Product Review_ Avon Attraction for Her

Avon Product Review: Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum

Since the start, Avon has always created fragrances for women. Founder, David H. McConnell, actually started the Avon company by selling fragrances for women. As a travelling book salesman, he noticed that his customers (housewives) were more interested in his FREE fragrance samples then the books he was selling. Since then, Avon has continued to offer a variety of fragrances that met their wide range of women customer base.

In 2015, Avon released a new his & hers fragrance designed to draw you closer together. “Constructed with the warmth of that first touch, Avon Attraction for both Him & Her are built around a shared heart – Magnetic Musk Accord – that creates an irresistible trail known to capture the attention of the opposite sex” (Avon, 2015) The fragrance bottles are even designed to fit together!


Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum

Be drawn closer together with the magnetic, woody fruity scent of tempting blackberry, magnetic musk accord and vanilla amber of Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum. Enjoy the seductive scent you can wear day or night, drawing the attention of the opposite sex. Avon Attraction for Her pairs perfectly with Avon Attraction for Him, having you both driving each other crazy all night long.

For a longer lasting scent, layer it on with Avon Attraction for Her Shower Gel and Avon Attraction for Her Body Lotion

Best For:

Any women who is looking for a fragrance that will make her feel sexy & irresistible.


Top Notes: 

  • Pear Nectar
  • Tempting Blackberry
  • Pink Pepper

Mid Notes:

  • Magnetic Musk Accord
  • Black Orchid
  • Night Blooming Jasmine

Base Notes:

  • Addictive Praline
  • Vanilla Amber
  • Rockrose


  • SD Alcohol 40-B
  • Water/EAU
  • Fragrance/Parfum
  • Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate

How to Purchase

You can purchase Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum, Shower Gel and Body Lotion through your local Avon representative or online at www.youravon.com at the regular price of $30.


Like with all Avon products, there is a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee with Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum.



Avon has a wide variety of fragrances that will meet your personality and scents you love. With the help of Avon’s Fragrance Finder shown below, you can find the perfect fragrance for you:

Fragrance Finder for Her

If you are looking for a fragrance you can match up with your significant other, Avon also offers Avon Luck for Him and Avon Luck for Her. Avon Luck for Him is a luxurious, indulgent fragrance that lasts all day with notes of aromatic fresh Mandarin and cool spices that blend effortlessly with intoxicating woods for a uniquely modern scent that exudes cool and confidence. Avon Luck for Her is a luxurious fragrance that instantly seduces with its dazzling notes of sparkling citrus and luscious red berries that are blended with creamy white florals and warm sandalwood. Just like with Avon Attraction collection, you can complete the collection with Shower Gel & Body Lotion for Her and Hair & Body Wash and After Shave Conditioner for Him.

To learn more fragrances for her and what Avon has available for purchase, check out my blog Avon Fragrances for Her


My Pros

  • Works with my husbands favorite fragrance Avon Attraction for Him (*wink, wink*)
  • Affordable
  • Musk scent is not overpowering (not a big musk fan)
  • ALWAYS receive compliments
  • Long lasting (received compliments well into the day after applying it in the morning)

My Cons

  • Bottle stopped working (though it was after it being in my purse & got slammed around a bit making the top not spray correctly)


One of the many benefits of shopping Avon online is that you are able to check out what other customers have to say about a product. Here are what some customers said about Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum:

Lindasim3 from Chula Vista: 5/5 Stars

“I just love how Attraction for Her smells on me. It makes me feel good and I’m always getting compliments about how my fragrance smells. Using the Shower Gel and Body Lotion allows the fragrance to last throughout the evening.”

Algomadogs from Callaway, VA: 3/5 Stars

“Smells good but it sometimes won’t spray out… I gave up on it and bought another one and like I said sometimes it will spray and sometimes it won’t ant that is too expensive to get stuck with”

Joanna from Dallas, TX: 5/5 Stars

“I use this product for Daily use. I get compliments of how great the smell is. Everyone thinks that its a High named brand, they get shocked when I tell them that I buy it from Avon!!”

Jackielach48 from Providence, RI: 5/5 Stars

“Another nice scent by Avon that is very affordable. There are many different scents coming together that make it quite interesting. Very nice balance with a very subtle smell. Not overpowering at all and can be used for many different outings, day and/or night. Love the vanilla amber and praline in the base notes. The rockrose gives it the bit of headiness to make it a lovely oriental. A keeper in your perfume cupboard!”

Kris from Eau Claire, WI: 5/5 Stars

“This perfume has a light spice smell to it and the smell isn’t something that you get overwhelmed from. The smell lasts all day and I get a lot of compliments from it. The only con is it is a bit pricey for me but I just wait until it goes on sale.”

According to the Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum product page on www.avon.com, 86% of customers who reviewed the product would recommend this product to their friend & the average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

My Final Thought:

I had discovered this fragrance shortly after I became an Avon representative with a special preview program Avon use to offer to their representatives. When my husband and I first tried the fragrance, ( he tried Attraction for Him and I tried Avon Attraction for Her) and we both fell in love it. We loved that they worked together to draw us closer (not like we really needed it though- hello parents of 6 kids lol).

I love how confident and beautiful I feel when I wear this fragrance. No matter if I wear it during the day or at night, it is a guarantee that I will receive multiple compliments on how great I smell when I wear Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum. I am not a big fan of the “musk” scent, but with this fragrance, you really can’t tell that their is a musk note in there with it being perfectly blended with all the fruity notes that just bring out the little seductress you are!

The only issue I have ever had with Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum was that the fragrance would not spray all the time. I would rinse the spray part and it would start working again. Being a busy mom, though it has gotten me annoyed so I would end up doing the old fashion way of dabbing it on my wrists & neck. Hey, when there is a will there is a way.

I would highly recommend this fragrance, especially to women who are looking for a fragrance to wear on date night. When you wear this fragrance, you definitely will become the little seductress who will attract the opposite sex!




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