Summer Body Care with Avon Senses

One of my favorite body care collections has always been Avon Senses. Formerly known as Avon Naturals, I was using products this collection even prior to becoming an Avon independent sales representative in 2015.

Learn more about my experience with Avon Senses, by checking out Avon Product Review: Senses Shower Gels

Summer Body Care Tips

Though I use Avon Senses products all year round, I especially love using them during the hot summer months with their lightweight formulas and floral & fruity scents. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect body care routine that will keep your skin healthy & smelling good all summer long.

  • Use shower gel or body wash when you shower so not to dry out your skin like a bar of soap would do.
  • If you have sensitive skin, choose an unscented or hypoallergenic shower gel/body wash so not to irritate your skin.
  • For the best lather, apply shower gel/body wash onto a wash cloth, shower pouf or loofah
  • Scrub your body with minimal pressure from top to bottom and thoroughly rinse with clear, warm water.
  • Exfoliate (body & hands) on a regular basis to help remove top layer of dead skin cells.
  • Make sure to clean your under arms & legs prior to shaving.
  • Taking a bath at night can help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer. Click here for tips on how to have a relaxing bubble bath.
  • Bubble baths will give you smoother, softer skin.
  • For some, taking bubble baths can help reduce body odor.
  • When getting out of shower or bubble bath, pat dry your skin
  • Choose a body lotion that best meets your skin type needs:
    • Dry Skin: A thick creamy moisturizer with healing ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil which help maintain your moisture barrier.
    • Normal Skin: Though you have a low maintenance skin, it is still important to moisturize your skin with a lotion that has ingredients like Vitamin C & E to help manage damaged skin & keep your skin hydrated.
    • Oily Skin: Even those with oily skin need to moisturize your skin. Using an oil-free, lightweight body lotion will keep your skin soft.
    • Combination Skin: An oil free, lightweight body lotion are best due to the fact that heavy creams or water based gels are too heavy or drying to the combination areas of your skin.
    • Sensitive Skin: You want body lotions that have soothing ingredients & do not contain any chemicals, dyes or perfumes as it will irritate your skin.
  • Apply your body lotion evenly on warm, moist skin starting with a coin size dollop on one body part at a time going bottom up.
  • Body sprays are best when sprayed on your body directly, especially on your pulse points like the bottom of your neck, behind your knee, behind the ear & inside your elbow.
  • To help prolong your favorite body mist scent, use matching scented body care products (shower gel, body lotion, etc)
  • Use moisturizing hand soap with lukewarm or cold water and then pat dry.
  • Apply lightweight hand cream after you clean your hands (with a hand soap or a hand sanitizer) as well as the end of the day doing a 5 minute massage.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on hydrated/moisturized skin to help minimize signs of aging and/or sun damage (even your hands)

For more body care tips, check out my blogs Avon Foot Works Foot Care Guide and Body Care with Skin So Soft.

Avon Senses Body Care

The Avon Senses is a body care collection designed to help you stay clean & refreshed from head to toe with floral/fruity scented formulas. In summer 2020, Avon launched 3 *NEW* and improved collection scents which had a more modern design with formulas that featured fresh, luxurious scents designed to transform your bath routine into a whole new pampering experience so you can your “me-time” like you deserve! With Avon Senses body care products, you can now layer your favorite scents in Shower Gels, Bubble Baths, Body Lotions and Body Mists as well as the *NEW* Hand Soaps and *NEW* Hand Creams.

Avon Senses Products

Cozy Vanilla & Coconut

Blushing Cherry Blossom: You’ll feel flirty and feminine with the alluring fragrance of blushing cherry blossoms accented by dewy apples and sweet red berries. Available in Shower Gel and Bubble Bath

Cozy Vanilla & Coconut: Surround yourself in a cloud of cozy vanilla, creamy coconut and comforting chamomile. Available in *NEW* Body Scub, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Mist, Hand Soap and Hand Cream.

Fresh Cucumber & Melon Hydrating: Enjoy a fresh feeling with the fragrance of crisp cucumber and juicy melon accented with lush violet leaf. Available in Shower Gel, Bubble Bath and Hand Soap.

Endless Ocean: Relax as frothy bubbles gently wash over you with the uplifting, fresh scent of an ocean breeze touched by juicy mandarin and sun-drenched driftwood. This bubble bath indulgence leaves you feeling revitalized and delicately scented. Available in Bubble Bath.

Fresh Bergamot & Wild Mint: Welcome the day with a vibrant bouquet featuring wild mint, bright notes of bergamot and solar musk. Available in Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Mist, Hand Soap and Hand Cream.

Gratitude Lavender & Cedarwood

*NEW* Gratitude Lavender & Cedarwood: Create a relaxing & calming scent experience with notes of soothing lavender and aromatic cedarwood. Available in Bath Salts, Shower Steamers, Candle, Air Diffuser and Room Spray

Juicy Pomegranate & Mango: A luscious fruit fragrance entices you with notes of juicy, sweet pomegranate and mango highlighted by white woods. Available in Shower Gel.

Lavender Garden: Bring the spa treatment home & soak yourself in bliss and soothe your senses with the fresh aromas of lavender and chamomile. Available in Bubble Bath.

Lily & Honeysuckle Blossom: A fresh, sunny scent of white lily, sweet honeysuckle blossom and blonde woods. Available in Bubble Bath.

Orange & Honeysuckle: Welcome the joyful promise of spring with this sunny, citrus fragrance of juicy Valencia oranges complemented by the sweet, floral scent of honeysuckle. Available in Bubble Bath.

Sensitive Skin: Now everyone with tender skin can take the spa home with a new formula designed to form a gentle bath and soften the water to reduce irritation, redness, and rashes unlike other products. Available in Bubble Bath

Shower Gels

Silky Vanilla: Snuggle up with the comforting fragrance of silky vanilla, brown sugar crystals and a delicate sheer woods background. Available in Shower Gel and Hand Soap

Soft Pink: Just for you, a classic favorite with it’s romantic scented soft pink flowers, rose, lilac, lavender and jasmine, plus a kiss of warm vanilla. Available in Bubble Bath.

Sparkling Grapefruit & Orange Blossom: Indulge in a juicy mix of sparkling grapefruit, energizing orange blossom, delicate honeysuckle and luscious peach. Available in Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Mist, Hand Soap and Hand Cream.

Vanilla Cream: Indulge yourself with the long lasting, decadent fragrance of natural Madagascar vanilla blended elegantly with notes of musk and  balsamwood. Available in Bubble Bath.

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