Why You Want to Say Yes to Avon: Buy or Sell Avon

In 2016, Avon celebrated it’s 130 year anniversary. It is one of the first companies to not only provide quality products for women, but also give them an opportunity to gain financial independence.

David H. McConnell, founder of Avon, originally was a traveling book salesman who used sample fragrances as an incentive to purchase his books. He quickly realized that the women, his main customer base, were more interested in the FREE fragrance samples then the books he was selling. So in a small New York City office, McConnell created the company’s first fragrances. “Since women had a passion for his products and loved networking with other women, McConnell was inspired to recruit them as Sales Representatives” (Avon Products, Inc, 2016). In doing so, McConnell provided women an opportunity to earn money independently in a time that jobs for women were scarce, especially women who were married & had children.

McConnell created a set of guiding principles that are still used today (Avon Products, Inc, 2016):

  • Providing an earnings opportunity so individuals can achieve financial independence and enjoy all that comes with such an accomplishment.
  • Recognizing everyone’s unique contributions.
  • Giving back to the communities Avon serves.
  • Offering the highest-quality products with a guarantee of satisfaction.
  • Maintaining and cherishing the “friendly spirit of Avon.”

McConnell was a strong believer in that each person’s own success is dependent on that person’s own hard work & dedication regardless of the external circumstances:

If we stop and look over the past and then into the future, we can see that the possibilities are growing greater and greater every day; that we have scarcely begun to reach the proper results from the field we have before us.”  David H. McConnell, Avon’s Founder (Avon Products, Inc, 2016)

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Why I Said Yes to Selling Avon

Image result for work at home avon

In August of 2015, I was looking for a way to earn money & be able to do this around my family’s schedule. At that time I had 4 boys in school who were all active in extra curricular activities. I did the whole work full time outside the home for 3 years & as much as I loved the financial independence, I hated the guilt I felt when I would have to miss one of my kids events/activities & how tired/worn out I felt having to be on the go from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed.

So, when I came across an ad from a local mom about businesses that you can do at home, I had to check out to see if this would be something worthy of my time. Once I contacted her, she gave me a list of a variety of direct selling businesses that I could do at home. I couldn’t believe that there were so many & what was even more surprising was the variety of businesses there were. Not really have any experience in direct selling or any type of sales other then being a cashier, the long list did make it hard to choose from. So, I went with what I felt comfortable with, the one I all ready knew- AVON.

At my meeting, I met with my new friend & her leader to learn more about the Avon Opportunity. I learned about:

  • Avon products– how they offer more then just makeup & skin care.

  • 2 Ways to Sell– in person or online.
  • 2 Ways to Earn– sell to your customers &/or grow a team of Avon Representatives.
  • Incentives–  how there are a variety of rewards an Avon Representative can earn through Avon or their team leaders. Incentives which ranged from free Avon products to trips to Mexico or Las Vegas. You can check out the current incentives at Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon
  • Support– the knowledge in knowing I am not in this alone. I can receive help from Avon Customer Service, team leaders & even other Avon Representatives.
  • Start Up Cost– for just $15 I was able to start my own Avon business & receive the New Representative Starter Kit which, at that time, included 2 full size products, 2 packs of different samples, brochures for next 2 campaigns & a promotional offer to give to my new potential customers.

I made a quick decision & joined Avon right on the spot. I have always been one that has to “sleep on it” when it comes to decisions like this but once I walked away from the meeting, as nervous as I was, my excitement of all the possibilities this opportunity could give me, I knew that I made the right choice not only for myself, but for my family as well.

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Why You Will Want to Say Yes to Buying Avon with Jen Antunes?

In recent years, Avon has updated their product line & now offer a wide variety of products that will not only help you look & feel your best with makeupskin care & fashion, but your home as well.  You will still find their most popular lines like Skin So Soft, Anew & Avon Senses . You will even find products for men! There is literally something for everyone when you shop Avon.

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Buying Avon with Jen Antunes


I know how it is important to feel confident in yourself. Being a busy mom of 6 kids, I understand the need to provide easy to use, quality products that will have my customers look & feel their best every day. I strive to provide the best customer service to help my customers get the best Avon experience with services like:

  • Direct home delivery services with FREE SHIPPING on any $40+ order.
  • Opportunities to save money on your favorite Avon purchases
  • FREE consultations so you know the products you purchase are the best products for you
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Customer exclusives and discounts

Beginning January 2020, enjoy exclusive pricing & offers for shopping Avon with Jen Antunes at youravon.com/jantunes.

Every two weeks enjoy new campaign sales, promotions and products in the current Avon brochure or online at www.youravon.com/jantunes.

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Learn all the benefits you can enjoy shopping Avon online at Benefits of Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes Online

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How to Receive Your Avon Order:

One of the many benefits of shopping Avon is that your order will be delivered right to your door. With your $40+ online order, you can enjoy having it shipped to you for FREE.

For current FREE SHIPPING coupon codes, check out Avon Online Coupon Codes

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Why Sell Avon?

Avon offers an opportunity that meets a variety of people’s needs & wants as a business person or personal shopper. Whether you are looking to earn cash each month to help pay for the extras, need to earn a full time income with a flexible schedule at home or wanting to save money on your Avon purchases, as an Avon representative, you can accomplish all of these goals & more.



  • Have a FREE online Store for customers to shop anywhere in the U.S.
  • Get a FREE AvonNow (online office) account to help you run your business as well as access to business tools, sales guides & more. Check out Avon Selling Tips: Using Web Office for Online Business to learn more. 
  • Receive FREE online training with Avon U.
  • Be able to purchase Avon products at a discounted price based on your order size as well as through Avon’s representative’s demo book, Avon What’s New, for demo prices on new & popular products.
  • Have access to low cost samples, brochures & business tools to help you provide the best customer service to your customers.
  • No Sales Quota need to be met
  • No Inventory or Home Party Requirements Image result for avon blab incentive
  • Receive support & guidance from your mentor & team as well as be a part of an amazing Avon sisterhood where we all support one another.
  • Receive recognition, bonuses, trips & more with Avon Advanced Leadership Program, Avon’s President’s Recognition Program & Avon’s incentives. Check out Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon to learn more.
  • Work your business part time or full time– whatever works for you!
  • Be Your Own Boss & decide how you want to run your business. Learn more at Sell Avon Online: Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Help others feel good about themselves by providing them quality products & an opportunity for them to empower themselves
  • Receive discounts on your groceries, office supplies, insurance, travel expenses, restaurants & more with Avon Perks.

There is so many more benefits of being an Avon representative but these are the ones representatives enjoy the most!

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Earning Money with Avon

As an Avon representative, there are 3 avenues you can earn money:

  1. Personal Sales with those in your local area
  2. Online Sales with anyone in the U.S. who shops your online store
  3. Team Sales with sharing the Avon opportunity & helping others start their own Avon business.

Avon Kickstart Incentive Program for New Representatives

Currently Avon has an incentive program to help new representatives start their business & create a solid foundation to a successful business with the Kickstart Incentive Program.

As a New Representative, with the Kickstart Incentive Program, you can earn over $1000 within your first 90 days by:

Kickstart Earnings Chart

  1. Meeting each campaign’s sales goal to earn 40% on ALL orders (face to face, fixed items & online orders).
  2. Receive a $50 bonus for each new recruit who joins your Avon team & places a $150+ order by their 2nd campaign.
  3. Receive a $200 bonus check when you meet all 7 sales goals & recruit 3 new representatives who place a $150+ order by their 2nd campaign.

You can learn all about Avon Kickstart incentive program & how it will help you build a solid foundation when you check out Avon Kickstart Program for New Representatives: FAQ’S and Sell Avon Online: Kickstart for New Representatives Tips

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Selling Avon

Once you have completed the Kickstart incentive or for some reason did not meet a campaign’s sales goal in your first 7 campaigns, your earnings will be based on the regular Avon earning’s chart:

2017 earnings chart sales

At the end of each campaign, Avon will total up your Award Sales (Campaign Sales) from your online sales & the orders you submitted through your personal Avon account. Based on what your total campaign sales equal, Avon will determine what you earn on the core items sold (makeup, skincarebath & body, fragrances and jewelry & watches) online & in person. All home & fashion products are a fixed item & automatically be 20% earnings for non PRP representatives.

To learn more about how you can earn money with Avon, click here

Once you have sold $10,000 in Award Sales in a given sales period, you will begin to earn at the President’s Recognition Program’s President’s Club level. What does that mean? The rest of the current sales year & all of the following sales year, you will:

Don’t stop there. The more you sell each year the higher you move up in the President’s Recognition Program which means more earnings & benefits for you to earn!

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Sharing Avon Opportunity

One of the many benefits of being an Avon representative is the sense of community you get with other representatives, whether they are in your local area or across the country. One way that Avon encourages the Avon Sisterhood & to help those who take the time to mentor other representatives is through the Avon Advanced Leadership program.

The Avon Advanced Leadership program is another way for representatives to increase their earnings. The higher you move up in leadership, the more earnings & bonuses you will receive each campaign.

Leadership Team Sales Earnings Chart

  G 1 G 2 G 3
Promoter 3%
Star Promoter 3%
Bronze Ambassador 3% 3%
Silver Ambassador 4% 3%
Gold Ambassador 5% 3% 2%
Bronze Leader 6.5% 3% 2%
Silver Leader 7.5% 3% 2%
Gold Leader 8% 3% 2%
Bronze Executive Leader 8% 3% 2%
Silver Executive Leader 8% 3% 2%
Gold Executive Leader 8% 3%


Platinum Executive Leader 8% 3%


Here is a list of more earnings you can earn with Avon Advanced Leadership:

  • Each time you recruit (add) a new representative to your team & they place a $150+ 1st or 2nd order you will receive a $20 bonus (remember those who are in their first 7 campaigns receive $50 bonuses due to the Kickstart incentive program).
  • Each time a representative you added to your team since Campaign 4’2017 places an order you will earn a 3% Sponsoring Bonus every 2 weeks.
  • Each time you move up a level in leadership for the first time, starting with Bronze Ambassador level, you will receive a Promotion Bonus starting at $500.
  • Each time a representative you added to your team earns the Promotion Bonus, you will receive a Mentor Bonus starting at $250. (you must be at the same level or higher as the promoting representative to receive Mentor Bonus).
  • Beginning at Silver Leader, you will receive a Leader Bonus for representatives in your downline that are Bronze Leader and above.
  • Receive a Lifestyle Bonus when you meet Executive Leader titles in a given campaign starting at $250.

To be a successful mentor & leader in Avon Advanced Leadership program, you should continually add new representatives to your team & mentor them so they too can create a successful business. It is all about sharing your love of Avon & your experience as an Avon representative. When you are energetic, positive & encouraging to those on your Avon team, your downline will be energetic, positive & encouraging.

For more information on Avon’s earnings opportunities, check out  Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon

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Become an Avon Super Seller for $30 by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

Receive a FREE gift when you sign up as a representative + receive brochures & all the online tools you will need to start & grow your very own Avon business.

Be your best with the best join avon now banner

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Sell Avon Online

You can also find Avon with Jen Antunes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.

How Can I Help You?

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