opportunities they have.

For more information on Avon’s earning opportunities, check out Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon


Avon’s New Representative Incentives

Here is the list of all the current incentives *NEW* representatives can work towards as the start & grow their business.

Pathway to Premier

As a way to acknowledge & reward *NEW* representatives who are rocking it, Avon launched their newest incentive in replacement of Avon Kickstart incentive program.  Beginning February 5, 2020, *NEW* representatives have the opportunity to earn over $3,000 in their first 8 campaigns (around 4 months) through their campaign sales & Pathway to Premier incentive bonuses.

How to Qualify:

There are two types of bonuses *NEW* representatives can take advantage of within their first 8 campaigns:

  1. Stepping Stone Bonus: Earn a $20 bonus for every $200 in Award Sales you have within a given campaign
  2. Milestone Bonus: Every $1,000 in Award Sales you have, earn a 10% bonus

What You Earn:

With Pathway to Premier, the more you sell, the more you will earn between your normal earnings & incentive bonuses.


$1,000 $100 $100 $250 $450 45%
$2,000 $200 $300 $500 $1,000 50%
$3,000 $300 $600 $750 $1,650 55%
$4,000 $400 $1,000 $1,000 $2,400 60%
$5,000 $500 $1,500 $1,250 $3,250 65%

With Pathway to Premier incentive, you will receive your bonus as you earn it! What that means is at the close of each campaign, if you have qualified for either of the bonuses, you will automatically receive your bonuses.

When You Reach Premier Level

Once you have reached $5,000 in total annual Award Sales, you will have completed the incentive and have reached Premier sales level. At Premier sales level,  you will earn 30% on Beauty & Jewelry and 20% on Fashion & Home for the rest of 2020 and put you on the pathway to achieving President’s Recognition Program (PRP) sales level by December 31, 2020. At PRP sales level, you will have earnings starting at 40% for Beauty & Jewelry and 25% on Fashion & Home for 2021 sales year. Nowadays you can’t find a job anywhere that gives raises like this within your first year!

For more information on Pathway to Premier, login to your AvonNow account.

Destination Avon

How does an all-inclusive Royal Caribbean cruise sound? Set off from Fort Lauderdale, FL in Royal Caribbean‘s teched-out Odyssey of the Seas cruise ship for 6-days.

How to Qualify:

Whether you are a veteran or you are new, you have the opportunity to earn this amazing opportunity by reaching your designated sales goal by close of Campaign 17 2020.

  • Current PRP Members will qualify for:
    • A trip for 1 by beating their C1 – C17 2019 sales by $7,500.
    • A trip for 2 by beating their C1 – C17 2019 sales by $12.000.
  • Current Contenders & Premier Representatives will qualify for:
    • A trip for 1 with $15,000 in total sales between C1 – C17 2020.
    • A trip for 2 with $22,000 in total sales between C1 – C17 2020.
  • New representatives since C1’2019 who reach President’s Club or higher by end of C17 2020 will qualify for:
    • A trip for 1 when achieving a PRP sales level between C1 – C17 2020.
    • A trip for 2 with $15,000 in total sales between C1 -C17 2020.

What You Earn:

Qualified representatives (old & new), will be able to enjoy from November 9, 2020 to November 14, 2020:

  • Accommodations, food & beverage package and WiFi
  • Super-teched fun on every deck you can explore on the 2 days at sea + 2 days to explore Cozumel Mexico and private island CocoCay Bahamas
  • Next-level adventure & luxury- this will be Odyssey of the Seas second trip out to sea!
  • Select fitness activities & onboard experiences that won’t disappoint
  • Tips & gratuities
  • Roundtrip airfare to Fort Lauderdale if you don’t live in the area!
  • PLUS, top achievers will also receive surprise extra perks & experiences to enhance their trip!

For all the details, incentive guide and to track your progress, login to your AvonNow account.


Tips on Earning Incentives

As a *NEW* representative, it can be very intimidating trying to start & grow your Avon business and focus on these amazing incentives. With previous incentives over the last few years, Avon’s incentives had required representatives to reach both sales AND recruiting goals, including the Kickstart incentive for *NEW* representatives. What I love about the current incentives are that they both have you focusing on one area of your business- SALES. Below, you will find some tips & ideas that will help you so you can earn each of these amazing incentives and most importantly build a solid foundation to your business & set you on the road to success.

Create a Game Plan

When I first started my Avon business I really didn’t have any set goals or even a game plan on what I was going to do to get my business to where I wanted it to be. I knew what I wanted my Avon business to provide me- an income to support my family while still being at home. After running my business for two years, I knew I had to make a change because I was not making the growth I wanted. That’s when I came across a top Avon representative, Theresa Paul’s Youtube video where she goes over how she accomplished her 5 year plan in two years by creating a business plan & setting goals.

Learn how I create my business plan each year at Avon Training: How to Make a Business Plan

Within the first year of creating a business plan, setting goals & tracking my progress, I increased my sales over $25,000, with the majority of it online, earned 2 FREE all inclusive trips and have created a business that I am able to help provide for my family and still be home.

Image result for by failing to prepare

By having a business plan & setting goals, I provided myself basically a road map on what I needed to accomplish to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. Having a road map with tracking systems in place, I was able to see what worked for my business. Knowing what works for you and your business will help you focus your time, energy & resources to activities that will actually produce results.

As a new representative, the results you are going to want to aim for is customer growth and order growth. In doing so, you will be able to create a solid foundation for your business.

For tips on how to create goals, check out Goal Setting Success Tips for 2020.

Get Friends & Family Involved

Your biggest supporters & helpers will most likely be those who care about you the most- so why not utilize them! They can do things such as:

Image result for avon rep friends & family

  • Sharing an Avon brochure with those they know like coworkers, friends, associates, etc.
  • Placing an order with you
  • Hosting an Avon party
  • Raising money for their favorite cause or organization (such as their local church, school or community organization)
  • Referring people they know who love Avon and/or beauty products.

Let them know how their help will help you accomplish your goals and what you want to achieve with your Avon business whether it is to earn extra spending money, saving money for retirement or earning a full time income.

Keep in Touch with Your Mentor

Each representative has a mentor that they can go to for support. As a *NEW* representative, this will probably the one person you talk to the most as you are learning to grow your business.

Let your mentor know what your goals are, what ideas & activities you plan on doing to achieve those goals & don’t be afraid to reach out to him/her when you have a question or a concern. He/She is there to support, guide & celebrate with you as you grow your business & reach your goals. Remember, he/she has been where you are at, so why not get advice from someone who has all ready been there.

Use Avon Tools

As an Avon representative, you have access to amazing online tools through your AvonNow account. There you will find access to FREE online training, customer management tools, ready to print invoices, FREE social media marketing tool and so much more.

On top of all the amazing tools you have access to on your AvonNow account, Avon also provides training & tips through webinars, virtual sales meetings and Facebook page with training & tip videos. Also, beginning in March 2020, Avon will be coming to your local area and have in person training sessions for representatives in your area. (Go to AvonNow, for more details)

Speaking of in person training, you can join thousands of representatives in San Antonio, TX July 31st to August 2 at Avon’s 2020 Convention: Visionaries. There you will be able to enjoy specialized training seminars, recognition & celebration events, be the first to check out & try all the amazing new products that will be launching for Holiday season & beyond and get to know & network with other amazing representatives from across the U.S..

For more information or go to register, go to avonvisionaries.com.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you are a running a business whether you are just starting off or you’ve been doing it for years. Finding an activity that you can do on a daily basis, or even semi daily basis, will help your business consistently grow such as:

Image result for your big break is around the corner quote

  • Talking to X number of *NEW* people a day
  • Leaving an Avon brochures at X number of businesses a day/week
  • Pinning fliers up at X number of brochures a day/week
  • Sharing X number of posts, pins, etc on each of your social media accounts a day/week
  • Create a Facebook group page or business page for customers & recruits to refer to
  • Wear an Avon pin or having an Avon brochure out for everyone to see whenever you leave the house
  • Having Avon brochures on your windshield when you are parked
  • Keeping 2-3 Avon brochures on you such as your purse or even your work desk so you have easy access to in case someone asks you for one.

There are so many things you can do on a daily basis that will help you reach more & more people. The more people you reach out to, the more sales will come your way.

To learn how to creating a campaign routine & tips on how to be consistent, check out Avon Selling Tips: Creating a Campaign Routine.

Follow Up

The biggest & most important thing you can do to create a successful Avon business is by consistently following up. Think about it, how many times have you wanted to order something online or from a magazine and completely forgot all about it. People get busy, things come up.

Image result for avon follow up

Following up will not only help customers remember to place an order with you, but it is also a great way to get to know your customers & show them you care. When following up, ask them how they are doing and see what they think of the products they ordered or the sample(s) you provided them.

Following up is one of my biggest income activities. I know at first I worried about being a “bother” but I’ve come to learn that customers actually appreciate it and it has set me apart from others in the same business.

Stay Motivated

Starting & running a business is not all cupcakes & rainbows. Just like with any other business out there, you will experience highs & lows. The best thing you can do for yourself & your business is to never give up. That is what will set you apart from those who failed.

Image result for avon boss life

If you come across a rough patch, a slow period, a bad point… whatever you want to call it, take that time to reflect to see what you can do to improve. Can you do something differently? Have you really been consistently working your business? Is there something new you can try? If you are not doing your best, then how can you expect your business to be it’s best?

One of my favorites quotes from Thomas Edison is “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” If you are doing your best, don’t give up. Starting an Avon business is not a get rich quick scheme. I look at my business as if it’s a garden. Just like any garden, you have to give it time for it to grow & flourish.


Not an Avon Representative?

Join Avon today with Reference Code: jantunes at startavon.com

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  1. Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society’s breast health programs
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No matter what option you choose, you will receive all the online tools, training & support you will need as you take control of your financial future & start your very own Avon business.

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