Favorite Mommy Me Time Ideas

AvonMom’s 10 Favorite Mommy Me Time

The most rewarding & the most challenging aspect of my life is being a mom. Every day is a new adventure filled with moments of joy, laughter, hugs, tantrums, fighting & screaming. Would I have it any other way? NO. Are there days that I just want to scream & lock myself in the bathroom? YES. It is no joke with the amount of responsibilities a mom has in her home whether you are a stay at home mom, work at home mom or work out of home mom. Each one of us has A LOT on our plates & it is not only our right but our responsibility to make sure we take some time for ourselves.

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AvonMom’s Top 10 Favorite Mommy Me Time Activities

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1. Turn Up the Music & dance or sing your heart out. If you really need to let it out- DO BOTH! I have to thank my mom for this idea because she is the one who taught me how to use music to release your daily stress through dancing & singing. THANKS MOM!

2. Take a reeeeealllly long shower! Most days I’m lucky if I get 2 minutes to shower with no interruptions. The other day my older kids were in school & my husband took our little one to the store. What did I do? I took a 15 minute shower where I took my time & actually enjoyed the hot water run down my body. I actually had time to shave! I know- it’s a miracle. Another idea like this is bubble baths. I’m not one to take baths but if you are go for it! 

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3. Take a Nap and catch up on those ZZZ’s. An overtired mommy is a cranky mommy and we all know when mommy is cranky, everyone is cranky.

4. Escape into a Book from your Favorite Author. I know I can completely lose myself in a good mystery.

5. Netflix binge your favorite TV shows. Once the kids are in bed & the house is quiet, this is my go to activity. Even if I only get through one episode before I fall asleep, I am able to just enjoy relaxing with no interruptions.

6. Have a Glass of Wine in Your Backyard. I am not someone that drinks a lot, even wine. In our new home, when it’s a beautiful night out & I’ve had one hell of a day filled with non stop screaming, fighting & messes, I will go into my backyard with a glass of wine and just stare at the stars.

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7. Take Up a Hobby such as photography, gardening & scrapbooking. I love to write so I am very excited to start my new blog series beginning January 15, 2018 where I am going to be writing about my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur- being a woman. For more ideas, check out 10 Great Hobbies for Busy Moms

8. Take your time at the store when you don’t have the kids. There are a few times I can go to the store without any kids so when I do, I take my time and enjoy the quiet. It’s amazing how much money I save & walk out of the store with just what we need when you don’ have to deal with “I want this. I want that” whining.

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Image from Wannabe Balanced Mom

9. Hang Out with Friends at home or out at your favorite spots & enjoy good food, good laughter, good company & much needed venting time.

10. Get a pedicure & pamper yourself. Sometimes there are moments in the year when I just want to pamper myself with a relaxing pedicure. If I have been stressing big time I will go the extra mile & get the manicure too! Hey, us moms deserve to feel spoiled too!

For more ideas on what to do during your me time, check out these:

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What Do You Love to Do for Your Mommy “Me Time”?

Comment below your favorite Mommy Me Time activities.

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