I have always been a girly girl but until I started my Avon business 6 years ago, I really didn’t have a reason to dive in to all things beauty. Over the last 6 years, my passion for all things beauty has grown. I’ve come to learn that I love all things makeup & skincare and what I love most is testing out & trying out new products. As a result, I have come across some products that I just absolutely love and have become staples in my makeup & skincare routines.

My Makeup Faves

Makeup for me has become a creative outlet & that time of day that I can just be myself. I love the variety that comes with makeup. You can do a “no makeup” makeup look to a full glam makeup look and everything in between. You can literally hide your imperfections, enhance your features & there’s been times I’ve been able to completely alter the way I look. How much fun is that?

I first started using makeup in high school, however, at that time & for the majority of my life since then, I really could only afford drugstore makeup. Over the last few years I have been able to explore more & test out amazing new products as well as discover some duds that were not worth the money spent. I am one who loves great quality products that are easy to work with & last all day, whether it is name brand or affordable makeup. Below I share with you what my top 5 products are from my top 5 favorite makeup brands… name brand & drugstore!

My Skincare Faves

Prior to becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative, I did not have a skincare routine. To become familiar with Avon products & to know what to recommend to my customers, I quickly created a skincare routine. Since then, I’ve tested out a lot of skincare products, Avon & non Avon products, as well as learn more about skincare, specifically what ingredients do what for our skin. Now due to the fact that testing skincare does take at least a month for you to really make a decision about a product, I do not have that many favorite brands but below I share with you my 3 favorite products from my 3 favorite brands

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