May 6, 2018

Over the past 2 weeks, one thing that was a consistent issue I was dealing with those in my life is their perception of what I do on a regular basis. I don’t know what it was but it was really bothering me that, even those close to me, treat me like I sit on my butt all day & do nothing. Personally i don’t remember the last time I had a moment to sit and not have anything to do. So I decided this week to do a day in the life so

  1. Those “haters” can actually see that I am non stop from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed so my ability to stop what I am doing to please them is not always possible and
  2. Those who are in a similar situation, can know they are not alone in being treated like what you do doesn’t make a difference.

So here you go, this is what I did on Monday April 30, 2018:

5:30 A.M. 

Every school day, I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and the first thing I do is make sure my older 4 kids are up and starting to get ready for school. I have established a morning routine for my kids when they were young. Now, my school age children know what they need to do each morning to get ready for school & can do so independently. However, there is always 1 kid that is dragging their feet and needs a fire lit under their ass. For me, I have one that is a consistent turtle moving teen and Mondays are always the worse. So I have to be on top of him making sure he is getting his stuff done so we are able to leave the house by 7:15am.

While my older kids are getting ready for school, I try and get a little work done. I will check my emails, my social media pages & do other small tasks.


7:00 A.M.

Once 7 o’clock hits, my “relaxation” has ended and I know from this point on I will be on the go. At this time I make sure my youngest school child is up & is getting ready for school as I bring his older siblings to school (don’t worry he is not being home left alone. My husband is home sleeping so if my son needs something, my husband is there).

Usually at this time my 18 month old is waking up. So, I quickly get his diaper changed, grab him a juice and then we head out to bring the 4 older kids to school to 3 different schools. Once I am done with this I go back home to grab my last school age child to bring him to school.

8:45 A.M.

Now that the older kids off to school, my youngest and I return home. As he eats his breakfast, I begin my housework. My daily housework list consists of:

  • Kitchen
    • Dishes
    • Pick up breakfast messes from older kids (there’s always something)
    • Sweep
    • Mop floor
  • Living Room
    • Pick up
    • Vacuum rug
    • Mop floor
  • Bathroom
    • Sink wiped down
    • Toilet wiped down
    • Mop floor
  • Dining Room
    • Pick up
    • Mop Floor

Throughout my day I continually work on my never ending pile of laundry. Each day I try to get at least 2 full loads + 1 load of towels done a day. Having a family of 8, laundry has to be done EVERY DAY. If I do not do the minimum one day, I will literally have a mountain of laundry.


10 A.M.

At this time my youngest and I go and wake up my husband so he can get his day started. As he was waking up, we talked catching up on what was going on and I was getting myself and the baby dressed for the day. Once my husband is up & ready to go, he takes over with the baby and I went into the dining room to work.

This Monday, I had a new team member who joined my Avon team over the weekend so I had to follow up with her and set up my follow up tasks are planned so I know when to send her training emails that I send each of my new representatives. Once I was completed with that I began working on my blog and completing my other tasks I had to do for the day.

12 P.M.

While I was working, my husband took the baby to the park so I could have some quiet. When they returned, I made them lunch and we sat down together to eat. Once the baby was done eating, now it is one of my favorite things to do with him, NAP TIME. We get into bed and cuddle up. Within 10-15 minutes he was sleeping. I was thanking God because lately he has been giving me a hard time about naps and not wanting to take the naps. Today I actually fell asleep with him. The night before was a little rough with him waking up and not going back to sleep right away.

1:30 P.M.

Now it’s time to head out & go pick up the older kids from school. Chaos is about to begin. The baby was still sleeping so I left him home with my husband as I once again pick up 5 kids from 4 different schools. I actually enjoy this time with them because I get to hear about their day and what is going on with them.

We normally get home around 3 and at this time my husband is getting ready to head out the door to go to work. He checks in with the kids really quick & then he is off to work until 2-3 in the morning. The rest of the day it’s me and the kids.


3:30 P.M.

Since my husband left for work and I had some work to finish up for the day, I took the baby out to the back yard. He ran around and played as I sat on our deck steps watching him with one eye and working with the other.

When I was finished we went inside and began cooking dinner. When I say we, I mean myself and my 18 month old. He absolutely loves to do EVERYTHING I am doing including cooking. So when I can he is my assistant and when I can’t I will pull out some pots and pans for him and give him some dry noodles to play with. I normally have to cook dinner with an obstacle course and this day was no different.

6:00 P.M.

As much as my kids hate that I make them eat dinner with me, I make sure each day they are at the dinner table eating dinner. As we eat, we each take turns around the table and talk about 1 good thing and 1 bad thing that happened that day. I love doing this with my kids, especially with my teens, because I honestly don’t think I would get anything out of them otherwise. After dinner, each of the kids do their dinner chores. Once everything is done it is homework time. At this time, I am spending time with the baby and helping any of my kids who needs help with homework. Since none of them needed help I decided to do my daily walk with the baby. Once we get back, I hang out with my kids. We either will watch tv together or play a game. It’s usually my younger three that are out and about. My teens are “too cool” for me now.

8:00 P.M.

By this time I am super tired but super excited because it time to wind down and get ready for bed. Which means I am super close to “Me Time”… if I can make it. I gave the baby is bath and got him ready for bed. As I am reading his stories and laying down with him until he falls asleep, my older kids start taking their showers and get ready for bed. Usually by 9 my baby is sleeping and I am now able to chill. My older kids are in their rooms in bed or about to go to bed and I have the living room to myself! Tonight I was happy that I actually had energy to stay up and actually get a lot of work done. This is the time I can either get A LOT of work done or get absolutely nothing done based on what my energy level is. Once I began to feel tired, I saw that it was about 10:30 so I decided to go to bed.

Final Thought…

Now this day was actually a pretty chill day because I didn’t have any appointments or meetings to do. As you can see that I built my work schedule to fit around my kids life. The whole reason why I even became an Avon representative was so I can be home with my kids and have that quality time with them.

I hope this provides you some insight on how busy a stay at home/work at home parent’s life is. You have to always be considerate of others and not judge because until you walk in that person’s shoes, you don’t know.


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