Avon Facebook Party with Jen Antunes

With the hustle & bustle of everyday life, getting a group of your close friends & family together can be rough outside of a special occasion. One of the many benefits of Facebook is being able to still stay in contact.

For those who are in direct sales or any business really, Facebook has become a way to reach out to new customers to let them know about their business. One way direct sales consultants, like Avon & Lularoe, take advantage of Facebook is by offering to their customers an opportunity to do a party on Facebook rather than the traditional home party.

What is an Avon Facebook Party?


A Facebook Party is a way for a customer to be rewarded for sharing their love of Avon to their friends & family on a Facebook Event Page created by an Avon representative. During the allotted party time, guests would have the opportunity to play games, participate in raffles, earn prizes, learn about what Avon offers and place an order at the representative’s e-Store.

What is Hosting?

Hosting an Avon Facebook party is much simpler then being a host to parties like our moms & grandmothers did growing up. The main priority to being a host to a Facebook party is to invite your friends on Facebook & have them click “Going” or “Interested”. By doing this, they will automatically get updates whenever you or I post on the event page so they can participate in party games, take advantage of raffles & giveaways, learn about Avon & my business, see the current specials so they can save money & know how to place an order.

When scheduling your Facebook party, you would have the choice of:

  • Date & Time
  • Length of the Party (2 hours to 1 week)
  • Theme of the Party (Make-up Mayhem, Girls Night In, A New You With Anew, Holiday Party, etc.)

Once you have scheduled your party, you will be provided with a party kit that contains a short checklist of things to do to ensure a successful party & “chunky” brochure packets to give to those who will not be able to attend the party (like grandma who doesn’t have internet or a friend who has to work during your party time).

Host Rewards

For being a host of an Avon Facebook Party with me, you will receive a discount off your party order based on the total orders placed from your guests.

Party Order Total

Host Discount (%) Discount Received ($)
$0 – $149.99 20%

$0 – $30

$150 – $299.99

25% $37.50 – $75
$300 – $499.99 30%

$90 – $150




What to Expect with Your Avon Facebook Party

When it’s time for your party, I follow a simple routine of posts to help keep your guests participating on your party event page and help you receive the best discount with posts that will inform them about my business, offer them ways to save money with their party order and have fun along the way with games and raffles.

  • 1 Week Prior to Your Party: I will post a variety of information to inform your guests about Avon such as the 100% Money Back Guarantee,  blogs from my website Journey of an Avon Mom for your guests to learn about Avon products & my business, a link to my e-Store so they can start adding items to their shopping cart& more. By the time your party starts, your guests will know what to expect at your party & how to help you earn your host rewards.
  • 1-2 Hours Prior to Your Party: I will post a short video to welcome your guests & introduce myself as the Avon representative working the party.roll-call-how-do-you-know-our-hostess
  • Start of the Party: I will welcome everyone to your party once your party has started with a roll call post. Shortly after I will also add information on party specials, how they can earn points for a FREE Gift (kind of like a door prize) & instructions on how to place an order at anytime during the party.
  • Product Highlights: I will highlight a few Avon products based on the theme you choose &/or products you requested. Avon offers a variety of products & are adding new products all the time. This will help your guests see some of the best selling products that they may be interested in & learn how they can save money if they decide to purchase any of the items.
  • Giveaways/Raffles: You & your guests will be able to enjoy giveaways & raffles by completing various activities. Here are some examples of Giveaways & Raffles I offer:
    • Raffle for first XX who R.S.V.P. (This is posted prior to your party & one of your guests will be a lucky winner before the party even starts!)
    • Free Gift with 1st order placed or next order placed.
    • Be the first to XXX, receive a XXX.
  • Games: Through out the party, you & your guests can participate in party games & have a chance to win free products, discounts & more. Examples of some games I offer are:
    •  Eye, Lip Liner: Guests will comment on this post eye or lip until I comment liner. The last guest to comment eye or lip will receive a prize.
    • Simon Says: I will post a variety of slides through out the party for you & your guests to complete. The person or persons who complete the most slides will receive a prize.
    • Tic Tac Toe: Each time you or a guest complete 3 boxes in a row, he/she will be able to choose a secret prize box. If they complete all the boxes, he/she will receive a special gift.
  • Placing an Order: At anytime during the party, you & your guests will be able to shop at my e-Store at www.youravon.com/jantunes. There is FREE SHIPPING on all $40+ orders. Your guests can also enjoy other discounts & FREE SHIPPING offers by checking out my blog Avon Online Coupon Codes.

Benefits of  a Facebook Party

Image result for facebook party

As the host:

  • It’s FREE to do. All you have to do is invite your friends on Facebook.
  • The rewards of FREE products and a discount on your party order.
  • You can party in your pajamas.
  • No need to clean your home.
  • Won’t need to hire a sitter to hang out with your friends.
  • It’s a fun, interactive way to catch up with friends across the country.
  • You & your guests can have fun wherever you have Facebook.
  • Helping your friends save money & get connected with your favorite Avon Representative/Direct Seller.
  • Shop Online & enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all $40+ orders

As the Avon Representative/Direct Seller:

  • It’s free to create an event page.
  • A great opportunity to share your business with more people you may not have reached otherwise.
  • A fun way to increase your online sales & team.
  • You are able to help your customer save money with host rewards.
  • You don’t need to hire a sitter. You can work at home, in your pajamas.
  • Giving you another choice & avenue to grow your business.
  • This will keep you be competitive with other representatives/direct sellers.
  • Don’t have a host? You can do a mystery host Facebook party or Launch Party & have your guests have a chance to win the host rewards just for participating at your party!

As you can see, a Facebook Party is not only the latest trend, but is a great way to get all of your friends together to have fun without interfering with your daily life.

Scheduling a Facebook Party

If you would like to schedule a Facebook Party with Jen Antunes, you can email her at avonantunes@gmail.com or message her on Facebook Messenger at Avon with Jen Antunes.


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