Avon Selling Tips: Summer Success Tips

Summer has arrived and for many of us, especially this year, we are excitedly planned out a fun-filled summer full of family events, vacations, day trips, BBQ’s and other activities we were not able to do for the last year and half. Typically, summer time is considered to be a “slow period” for us Avon representatives. Yes, just like any other business, we have busy & slow seasons.

Selling Avon in Summer Tips

So how can you be successful this summer? What can you do to take advantage of the slow season? Below are some tips & ideas that you can implement into your Avon business for a successful summer as well as get you set to go for the season that follows… the holiday season.

Maintain a Routine

Unlike previous summer seasons, this year we need to take into consideration the fact that we are now starting to go back to what life use to be before the world wide pandemic. Because of this, be patient & understanding not only with your customers, but yourself as well. This is going to take all of us time to get back into the groove of things & figure out what exactly our new normal will be. Having a routine for your business is going to help you know what you need to and when you need to do it by. So doing things like having the same day in a campaign that you place your AvonNow order, having a daily checklist or campaign checklist of tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis, using social media scheduling tools like Buffer to schedule your social media posts ahead of time.

Not only is maintaining a routine going to help you, it’s also going to ensure you are able to provide consistency to your customers. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from my customers when they spoke about their previous Avon representatives was the fact that they were unreliable & not consistent.

For tips on how to create a routine, check out Avon Training: Creating a Campaign Routine

Follow Up

With any business, the most important thing you can do to grow your customer base & your leads is to FOLLOW UP. You want to make sure you are not only following up with new customers & leads that you’ve recently came into contact with, but also your regular customer base & leads. Having a follow up schedule or routine and utilizing email marketing tools like MailChimp are what helps me maintain my consistency & ensuring I am regularly following up.

For tips on creating a follow up routine for leads check out Avon Leadership Tips: Follow Up Tips for Leads & for tips on email marketing, check out Avon Representative Email Marketing Tips.

Take Advantage of New Avenues to Grow

One thing I have observed from those who “easily” find success is that they are great at looking around & finding a way to work their business into their daily lives. These are people who will always have a brochure on them ready to go, place brochures on their parked windshield while they grocery shop, take goodie bags or samplers with them when they go out or on vacation, have business cards on them ready to pin on a bulletin board… they are ready to market their business everywhere they go.

Learn how you can utilize samples & samplers by checking out Avon Selling Tips: Using Samples

With it now being summertime and it coming to an end to the pandemic, there will be a lot more people out & about and going on vacation. The fact that you have a FREE online store that customers all across the U.S. can shop from, you can easily provide service to customers whether they are in your local area or not.

This past weekend my family had a yard sale. So I had a small table with some products I had on hand available for purchase on the spot, brochure & a sign up sheet customers can sign up for my email & mailing list. We had a very successful day selling our unwanted items & I was able to increase my earnings this campaign & add customers to my mailing list. My friend, who was there that day, praised me for having that amazing idea. I honestly at first didn’t think anything of it, but he is right when he explained that many would not think of having a sign up sheet. That made me realize that many tend to focus on the immediate sale, instant success. However, those who are the most successful focus on & follow up with both those who do order as well as those who expressed interest.

Have Summer Events & Exclusive Offers

You ever notice that many businesses will do “Summer Events” or “Summer Special Offers”? There’s a reason they do this. It’s an effective way to encourage customers, new & old, to place orders. Think of yourself as a consumer… I know for me, I am more likely to make a purchase when I know I am saving money, even if it is items that I need or love. Everyone loves to save money or receive FREE products.

Summer Events

Right now many of our communities are opening back up 100%. However, I know in my area, many of the annual craft fairs & vendor events are still cancelled for this year. If you are lucky & your local area is hosting fairs & events, sign up & set up a table. This is a great way to connect & share your business to others in your local area. Many people to this day still don’t know that Avon is still around and for those who do know, even more don’t realize how much Avon’s product line how much Avon’s product line is has improved the last few years.

Now if your local area is not doing events, you can still host summer events. You can do like what I did with my tag sale, host a home party or do an online party. If you are looking to grow your customer base, have those you know and your customers invite a guest. You can do a theme party such as “Bug Guard” or “Summer Musts”. Make if fun with games & activities.

Tips on hosting a Facebook Party, check out Avon Facebook Party

Whatever event you do, remember, the main goal is to share your business with others. For me, I feel the event is successful when I gain new customers. Yes, sales right away are great but I will say, some of my most loyal & consistent ordering customers that I have came from events that I gained through my local area as well as events I hosted myself.

Summer Special Offers

Whether you are participating in an event or looking for a way to maintain or grow your summer sales, having special offers can be a big help. As I said, customers love to save money & love to receive free products. Each summer, what I do is a summer giveaway. Each time a customer places a qualifying order through out the summer, he/she will be entered for a chance to win a product bundle. This year, with earning the $100 My Way & choosing the A Box bundle, I will be giving away an A Box each campaign.

You don’t have to do a giveaway. You can offer coupons where customers can save money on their order. And now with the Promotion Tool, we can even send coupon codes to our online customers. You can do a campaign coupon offer or you can give them one after they placed an order so they are encouraged to place another order. My most popular coupons for local customers is 10% off any size order and $5 off every $25 order. For online, the Free Shipping coupon code and any of the coupon codes for $40+ orders.

* Make sure to check your emails because Avon has been offering coupon codes for $25+ orders. I know this is the most popular coupon code for online customers.

Another special offer that is a great way to grow your sales AND your customer base is a refer a friend promotion. You can offer a discount or reward each time a customer refers a new customer that places an order. I personally found most success when both the referring and the referral receive the discount or reward, but that is up to you on how you want to do it.

Business Management Tips

Right now we are officially half way through the 2021 sales year. With it being a slow season, this is a great time to reflect & adjust. What do I mean by reflect & adjust? At the beginning of the year, you should have established goals & what you want to accomplish with your business in 2021. This is a perfect time to reflect & see how your journey is going and determine if you need to make any adjustments. Do you notice certain tasks or activities not producing? Did you all ready reach your goal & need to set new ones or the other way, are your goals to hard and you need to create more realistic ones? This is the time of year that I will look through my goals & see if I am making steady progress and apply the adjustments I need to now while it is slow so when the busy holiday season is here, I am ready to go.

Now, if you did not create a plan or set goals at the beginning of the year, this is a great time to do so. What do you want to accomplish this year? What does your business & your life look like when you reach what you want to accomplish? Once you know where you want to go, now it’s time to create a plan on how you are going to get where you are now to where you want to be. What tasks or activities can you do? What mini goals do you need to accomplish to show you are on the right track?

Learn how to set goals & create a plan by checking out, Avon Business Manual and Goal Setting Success Tips.

16 Inspiring Quotes For Your Small Business Growth

With getting yourself ready for the second half of the sales year, make the time to expand your knowledge. Grow and become an expert in whatever category you love about Avon. For example, I love all things beauty, so I will research & learn about the latest beauty trends, what different ingredients in skincare do or how to create a certain makeup style or look. Whatever you love about Avon, learn more about it. Be the expert your customers will go to for advice.

This time of year is also great at expanding & working on what your weaknesses are. Do you struggle with talking to people? Are you a novice when it comes to social media & online marketing? Are you unsure of how to motivate & encourage your team? Whatever it may be I can guarantee there are resources out there for you to help you grow and improve on your weakness. As Avon representatives, we have an amazing tool right at our fingertips with Avon U and Avon’s Learning & Development team’s webinars. They have training modules, webinars, guides & other educational tools on most if not all topics when it comes to managing a successful Avon business. On top of that, there a lot of top Avon representatives who have support groups, blogs & Youtube channels where they share their experience, tips & ideas so you too can grow & be successful.

Take this time while you can to reflect, adjust & improve. Managing & growing any successful business requires these.

What success tips do you have or going to do this summer?

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