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Far Away Bali Eau de Parfum Review

Since 1886, Avon has produced & sold fragrances for women. Founder, David H. McConnell, quickly realized that his female customers as a travelling book salesman loved his perfume samples he would give. Since then, with the ability of customers being able to try & sample a variety of scents in the comfort of their home, Avon has produced many top selling perfumes such as Sweet Honesty, Imari and more.

Learn more about Avon’s women fragrances at Avon Fragrances for Her

Far Away Collection

Far Away is a popular fragrance collection with customers since 1994. In 2021, Avon added to the collection with more potent, luxurious scents. The Far Away collection is designed to bring out your inner wanderlust with:

Far Away Bali Eau de Parfum

Get that exotic island vibe with beautiful beaches and vibrant sunrises with this Limited Edition fragrance with alluring notes of sparkling grapefruit and salted tuberose accented with the warmth of golden amber. 

Best For:

Anyone who enjoys fresh & vibrant fragrance of fruity floral scents with exciting, lush & liberating notes.


  • Top: Acai berry, Japanese plum, sparkling grapefruit
  • Mid: Water lily, salted tuberose, honeysuckle
  • Dry: Sacred woods, musk, golden amber


Alcohol denat, water/eau and fragrance/parfum

How to Purchase:

You can purchase Far Away Bali Eau de Parfum online for $25 each or shop through an Avon representative & enjoy customer exclusive pricing of $16.99 each.

Enjoy 100% Money Back Guarantee within 45 days from your order bill date.


To learn more about Avon’s guarantee, click here or speak to your local Avon representative.


As stated above, Avon is well known for their fragrances. Each fragrance has a unique blend of notes even though they may be in a similar fragrance family. Far Away Bali Eau de Parfum is listed as a “Fresh & Vibrant” scent. Upon searching on Avon’s website, here are more “Fresh & Vibrant” fragrances:

  • belif The Garden Eau de Parfum ($55): Energize your senses with an invigorating fragrance that takes you on a stroll into a garden, where belif unearthed the energy of nature with sparkling citrus and dewy spring blossoms that are wrapped in white musk for an unforgettable scent with a bright, fresh feeling.
  • Live Out Loud Eau de Parfum ($40): Express yourself with this free-spirited blend, designed to empower you to live life on your terms with a fresh burst of brilliant scent of sweet wild strawberry, sparkling mimosa and comforting fluffy vanilla.
  • LYRD Rose du Soleil Eau de Parfum ($36): Capture the warmth of the sun with radiant notes of sun-ripened raspberry, enchanting rose and spicy patchouli.
  • LYRD Sparkling Neroli Eau de Parfum ($36): Explore a world of floral delights with this fresh, vibrant fragrance featuring notes of sparkling neroli, uplifting bergamot and warm musk.
  • Studio 1886 Gilded Eau de Parfum ($50): Celebrate the opulence of Victorian America with an exquisite blend of watery rhubarb, violet leaves and rich black currant, transporting you back in time with a modern twist.
  • Studio 1886 Techtopian Eau de Parfum ($50): Blurring the lines between the virtual and the natural world, this electrifying disruption looks to the future with notes of magnolia, white rose and warm musk.

Now if you are looking for other alternatives either from brands you may know, I went on to the Sephora website and these are the best selling “Fresh” fragrances with grapefruit notes:

Click here for more fresh, citrus fragrances at Sephora

My Pros:

  • Vibrant, playful fragrance
  • Love the design, color & theme of product
  • I can wear during the day & in the evening
  • Easy to use pump (I do have arthritis)
  • Summery scent

My Cons:

  • Typically use fruity/floral scents
  • Has musk notes (do not like musk!)
  • Limited edition- won’t be available after summer ends
  • Doesn’t make me think of beach, island vibe

Customer Thoughts & Reviews

One of the many benefits of shopping Avon online is that you are able to check out what other customers have to say about a product.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve been using this perfume non stop since I got it! Avon is awesome!

– Cynthia from Porterville, CA

For more reviews, check out Far Away Bali Eau de Parfum product page at avon.com/?rep=jantunes

My Final Thoughts

I am not the biggest fragrance person, however, I do enjoy having one or two scents that I will use depending on the season. In the fall & winter months, I tend to utilize warm, floral fragrances while in the spring & summer I typically will use fresh, fruity scents.

Each year, Avon launches a new Limited Edition Far Away fragrance for the summer. Last year I ended up receiving their summer scent, Far Away Amalfi Eau de Pafrum for FREE. I actually really liked the scent…. so much so that I ended up purchasing one on my own. I recently finished up my last one that I had just in time for the launch of this year’s summer scent, Bali Eau de Parfum. I figured since I liked last years and based on how this year’s fragrance was described, I figured I’d give it a try.

Just as expected, the packaging was similar which I really liked. Looks nice on my dresser. I especially love the color and overall marketing campaign around the fragrance. I even liked how the box it came in looked. As usual, the pump spray was easy to use and the product sprayed evenly & nicely onto the skin making it super easy to apply. I really enjoy that it is a scent that I can get away wearing during the day as well as night, though I am not much of going out at night. I can still see myself wearing this out to dinner or on a date.

Yes, the scents I typically gravitate towards are fruity and floral scents. However, for me, the Bali Eau de Parfum is more of a citrus, musk scent… not my preference, especially the musk notes. I tend to stay away from most fragrances with musky notes. I will admit that I have come to enjoy fragrances that had musky notes, but they blended well with the other scents where it didn’t give that musky type of atmosphere.

Now you may be thinking I do not like this fragrance and you are sort of right. Let’s just say this is not a fragrance I will repurchase, but it’s a fragrance that I can wear, which I plan on doing for the spring & summer months. However, I will be picking up another spring & summer fragrance because I am still on the hunt for my go to scent.

UPDATE: I ended up finishing the fragrance and to my surprise by that time I came to really enjoy this fragrance, so much so, that I repurchased it when it was launched again for spring & summer of 2023. This has become my go to everyday scent this spring. Though it does have musk, the primary scents I get are the floral notes which makes it perfect for spring.

What is your favorite spring/summer fragrance?

Share below what your favorite spring & summer fragrance.

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