Avon True Color Ideal Nude Flawless Liquid Foundation

Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation Product Review

In Spring/Summer 2018, the hottest makeup trend is all about flaunting your natural beauty. Choosing the right foundation is key according to mark by Avon makeup artist, Kelsey Deenihan. “Deenihan suggests going for a medium-coverage formula. It will be just enough to cover redness and imperfections, but won’t make you look overly made up. And it’s even more important to choose a light, breathable formula that won’t feel suffocating on your skin.” (Avon Insider, 2018)

Avon True Color Makeup

Avon True Color makeup collection is all about providing consumers with rich pigmented makeup that is blended into Avon’s high quality makeup formula to give true to its color makeup that lasts all day. With Avon True Color products, the color you see is the color you get with the help of Avon True Color technology.

Avon True Color Way

As of Campaign 5’2017, customer’s favorite lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows & nail enamels have the Avon True Color technology. You will get a natural, flawless look. The rich pigments are blended into Avon’s clear & pure formula for guaranteed color that stays true all day long! The Avon True Color promise gives you fuss-free, fail-proof makeup that looks & performs the way you expect it to.

You can learn all about Avon True Color makeup collection & latest trends of the season at Avon True Color Make-Up Guide.

Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation

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The Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation is a lightweight, breathable makeup that looks & feels like your natural skin thanks to its water based formula. Provides you a light to medium coverage with SPF 20 protection. With its built in oil blotters that help control the oil on your skin, you will enjoy a soft matte finish. The Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation comes in a squeeze bottle that is perfect to take with you wherever you go for touch ups throughout the day. Available in 21 shades from very light (Porcelain Doll) to very dark (Fresh Espresso) ensuring you will find your perfect match.

Looking for a way to have it look like you have no makeup on? Check out these tips from celebrity makeup artist, Kelsey Deenihan, at Avon Insider’s No Makeup Makeup & Tips for a Natural Look

Best For:

Anyone who is looking for a lightweight foundation that will give her skin a more natural look. This is great to use day to day during the hot summer months due to its lightweight water based formula that won’t clog up your pores and the built in oil blotter that will help soak up your skin’s oils.


  • Buildable light to medium coverage
  • Lightweight, breathable makeup
  • Soft matte finish that looks & feels like your natural skin
  • Built in oil blotters that help control your skin’s oil giving you a soft matte finish
  • Squeeze tube that is perfect to take on the go for touch ups & traveling.
  • Available in 20 shades and all have SPF 20 sun protection
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Dermatologist tested


Active Ingredients:

Octinoxate (7.0%)

Inactive Ingredients

Water/EAU, Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Steareth-21, Sorbitan Stearate, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Glyceryl Stearate, Steareth-2, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Xanthan Gum, BHT, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance/Parfum (may contain Iron Oxides), and Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide/CI 77510

How to Purchase:

You can purchase Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation through your local Avon representative or online at www.youravon.com at the regular price of $12.

For complete set of Avon True Color Ideal Nude, add Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer to your makeup routine. Enjoy full coverage with a lightweight formula that leaves a soft, natural finish.


Like with all Avon products, there is a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee with Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation .



Image result for avon true color flawless liquid foundation

Avon does offer a variety of liquid & powder foundations that will meet your desired look. If you are looking for a more full coverage foundation, Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation is what you are looking for. With it’s Invisiblend Technology & oil free formula, your skin will have a natural glowing look with this flawless full coverage liquid foundation!

To learn more about Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation, check out what I have to say at Avon Product Review: Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation

Another great alternative of Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation from Avon is the MagiX Face Perfector. Though it is listed as more of a primer, this can be worn on its own thanks to its patent pending High Definition Finish Complex formula which counteracts shine & visibly improves fine lines & pores. The MagiX Face Perfector gives you a natural, matte finish for up to 7 hours.

For more foundations from Avon & mark by Avon, check out:

For non-Avon foundations, here are In Style’s Erin Lukas’s top 7 foundations that go “from feather-light skin tints to hydrating skincare-makeup hybrids [that] still smooth and even complexions, but do it while making every day feel #MakeupFree. Bonus: They all are packed with SPF protection, just in time for longer, sunnier days.” (Lukas, 2017)

  1. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint $45
  2. Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint SPF 15 $56
  3. MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour $31
  4. MILK Makeup Sunshine Tint SPF 30 $42
  5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint $16.99
  6. La Mer the Reparative Skin Tint SPF 30 $95
  7. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 $68

Click here for the full article, 7 Foundations That Feel Like You’re Wearing No Makeup at All by Erin Lukas.

My Pros:

  • Little goes a long way
  • SPF 20 protection
  • Feels like I’m not wearing anything at all
  • Minimizes my sweat on my face on hot days
  • Helps minimize my skin breaking out in the summer
  • Actually has my shade that matches perfectly (have one of those skin shades that some foundations don’t include)

My Cons:

  • Doesn’t last all day, by afternoon I have to touch up
  • Need to use with primer or pressed powder for all day use
  • Can’t build layers
  • If accidentally apply to much, takes some work to really blend it all out evenly
  • Have to use a sponge to apply (if you don’t have one, definitely need to invest in one for this foundation like I had to)


One of the many benefits of shopping Avon online is that you are able to check out what other customers have to say about a product. Here are what some customers said about Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation:

Tahnia from Virginia: 5/5 Stars

“I wasn’t sure about this foundation when I first tried it, but I continued to use it so see if I would come around, and I did. I love this foundation for the summer. I use it in Medium Beige (NC37 -40 in MAC Studiofix liquid), I use a mattifying primer underneath and then smooth this on with my fingers like I do with moisturizer. The consistency is runny, and I do believe that the best application is with the fingers, but the foundation dries quickly and mattifies upon drying. I top it with the ideal pressed powder in medium beige too, and spritz with a makeup setting spray. Viola! Set for the day. Minimal shine, stays put, and feels very comfortable. Really a perfect light foundation for the summer. The coverage is light to medium. I will apply a second layer to my redder areas, and the coverage will suffice. I LOVE this! Easy Peasy.”

Tracylacy from Philadelphia, PA: 5/5 Stars

“This is the best foundation ever! I’ve tried high end and drug store brands and this is certainly the best. It stays on all day with no shine. I don’t need any powder at all to control shine. There is no shine at all! And it doesn’t transfer on my clothes or leave fingerprints on my paper. It feels like my natural skin and I forget that I have it on. I apply it like lotion and it is so easy to blend. It leaves my skin looking smooth and even toned. I found the perfect color for my skin color and I’ve gotten many compliments since I started wearing this foundation. It is perfect for warm weather and I have no problem wearing this foundation every day. I can’t believe how light it feels on my skin! I got my daughter and coworker to try it and they are now wearing this foundation daily too.”

Sharabear from Tennessee: 1/5 Stars

“I was so excited to try this new foundation! I tested it on my hand first to check the shade, and it seemed to exaggerate the imperfections on it. So I tried again on my wrist, and it took forever to blend it in. Finally I gave it a chance on my face, it was a disaster. It separated on my skin, it exaggerated everything, it condensed on my zits and hair, and it would NOT blend out at all. It was not a winner for me.”

 Swisher’s Mom from Hemlock, MI: 5/5 Stars
“It’s been so hard over the years to find a foundation that works for me, especially since I have very fair skin. But this is great. It goes well with my skin color, it doesn’t dry out or flake, and it covers well. I would definitely buy this again!”
Nova from Gaithersburg, MD: 4/5 Stars
“I use it instead of BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Does not cover like make up but I don’t mind that. It melts into the skin nicely so it looks very natural. Great product if you are looking for light coverage and natural look.”
According to the Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation product page on www.avon.com, 68% of customers who reviewed the product would recommend this product to their friend & the average rating is 3.6 out of 5 stars.

My Final Thought

Image result for avon true color ideal nude liquid foundation

When Avon first released this last year, I decided to give it a try because I was looking for a foundation I could wear in the summertime. As much as I love Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation, which was what I used at the time, I hated the way my skin felt with it on during the hot summer months. Prior to buying the full package I decided to try it out with one of my samples I had. The first day I tried it, my family had a tag sale so I was outside all day and though I wasn’t sweating my butt off, I did notice a big difference on how my skin felt throughout the day. I literally felt like I had nothing on!

I did notice that my normal foundation brush wasn’t the best match for this foundation so when I bought the full size bottle, I also purchased the Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator (it’s a beauty sponge). Boy was I glad I did it because I fell in love with this foundation even more! All summer long I was able to wear this foundation and not feel like I had another layer of skin on top of my face when it got really hot. I don’t know about you but I hate how my skin feels when I am sweating and wearing a thicker foundation. The water based formula definitely made my skin feel even lighter.

Image result for avon true color ideal nude liquid foundation

What I was most impressed was how much my face actually sweat less when I had this foundation on. This not only made my skin feel amazing but it also helped with minimizing my summer break outs. Normally during the summer time my skin breaks out a lot around my hairline. Last summer I noticed a major difference. I do have to say though that, especially on those really hot days, I did have to either touch up or reapply my foundation. This definitely was not a foundation that lasted a whole 8 hour day. I have seen others suggest using a primer or pressed powder foundation during my research of this product review. Though I have used pressed powder foundation with Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation, I haven’t actually looked to see if this really did work in making my foundation last longer.

I have to admit that when I first saw the product I was a little skeptical in how small it was. I was thinking that I was going to have to buy this product often. I was surprised though to see that this small package actually lasted me the whole summer using it almost everyday. I learned really quickly that a little goes a long way and with using my Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator, it was much easier to blend into my skin & cover all of it.

Image result for avon true color ideal nude liquid foundation

Through my own experience I would definitely recommend this product to those who are looking for a lightweight foundation, that provides light to medium coverage. This is a great foundation if you are looking to have a more natural look. I would recommend though if you have a lot of blemishes or are looking to cover up anything, the Ideal Nude Cream Concealer works great with the Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation. I personally use both and love how flawless my skin looks every day without feeling like I have a ton of makeup on.



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