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Isa Knox LXNew Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser Product Review

Since 1990’s, Avon has been ahead of the game with top of the line skincare formulas being the first to utilize AHA in Anew skincare collection. For 25 years, customers found staples in their skincare routine for healthy, younger looking skin.

Learn more about Anew skincare by checking out Taking Care of Your Skin with Anew

Over the last few years, being apart of the LG family now, Avon has worked to improve & update their top selling skincare products as well as adding new formulas & products through the Isa Knox Anew LX collection. One area that was missing from Avon’s skincare product line overall was cleansers… Then enters Isa Knox Anew LX Clean collection.

Isa Knox LXNew Clean Cleansers

The Isa Knox LXNew Clean is an innovative collection of customized cleansers with skin-nourishing ingredients formulated for your skin type that is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes and mineral oil. The collection includes 4 cleansers:

Isa Knox Anew LX Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Time to come clean. Wash up with a luxurious cream cleanser infused with panthenol and soothing rosemary and soapwort extracts. The nourishing formula gently removes makeup and impurities while restoring moisture for a soft, smooth and healthy look.

Best For:

Anyone with dry, normal or combination skin types.


  • Lightweight cream cleanser
  • Formulated with panthenol (Vitamin B5) which is known to restore moisture & restore function of your skin barrier
  • Contains soothing rosemary and soapwort extracts
  • Removes makeup and impurities while restoring moisture
  • Leaves complexion feeling refreshed and hydrated
  • Free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes and mineral oil
  • Made in Korea


Hydrogenated polydecene water/eau butylene glycol triethylhexanoin glycerin glyceryl stearate 1;2-hexanediol polysorbate 60 cetearyl alcohol PEG-100 stearate sorbitan stearate dimethicone stearic acid carbomer tromethamine trisodium EDTA panthenol methylpropanediol rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract saponaria officinalis leaf extract sapindus mukorossi fruit extract benincasa cerifera seed extract acorus calamus root extract vetiveria zizanoides root oil pelargonium graveolens flower oil

How to Purchase

You can purchase Isa Knox LXNew Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser online for $12 each or shop through an Avon representative & enjoy customer exclusive pricing of $9.99 each along with other benefits such as FREE SHIPPING with your $60+ order, exclusive offers & more.

When shopping with Avon, you can shop with confidence with the backing of their 100% Money Back Guarantee within 45 days from your order bill date.


To learn more about Avon’s guarantee, click here or speak to your local Avon representative for their return policy on representative delivery orders.


As I’ve stated, Avon has created an amazing skincare product line and now being apart of the LG family, customers can now shop from other well known brands such as belif. This is a very popular brand among many customers with it also being sold at Sephora & Ulta. Customers love the belif‘s hydrating formulas that combine time trusted apothecary herbal traditions with modern Korean skin science. The brand promises to deliver the highest quality ingredients, consistent formulas (no matter where you buy them)… honest, simplicity & transparency are the values belif stands by. Being a brand that is all about hydrating the skin each step of the skincare routine, I would have to agree that their Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser is a great alternative. It’s a jelly to foam cleanser formulated with amino acids & glycerin-based cleansing agents to gently remove makeup & impurities without stripping your skin or your skin’s moisture.

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Now if you are looking for a hydrating cream cleanser & also is affordable, I have to go with Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser. This too is a very popular hydrating cleanser that is easily accessible through your local drugstores, Walmart, Target and Ulta. Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser is a gentle face wash formulated with ceramides & hyaluronic acid that is designed to cleanse & refresh your skin without stripping your skin’s barrier.

If you are looking more on the name brand/high end, according to The Skincare Edit (Villett, 2022), here are the 16 best cream cleansers of 2022:

  • Best Overall: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
  • Best Budget: The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser
  • Best Hydrating: Blume Daydreamer Face Wash & Naturally Serious Major Moisture Gentle Cream Cleanser
  • Best Exfoliating: Tatcha The Rice Wash
  • Best for Sensitive Skin: Tata Harper Softening Cleanser
  • Best for Acne-Prone Skin: Versed Keep the Peace Acne-Calming Cream Cleanser
  • Best for Normal Skin: Kinship Naked Papaya Gentle Enzyme Face Cleanser
  • Best for Dry Skin: Pai Middlemist Seven Camellia & Rose Gentle Cream Cleanser
  • Best for Post-Procedure Skin: SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser
  • Best Clean Beauty: Peet Rivko Gentle Cleanser
  • Best Splurge: Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser
  • Best for Sensitive Skin: Arcona Four O’Clock Flower Gentle Cleansing Cream and MV Skintherapy Gentle Cream Cleanser
  • Best Two-in-One: Honua Hawaiian Skincare Pa’akai Cleansing Cream
  • Best on Amazon: Acure Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream

For more information & learn more about the products, check out The Skincare Edit’s Editor’s Picks: 16 of the Best Cream Cleansers to Calm & Hydrate Your Skin While You Cleanse

My Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Hydrating
  • Doesn’t strip my skin
  • Packaging reminds me of Tula Skincare (a favorite brand of mine)
  • Skin feels light, refreshed & smooth after use
  • Clean beauty

My Cons

  • Need to remove makeup with makeup remover first
  • Made in Korea
  • Doesn’t build up into a full lather (sometimes can see where product has been applied)
  • Not recycable packaging

Customer Thoughts & Reviews

One of the many benefits of shopping Avon online is that you are able to check out what other customers have to say about a product. Here are what some customers said about Isa Knox LXNew Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser:

Rating: 1 out of 5.

This new version is deplorable. I have tried various products in hopes of locating something that would resemble the previous Anew cleanser and have been grossly disappointed. This new formula leaves my skin dry and dull; whereas, the previous formula reflected vibrancy and health. I would suggest you all reimplement the previous formula and stick with proven recipes vs. trends!

Chrys from Greensboro, NC

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This cleanser is nice and creamy and doesn’t dry out your skin. In fact, my skin feels so moisturized after washing my face, that sometimes, I forget to apply my moisturizer afterwards! It’s non scented and good for your skin. It’s great at taking makeup off too! I’m hooked!

Rgonza49 from Clifton Park, NY

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I like this cleanser, but it’s not as good as previous Anew cream cleansers. This smells great and naturally scented, and I love how it leaves my face soft and dewy. I like the silky feeling after using it, but I can understand why others consider it greasy; I think it depends on how dry one’s skin is and on personal preference. I like that it doesn’t strip the skin and leaves a nice moisture barrier (again, some would find what I like to feel heavy or not adequately cleansed). It requires a lot of product to get good coverage, so it’s not long-lasting like previous Anew cleansers – a little bit does not go a long way. The packaging, while pretty, isn’t recyclable and it’s a lot of thick plastic. It’s also hard to get the product out once you’re down to the last fourth of the tube or so. Overall it’s quite nice, but it’s probably appealing only to a niche demographic, and it’s not quite as broadly appealing as previous iterations.

KittenLitter from Chicago, IL

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I don’t like the moisturizer feel of this when I wash my face. Though when I’m done my face is really soft. I loved the Anew Clean illuminating rich cleansing foam that has been discontinued. I wish they would bring that back. That was the best face cleanser I ever used and it also had clean scent to it.

Barbara from Undisclosed

According to the Isa Knox LXNew Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser product page on, the average rating is 3.4 out of 5 stars.

My Final Thoughts:

Isa Knox LXNew Clean Collection

When Avon first launched the Isa Knox LXNew Clean cleansers, I was really excited to test out each of the products. Being someone who has combination skin, I figured I would be a great candidate in seeing how these products worked, as each cleanser was designed for a different skin type. I will say, after reading the reviews, I will admit that either Avon or their representatives are not making it clear to their customers that each of these cleansers are designed for that. I have a feeling many of the customers who wrote a bad review of the Nourishing cleanser are those who should be testing out one of the other cleansers. So far, I have tested out 3 of the 4 products from this collection.

I started off by testing out the Balancing Cleansing Balm and the Balancing Gel cleanser. It was summer time & typically I struggle with oily skin at this time. I was on the hunt in finding a gel cleanser that did not dry out my skin so I was really excited that I was able to accomplish that with the Balancing Gel cleanser. This cleanser really helped me balance my combination skin and maintain my oily T-zone all summer long without stripping my skin to the point of where I had to immediately apply a hydrating serum which has had happened to me with other gel cleansers.

Balancing Cleansing Balm

Now with the Cleansing Balm, being something designed to remove makeup, being someone who does wear more makeup than most, this was not for me. It did remove my face makeup nicely without irritating or stripping my skin. However, whenever I would get to my eye makeup. I would have to end up using a different makeup remover because it just would not remove enough of my eyeshadow and mascara. I do admit I still recommend this to my customers who wear light makeup, especially not a lot of eye makeup.

The next cleanser I tested out & honestly have not been able to stop using, even now that it is summer, is the Nourishing Cream Cleanser. I first tested this out last fall into winter and immediately fell in love with it because at that time my skin was becoming really dry. I had did some travelling in November and it got cold rather quickly where I lived so we ended up turning on our dry heat earlier than usual, plus I was going through a lot of stress at that time, which we all know our skin can definitely be affected by that. Once I implemented the Nourishing Cream Cleanser into my skincare routine into my winter routine, my skin began to clear up and actually look & feel healthier. I really love how my skin feels after using this cleanser. It just looks and feels hydrated, refreshed & healthy.

Typically in the past, I would have a spring/summer skincare routine and a fall/winter skincare routine. Spring & summer focused on maintaining my oily skin, brightening & getting that healthy glow we all love to have in the summer while in the fall & winter I pretty much only focused on keeping it hydrated because my skin was get soo dry that I really wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else. This year, I decided to test out a theory with the products that I have come to love in my skincare routine & see if I can maintain my combination skin with transitioning as least products as possible. First of all, doing this is more budget friendly and second of all, it’s better for my skin overall, especially being someone who tests new products on a regular basis. Since doing this, my skin has been looking it’s best. I no longer get break outs during that time of month or when I am stressing out. My skin looks plumper, more even tone, minimal fine lines & wrinkles and most importantly feels healthy & smooth. I know I would not have this without the Nourishing Cream Cleanser.

Nourishing Cream Cleanser

I would like to finish off this review by stating that yes, this is a cleanser I would recommend for anyone looking for a hydrating cleanser. For me, anytime someone asks me for a skincare recommendation I always have follow up questions before I provide them. When it comes to choosing any skincare product, even your cleanser, it is important to remember what your skin type is and what you are looking to accomplish in your skincare routine. I know most look at cleansers as just being something to clean your face and that’s it. If that is something you want then you can just use any soap, but be warned, doing so is most likely going to dry out & irritate your skin no matter what your skin type is! Cleansers have been added to pretty much every skincare brand out there now because they are just as important as each of the other products in your routine. Remember, your cleanser is what kicks off the rest of your routine. You don’t want your skin screaming at you while you go & apply the rest of your products. At that point you are just wasting money because your skin is going to have a hard time soaking in anything you apply which means these products won’t be able to do their job. This reason right here is why it is important to find the perfect cleanser for your skin.

So for those of you who are curious, upon finishing my current Nourishing Cream Cleanser, I will be testing out the last cleanser of this collection, Soothing Whipped Oil Cleanser. To see what my thoughts are on this cleanser, make sure to follow me on TikTok or Youtube where I do my quick reviews on new products that I test out.

What is your favorite cleanser & why?

Share below what your favorite cleanser is for your skin type & why you love it

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