A New You with Avon Anew Skincare Line

One of the most popular beauty products Avon is known for in its 130 years is Anew skincare products. In 1992, Avon launched Anew, being the first skincare line with Alpha Hydroxy Acid technology. In 2003, Anew Clinical began, providing targeted treatment for specific skincare concerns such as fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, skin dryness & more. Learn all about Avon’s Anew skincare line as well as information to help you care for your skin on a daily basis.

Anew Product Update

Avon has announced that select Anew products will be discontinued in 2019 in order to streamline line their product line to make room for new collections, make it easier for customers to shop and to help Avon’s top selling products shine.

For more information, check out 2019 List of Discontinued Avon Products.

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Beauty Is More Then Skin Deep

Your skin is the largest organ of your body that covers you from head to toe. Just like any other organ in your body, if you take care of it, you will look & feel your best.

Your skin contains 3 distinct layers that are effected by aging & environmental damage:

Image result for skincare 3 layers of skin

My grandmother has always emphasized how important it is to take care of your skin, doesn’t matter how old you are. She would always say it is better sooner then later, and once I became an Avon representative & learned about skincare, I realized how right she was! The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the healthier and younger looking it will be as you age.

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Sins for Your Skin

Though your skin starts aging the moment you are born, signs of aging normally don’t begin to show until you’re around 30. You can’t stop your skin from aging, but what you can do is be aware of the environmental effects you can expose your skin to that will damage your skin, making it look older then it is.

Image result for anew platinum header

  1. SUN: Exposure to the sun dries your skin, thickens the epidermis layer of your skin & slows down the cell renewal process which leads to fine lines, wrinkles & uneven skin tone. That is why it is so important to put sunscreen on whenever your skin is exposed to the sun.
  2. SMOKING: When smoking cigarettes, you are depriving your skin of nutrients & oxygen it needs.This will cause your skin looking dull & lifeless. Smoking also harmful free radicals which weaken collagen & elasticity which accelerates your skin’s aging process.
  3. STRESS/LACK OF SLEEP: Making sure you get enough sleep will help give your skin time to rejuvenate & repair. Too much stress & lack of sleep can cause skin dryness, sensitivity, acne, excel oil or lackluster skin.
  4. POLLUTION: Just like any other organ in your body, pollutants in the air can damage your skin due to the free radicals that can break down skin’s structure & block pores. This can lead to wrinkles, skin roughness, dehydration & loss of elasticity. Image result for avon anew skincare guide
  5. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: Did you know that the average person makes 15,000 facial expressions?  With the constant movement of facial muscles, such as smiling, frowning or squinting, skin fibers begin to slacken & over time these create wrinkles.
  6. EVERYDAY DIET: Everyone knows fast food, sugar & empty calories are not good for your health. They also are not good for your skin.The healthier, nutrient dense your diet is, the healthier your skin will be. Making sure you are drinking enough water also helps keep your skin’s healthy glow & helps manage a clearer complexion.
  7. SLEEP POSITIONS: We talked about getting enough sleep, but did you know that the way you sleep can increase the appearance of wrinkles? Sleeping on your side can cause lines on your chin & cheeks and sleeping face down can create lines on your forhead. The best way to prevent lines & wrinkles is to sleep on your back.

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Skin Type

In order to take care of your skin properly, it is very important to know what skin type you do have. This will help you understand how your skin works. Knowing how your skin works will help you to determine what skincare products are best for your skin.

Skin Type:

Common Concerns:

Normal Skin

  • Clear Appearance
  • Even Coloring
  • Neither tight nor greasy
  • Soft & supple, high degree of elasticity

Combination Skin

  • Dryness on cheeks & a shiny appearance on “T-zone” (nose & forehead)
  • Medium sized pores
  • May experience some tightness

Dry Skin

  • Irritated & tight after cleansing
  • Often looks flaky
  • Tendency of fine lines & wrinkles

Oily Skin

  • Shiny appearance & enlarged pores
  • Rough or irregular feel
  • Prone to blackhead & blemishes

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Skin Stages

Everyone ages differently, depending on genetics, lifestyle choices & overall health. However, there are visible signs of aging that are common for every age range & stage of life. The areas of your skin that are most prone to aging are forehead, between eyebrows, outer & under the eye, cheeks, nasolabial fold, jawline & under lower lip. Here are the 3 stages of life your skin will go through:

Skin Stage

Common Signs of Aging

Early Stage: 30-39

  • Skin begins to lose its natural radiance, looking more tired, stressed & dull
  • Gradual loss of clarity, resulting in uneven skin tone
  • Skin repairs itself at a slower rate & dryness may increase

Moderate Stage: 40-49

  • Fine lines appear, along with visible photo damage
  • Signs of fine lines near the eyes
  • Some loss of elasticity
  • Skin repair & hydration continue to decrease

Advanced Stage: 50+

  • More wrinkles, roughness, discoloration & unevenness appear
  • Pores & age spots enlarge, along with sagging around the eyes, cheeks & jawline
  • Skin repair & hydration significantly decrease
  • Epidermis gets thinner

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Avon Skincare Institute

The Avon Skincare Institute is a state of the art research & developmental lab with facilities all over the world. Avon has nearly 600 patents or patents pending thanks to the hundreds of scientists & their partnerships with top universities & dermatologists. At the Avon Skincare Institute, they strive to discover cost efficient skincare products with the best, high performance technology & formula that will deliver amazing results for you, the customer.

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The Best Daily Skincare Routine

Just like with your health, it is important to take care of your skin on a regular basis. Doing a daily skincare routine is a great way to minimize signs of aging & keeping your skin healthy. With Anew, its a simple 4 step routine you do in the morning & at night.



I’m sure you learned when you were a teenager how important it is to clean your face everyday. However, to get the best results it is important to use a proper cleanser. This will help eliminate excess oil, debris & makeup while refreshing your skin. Avon offers two cleansers:

  1. ANEW CLEAN is Avon Anew‘s new line of cleansers that work perfectly with the rest of the Anew skincare line & your skin.
  2. CLEARSKIN line consists of cleansers that targets specific acne & blemish concerns.

Shop Avon’s cleanser at www.youravon.com/jantunes



This is the stage where you use treatment products that will target specific skincare concerns like fine lines & wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone & more. Avon offers targeted treatment products through the Anew Clinical line. They have scientific formulas that target these skincare concerns that will have you feeling more confident with your skin. (See below for target treatment products in Anew Clinical)



Moisturizing your face & neck on a daily basis is very important, no matter what age you are. By applying a day moisturizer with an SPF, you will keep your skin hydrated & protected from sun damage (one of the sins mentioned above). In using a night moisturizer, you will be helping your skin repair & rejuvenate, keeping your skin looking younger & healthier.


Your eyes are the windows to your soul & need special care due to the fact that the area around your eye is more sensitive. With Anew Eye Creams, you can ensure your eyes are looking their best by helping to correct the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, sagging or crow’s feet with each eye cream’s special formula. You can even target concerns around your eyes with Anew Clinical. See below to learn more. 


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Tips on Applying Skincare Products

How you apply skincare products can effect how well the product will work on your skin. Here are some tips on how to use skincare products to ensure the best results.

  • Wash your hands before applying products to avoid transferring any bacteria from your hands to your face.
  • Always apply serums & moisturizers on cleansed, dry skin.
  • If you are using a serum & a moisturizer, apply the serum first.
  • Apply creams in small, circular movements on face.
  • Apply eye creams with your ring finger in a tapping motion starting at the inner corner of the eye moving outward & then above the eye & below the brow.

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Step 1 with Anew Cleansers

Anew‘s newest collection offers the perfect cleanser for every skin type. Each cleanser will work with your daily Anew moisturizers giving you the best results for younger looking, healthy skin.

Anew Clean Cleansing Brush 5 X Power Up


Scrub, wipes & no-rinse forms are perfect for all skin types. 


Balances skin by eliminating oils without stripping moisture.


Makes dry skin feel nourished & overall texture smoother.


Continue to scroll to learn more about “Other Anew Cleansers“.

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Step 2 with Anew Clinical


Anew Clinical line are scientifically formulated treatment products to target skincare concerns that need extra attention to give you younger looking, healthier skin.


With Avon Absolute Even tone correctors, you can dramatically reduce the look of sun spots & under eye dark circles that will give you a more even toned skin.

ANEW CLINICAL ABSOLUTE EVEN DARK CIRCLE CORRECTOR: 93% of women saw the look of dark circles dramatically reduced due to the Shadow Erase Complex formula.* It is designed to fight dark under eye circles in three ways:

  1. Brightens the look of dark circles with self-adjusting sheer optics
  2. Visibly reduces under eye shadows
  3. Smooths the texture of the skin around your eyes

ANEW CLINICAL ABSOLUTE EVEN MULTI TONE SKIN CORRECTOR: This anti-aging serum is formulated with DSX-7 which contains two different, complementary forms of vitamin C. Together they target the many facets of discoloration, reducing 7 common problems (dark spots, uneven skin tone, post acne marks, brown patches, blotchy red patches, freckles & shallowness). 9 out of 10 women saw a dramatic improvement in skin tone for flawless younger-looking skin.*

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ANEW CLINICAL EYE LIFT PRO DUAL EYE SYSTEMFormulated with injectable-grade arginine* and other skin tightening ingredients that will have eyes feel tighter and lifted, and under-eye shadows visibly reduced.

ANEW CLINICAL INFINITE LIFT TARGETED CONTOURING SERUM:   Get visible results when you apply this Polypeptide Life Complex concentrated skin tightening formula with the unique roller built to smooth and massage skin. Infinite Lift counteracts skin’s natural tendency to sag while the massaging roller allows the complex to be more readily absorbed into the skin. You will be able to firm & contour the skin on four key areas: cheeks, chin, jawline & jowl.

ANEW CLINICAL THERMAFIRM FACE LIFTING CREAM: In as few as 3 days, your skin looks tighter, firmer, and more lifted. With a special formula of hydrolyzed plant protein and natural extracts that are intended to visibly tighten, lift, and firm your skin. 87% of women felt their youthful facial shape was visibly restored after 4 weeks.*

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ANEW CLINICAL ADVANCED WRINKLE CORRECTOR: 4D Wrinkle-Reverse Technology visibly improves skin’s appearance and life by increasing elasticity. Get skin’s youthful fullness with this facial cream’s plumping formula. Results have shown improvement of fine lines and wrinkles by 28% over time**

ANEW CLINICAL LINE ERASER WITH RETINOL TREATMENTThis lightweight, fast-acting treatment with Retinol & Avon Anew‘s exclusive Amino Acid complex delivers wrinkle-fighting action. 2x faster and more powerful at fighting wrinkles than a leading dermatologist-inspired treatment. 100% of women showed improvement in the look of fine lines & wrinkles.**

ANEW CLINICAL LINE ERASER WITH RETINOL TARGETED TREATMENT:  A high performance formula that contains a dual delivery system of Retinol for time released line-diminishing results combined with Vitamins C & E to provide multiple anti-aging benefits. In just 1 week, the look of deep lines are smoothed & resurfaced.**

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ANEW CLINICAL EXTRA STRENGTH RETEXTURIZING PEELAvon’s most concentrated peel is an at-home, professional-grade treatment that helps to retexturize and resurface skin in one easy step.

ANEW CLINICAL RESURFACING EXPERT SMOOTHING FLUID: Make your skin look younger, smoother, and more radiant with this anti aging serum. Exfoliate and retexture your facial skin overnight with the effects (and not the irritation) of a professional microdermabrasion. In 3 days, you’ll notice dramatic results and a more youthful radiance**


ANEW CLINICAL UNLIMITED LASHES LASH & BROW ACTIVATING SERUMOur unique serum, with a peptide blend and botanicals, is designed to dramatically enhance the look of your lashes. In just weeks, lashes look longer, fuller and healthier.  84% of women agreed lashes look longer & fuller after 8 weeks of use.*

*Results from consumer perception study

**Results from clinical study

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Step 3 & 4 with Anew Daily Moisturizers & Eye Creams

For over 25 years, Anew has launched some of the most effective moisturizers that dramatically give you younger looking skin. There are 4 collections to choose from, each with its own daily moisturizers for day & night as well as for your eyes.


Bring life back into your skin with the help of VitaTone Complex formula that you will find in the Anew Vitale line. The VitaTone Complex formula helps offset the look of sleep-deprived skin & the visible effects of stress. Your skin will be re-energized looking more radiant & even-toned.


  • Women ages 25+ showing early signs of aging
  • VitaTone Complex formula evens skin tone & clarity.
  • Giving your skin a more radiant, well rested look.
  • Immediately boosts skin hydration
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Moisturize skin to erase fine lines & wrinkles

Anew Vitale Line Includes:

*Travel sizes are available for select Anew Vitale products.

Results of Product Studies:

  • 9/10 women showed improved clarity and more even skin tone. (Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 90% of women showed an improvement in skin’s texture & clarity in 2 weeks of using Anew Vitale Day Moisturizers. (Based on a dermatologist supervised clinical studies)
  • 94% of women saw a more uniform, even-tone appearance to their skin in 1 week of using Anew Vitale Night Cream(Based on a dermatologist supervised clinical studies)

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Image result for anew reversalist complete renewal header

Renew your skin & reduce the look of lines & wrinkles with Anew Reversalist line’s Tri-Elastinex formula. The Tri-Elastinex formula works to repair the look of fine lines & wrinkles above & within your’s skin’s surface layers.


  • Women between 40-49  with serious signs of aging
  • Minimize fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tri-Elastix’s firming & smoothing formula
  • Moisurize & hydrate for a more youthful glow & feel

Anew Reversalist Line Includes:

*Travel sizes are available for select Anew Reversalist products.

Results of Product Studies:

  • 90% of women stated that fine lines & wrinkles were visibly reduced in 1 week. (Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 91% of women agreed the look of fine lines & wrinkles was reversed with Anew Reversalist Day Moisturizers(Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 95% of women agreed that their skin looked renewed with a younger, smoother, virtually line free look after using Anew Reversalist Night Cream(Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 100% of women agreed that after using Anew Reversalist Express Dual Eye System, the eye area was instantly illuminated. (Based on a consumer perception study)

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You can have people wonder about your age with the help of Anew Platinum Paxillium Technology that is designed to visibly recontour skin & reignite skin’s youthful shape. Anew Platinum dramatically reshapes the appearance of skin for a more youthful looking definition.


  • Women in their 50’s & 60’s with advanced signs of aging.
  • Smooths & firms deep wrinkles for a more elegant neck, jawline & lip line.
  • Look younger from Paxillium Technology contour sculpting of the jaw

Anew Platinum Line Includes:

*Travel sizes are available for select Anew Platinum products.

Results of Product Studies:

  • 74% notice the look deep wrinkles dramatically reduced. (Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 79% noticed a more youthful definition in the eye & lip areas after using Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream over time. (Based on a consumer perception study)
  • In 3 days of using Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream, 97% of women said that the skin around the eye area looked & felt more elastic. (Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 95% of women showed a visibly re-contoured neck area after using Anew Platinum Firm & Sculpt Cream for Neck & Chest (Based on a clinical study)

Get started with an Anew Platinum daily skincare routine with a $129 value Anew Platinum Regimen Set that includes full size Anew Platinum Day Cream with SPF 25Anew Platinum Night Cream & Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream with a mini Anew Power Serum.

To learn more about Anew Platinum Day Cream with SPF 25, check out my product review blog at Avon Product Review: Anew Platinum Day Cream with SPF 25.

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Help your skin with multiple signs of aging with Anew Ultimate line‘s exclusive Celluvive Complex formula. You will be able to dramatically diminish the look of 10 visible signs of aging from uneven skin tone to fine lines & wrinkles to sagging skin.


  • Women of any age who is showing multiple signs of aging such as uneven texture, loss of clarity, uneven skin tone & overall fine wrinkles.
  • See visible results in 10 signs of aging:
    • Smooth Texture
    • Skin Clarity
    • Even Skin Tone
    • Diminished Fine Lines & Deep Wrinkles
    • Hydrated Skin
    • Natural Volume
    • Resilience
    • Reduced Discoloration
    • Firmness
    • Lifted Skin

Anew Ultimate Line Includes:

*Travel sizes are available for select Anew Ultimate products.

Results of Product Studies:

  • In 3 days, gives skin a firmer & more cushioned appearance all day with using Anew Ultimate Day Cream(Based on a consumer perception study)
  • 100% of women stated that their skin showed an improvement in the look of key signs of aging such as texture, clarity, uneven skin tone & overall fine wrinkles after using Anew Ultimate Day Cream & Anew Ultimate Night Cream over time. (Based on a clinical study)
  • After using Anew Ultimate Night Cream 1x, skin looked & felt replenished and firmer. (Based on a consumer perception study)
  • Women admitted that the eye area looked tighter & virtually lifted instantly after using Anew Ultimate Eye System.
  • 100% of women stated that key signs of aging in the eye area such as clarity & fine wrinkles in the under-eye area, improved with using Anew Ultimate Eye System over time.
  • 87% of women stated that they saw overall signs of aging improve with Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme(Based on consumer perception study)
  • In just 1 week, 89% who used Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir showed improvement in texture, radiance, wrinkles, firmness and moisture. (Based on consumer perception study)
  • In 2 weeks, 94% saw a difference using Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir in the most advanced signs of aging. (Based on consumer perception study)

Get started with an Anew Ultimate daily skincare routine with a $129 value Anew Ultimate Regimen Set that includes full size Anew Ultimate Day Cream with SPF 25, Anew Ultimate Night Cream & Anew Ultimate Eye System with a mini Anew Power Serum.

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Anew Clinical Skinvincible line is perfect to help your skin heal from environmental damage like the sun with its SmartRepair Technology & advanced antioxidant formula. The SmartRepair Technology restores your youthful look by minimizing environmental damage your skin has endured. With its fragrance free formula, it is a perfect Anew moisturizer for those with sensitive skin.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin with its fragrance free & oil free formula
  • The SmartRepair Technology helps protect & repair your skin from environmental damages such as the sun.
  • Brings moisture back into your skin which will reduce appearance of fine lines & sunspots.

Anew Skinvincible Line Includes:

Results of Product Studies:

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Avon Anew has created daily skincare products that will help boost your moisturizing routine. They help maximize results so your skin will look its best & feel healthier then ever.


One of today’s top skin care staples is the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These are potent acids that can help skin look smoother and years younger. Avon’s newest AHA Refining Cream is formulated with an exclusive blend of antioxidants and soothing agents, so you can use it daily as your day moisturizer!


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Improves skin clarity, texture & radiance
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines
  • Minimizes enlarged pores
  • Improvement in overall photo damage

Results of Product Studies:

  • 91% of women showed improvemet in general overall skin aging (Based on a clinical study)


Take your anti-aging skin care routine to the next level with the Anew Power Serum. This firming and smoothing serum is based on Nobel prize winning research which resulted in the product to detect and repair visible skin damage. The Avon exclusive Advance Boost Technology works to hydrate your skin, smooth visible roughness and wrinkles, and return firmness to your face. Concentrated yet lightweight, it’s ideal for layering under your day and night creams. Anew Power Serum has been shown to maximize the performance of your current anti-aging regimen and it also delivers a high concentration of active ingredients.


  • Compliments moisturizers to hydrate, smooth & firm skin.
  • The Advance Boost Technology helps diminish fine lines & wrinkles while increasing your skin’s natural radiance.
  • Dramatically improves skin overall appearance

Results of Product Studies:

  • 93% of women agreed that they saw a dramatic improvement in their skin’s overall appearance. (Based on a consumer perception study)

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Anew Hydra Fusion Collection

The Anew Hydra Fusion collection is just what your skin has been thirsty for with it’s power packed Hyaluronic Acid formula that will provide deep & lasting hydration & defend it from environmental stressors.

ANEW HYDRA FUSION 1.5% HYALURONIC ACID SERUM: Meet our highest concentration of moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid (1.5%!) for visibly plumper, bouncier skin. This super ingredient acts like a sponge holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water for intense, lasting hydration. It’s your rescue treatment for those extra dry areas that need saving!

ANEW HYDRA FUSION CLEANSING MICELLAR WATERThe cleansing micellar water gently yet effectively lifts dirt, oil and makeup while boosting skin’s hydration.

ANEW HYDRA FUSION DAILY BEAUTY DEFENSE WITH SPF 50Make SPF your BFF with Avon’s highest sunscreen protection that quickly absorbs with its ultra-lightweight antioxidant formula that will help protect your skin from free radical damange and glides on smoothly.

ANEW HYDRA FUSION DE-PUFFING EYE SERUMThe fast-absorbing eye serum instantly helps de-puff and hydrate the delicate under-eye area while reducing the appearance of bags and fine, dry lines.

ANEW HYDRA FUSION GEL CREAMThe water-like gel absorbs instantly making skin appear smoother, refreshed and plumped with hydration.

ANEW HYDRA FUSION IN-SHOWER MASKThe in-shower face mask is perfect for a morning ritual to energize your skin. Just splash the liquid mask on your wet, cleansed face to lock in moisture. Skin will feel hydrated instantly and all day.

ANEW HYDRA FUSION NIGHTTIME FACIAL TREATMENTDiscover the ‘best-slept’ secret that repairs your skin while visibly re-plumping it with 3X more moisture as you slumber.

Anew Hydra Fusion Replenishing Serum - 2

ANEW HYDRA FUSION REPLENISHING SERUMThe powerful yet lightweight formula infuses skin with deep hydration. Avon is the first to bring cutting-edge microbubble technology to the mass market with the Replenishing Serum. Over 10,000 microbubbles deliver a pure and potent form of raspberry antioxidant.

*NEW* ANEW HYDRA FUSION SNOW CREAM: This super-hydrating and refreshing face cream with hyaluronic acid is light-as-snow yet delivers 72 hours of deep hydration. Plus, it cools on contact!

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Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Collection

It’s time to get skin smart. With our Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Collection, your skin can now be 4X more resistant to pollution—aka dirt, dust, smoke and smog. Our anti-pollution squad was designed as your invisible shield of protection, helping to keep skin looking healthy, fresh and youthful.

*NEW* ANEW NEUTRALIZE ANTI-POLLUTION CHARCOAL MASK STICK: Need a detox? Our Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask Stick is a powerful combination of charcoal and kaolin clay that helps absorb toxins, oils and impurities like a sponge. Your skin will be left looking freshly clean and gorgeously glowing.

*NEW* ANEW NEUTRALIZE ANTI-POLLUTION CHARCOAL PORE STRIPSOur purifying pore strips are enriched with the unclogging ingredient charcoal, known to draw out deep-down dirt like a magnet. Gently and instantly remove pollutants from your pores that can lead to blackheads and reveal fresh, clean and glowing skin. Includes 6 nose strips.

*NEW* ANEW NEUTRALIZE ANTI-POLLUTION SERUMOur Anti-Pollution Serum chills out your skin with the help of adaptogens: matcha, ginger and amla. But what are adaptogens exactly? These healing botanical extracts are used to help protect your body from environmental stressors and visible signs of pollution-induced aging.

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Anew Vitamin C Collection

Get ready to meet your *NEW* main squeeze for naturally radiant skin with Anew Vitamin C Collection

ANEW VITAMIN C ANTIOXIDANT LIP TREATMENT:  The antioxidant lip treatment is packed with vitamins C and E to condition your pout and keep it looking young.

ANEW VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING SERUM: Get ready to instantly brighten the look of your skin with the revamped iconic formula of Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum. It’s lighter and absorbs quickly but is still packed with the power of 10% pure vitamin C (as much as 30 oranges). 99% of women agreed it instantly boosts radiance* and it has been clinically proven to brighten skin after the first use by up to 44%**.

ANEW VITAMIN C WARMING PEEL: The invigorating warming peel gently exfoliates your skin while delivering a warming sensation (when activated with water!) to open pores and remove impurities.

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How to Choose the Right Products for Your Skin:

To help ensure you order the right Anew skincare products for your skin type & skincare concerns, there are two ways to help you choose what’s best for you and your skin to use in your daily routine.

  1. Schedule a FREE skincare consultation by emailing Jen Antunes at avonantunes@gmail.com. During the consultation, you will learn what products are best for your daily routine & how to use the products effectively for the best results. Plus, enjoy an exclusive offer at the end of your consultation when you purchase the recommended Day, Night & Eye Cream.
  2. Take the Skin Advisor Quiz at www.youravon.com/jantunes. Once you have completed your quiz, you will automatically receive the best skincare productrecommendations based on your answers along with information about each product & when it should be used in your daily skincare routine.

Image result for avon skin advisor

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Buying Anew Products

To help provide the best service possible to Avon’s skincare customers, there are 3 ways a customer can order their Anew skincare products:

  1. Through their local Avon Representative
  2. Online at www.youravon.com/jantunes or
  3. Signing up for Avon Auto Replenish at www.youravon.com/jantunes. Click here to learn more about the benefits & how you can save up to 50% when you enroll with Avon’s Auto Replenish Progam

Top solutions to all your skin care questions & concerns with Avon’s Skin Care Tips is now available in the How-To’s tab at www.youravon.com/jantunes.

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If you have any questions or comments about anything presented in this blog or in how to take care of your skin, please comment below or email Jen Antunes at avonantunes@gmail.com.

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You can also find Avon with Jen Antunes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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