Avon President Recognition Program Celebration 2018-2019

In 2018, Avon’s President’s Recognition Program (PRP) will be celebrating its 50th anniversary! For the past 50 years, representatives who have reached PRP’s sales level’s have enjoyed increased earnings, FREE gifts, invitations & recognition opportunities to Avon sponsored events and more exclusive opportunities & bonuses.

PRP Sales Levels

Within the President’s Recognition Program, there are 6 sales levels representatives can reach based on the total award sales they have reached within the given sales year (Campaign 1 to Campaign 26):

Presidents Recognition Program Sales Levels

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PRP Rewards

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Based on what sales level you reach in the PRP, you can earn:

  • Up to 50% on campaign sales
  • Opportunity to purchase up to 15 products at demo price in the latest representative demo book
  • Reward Headquarter points you can use to redeem towards your choice of over 3,000 items such as dream vacations, electronics, gift certificates to popular restaurants & stores, home appliances and more.
  • President’s Recognition Program Membership Card you can use for exclusive benefits & opportunities at Avon sponsored events such as Avon’s Leadership Kickoff, your local PRP luncheon, President’s Recognition Celebration and Avon RepFest.
  • Recognition at your local PRP Luncheon and President’s Recognition Celebration.
  • Cash bonuses

To learn more about Avon’s President’s Recognition Program and rewards you can enjoy, check out Avon President’s Recognition Program 2017.

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2018 President’s Recognition Program

The President’s Recognition Program Celebration (PRPC) is a “national recognition trip held annually to recognize Avon’s highest achieving Sales and Leadership Representatives.” (New Avon, LLC, 2018) In January 2018, at the Leadership Kickoff, the 2018-2019 President’s Recognition Program Celebration location was announced…

At the 2018-2019 PRPC held April 7, 2019 to April April 11, 2019 at the luxurious Westin Maui Resort & Spa, achievers will be recognized for:

  • Top 20 Pinnacle Awards in Personal Sales, Personal Sales Increase, Team Sales, Team Sales Increase, Personal Recruiting, Personal Leader Development & Team Representative Growth
    • Top 10 of each category will be recognized on stage and #11-20 will be asked to stand at their seat.
    • #1 in each category will also receive a $5,000 cash award (#1 achiever of Personal Sales Increase & Team Sales Increase must have sales increase over previous year to receive cash award)
    • If representative achieves #1 in Personal Sales & Personal Sale Increase, he/she will be awarded an additional $5,000.
    • If representative achieves #1 in Team Sales & Team Sales Increase, he/she will be awarded an additional $5,000.
    • Top 5 in Sales Increase must be 1st time achievers in Honor Society, Rose Circle or David H. McConnell Club.
  • Spirit of Albee Award to each representative who has sold at the President’s Inner Circle Level and is a Bronze Executive Leader & above.
    • Achievers will receive a $1,500 check & crystal award
  • Length of Association Milestone for each representative who has reached their 50th anniversary or above in 2019.
    • Will be recognized onstage with a gift (representatives must be in attendance to receive gift) 
  • Avon Women of Enterprise Award is awarded to a representative who is committed to their community & is a role model as they share the Avon Opportunity.
    • Achiever must be Bronze Executive Leader or above in Advanced Leadership and Honor Society or above in President’s Recognition Program.
    • AWE achievers will be awarded with a certificate, AWE award and pin on stage during the Gala Recognition Dinner.
    • The following morning, there will be an invitation only breakfast for the current & past AWE honorees where they will receive a gift.

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PRPC Eligibility

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Representatives are eligible to attend the 2018-2019 PRPC if at the end of Campaign 26’2018, he/she has achieved:

  • President’s Council
  • President’s Inner Circle
  • Leadership representatives with the title of Bronze Executive Leader & above and also have personal sales level of President’s Club or higher
  • Top 20 in the Nation in one or more of the Avon Pinnacle Award categories who also have personal sales level of President’s Club or higher
  • Top 5 in the Nation in Personal Sales Increase for first time achievers in one of the following PRP Sales levels:
    • Honor Society
    • Rose Circle
    • David H. McConnell Club

If achiever does not attend the event, he/she may receive a cash award of up to $750/Points, which will be provided after the trip date.

For more information on rules & regulations, click here or check on youravon.com

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Bring a Guest Eligibility

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Representatives can bring guest through the buy in process if he/she Bronze Executive Leader with personal sales of President’s Club through David H. McConnell Club. There is an opportunity for you to bring a guest for FREE when you are:

  • Bronze Executive Leader & also in Top 20 in the Nation in Avon Pinnacle Awards or Top 5 in the Nation in Sales Increase
  • President’s Council, President’s Inner Circle, Executive Leader with sales of President’s Council & above, Silver Executive Leader, Gold Executive Leader and Platinum Executive Leader
  • Achievers in Top 20 in Nation in Avon Pinnacle Awards and/or the Top 5 in Personal Sales Increase (at the eligible first time sales level) in more than 1 category.

A FREE guest may attend with achieving representative who has extended the invitation. Can not be another representative who has not earned the trip unless a family member. Coach class round trip airfare from a gateway airport in the U.S. is included. FREE guest must be 18 years or older and room with the achieving representative. Limit to 2 travelers (1 achiever & 1 guest) regardless of number of categories earned. For more information on rules & regulations, click here, or go to youravon.com.

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Tracking Your Progress

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You can track where you stand within the President’s Recognition Program through your personal youravon.com account. You can also check each campaign update, the top representatives in all the categories (Sales Volume, Sales Increase, Team Sales Volume & Team Sales Increase).

  1. Log in to youravon.com personal account
  2. Click on Rewards & Recogntion tab found on top right
  3. Go to left side of the screen & choose “Goal Card”. Here you will be able to see how far you are from the next level & what you need to get there.

If you are looking to see who the top representatives are in the 4 categories, all you have to do is click on Rewards & Recognition tab on youravon.com and scroll down. After Campaign 10’2018, you will begin to track who top representatives in personal & team recognition titles.

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    • Hi Gretchen, I am not sure if they are doing the luncheon’s this year. They are going to be doing a celebration at RepFest. Beginning of the year they announced that this will be the last year for President’s Recognition Program and they will be doing something new next year.


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