Tattoo Psychology: Art or Self Destruction?

By: Duke Addison

Today, tattoos are accepted by society, people who have it flaunt it, but not everyone.

Observers will have their views on the physical nature of the body art. People will pass judgment on the collector based on the design, placement, and the attitude of the person.

A girl with a tattoo will receive different reactions from menfolk, some will like her and others won’t. She’s a party animal, liberated, flirted, and had a rough life, also a visionary, stable, achiever, and smart.

Tattoo is an art painted on a different medium – the body. It’s colorful, powerful, and an artistic masterpiece. Tattoo piercing hurts and without anesthesia it hurts even more. But working with the right tattoo artist and the proper frame of mind it is safe.

The problem is about social acceptance, there will be people who will put you down, but this shouldn’t stop the collector from expressing who they are.

Why Get Tattoos?

You might notice that people have body arts in their bodies ‘coz it’s the fad these days.  But it goes beyond just being a craze there are many reasons why they do. Each individual has their own motivation for going under the needle.

An Expression of Individuality

Nowadays, people try to set themselves apart from the rest by getting their body inked to express their individuality. The tattoo on the body reflects their own personality, distinct from others. These are the prominent, bold ones that will show people what they are about.

In Memory of Something Personal

There are stories behind the tattoo. Some people have their body pierced for personal reasons, the meanings are so deep that when you look at them it’s like intruding into their privacy. Like a favorite quotation, book, or a game of a loved one who passed away, a tribute to a friend, the birth of a child, and important messages among others.

To Hide Skin Imperfections

Scars, birthmarks, discoloration, and other skin imperfections can be covered by a tattoo or it can be integrated as part of the design to make them less noticeable. Since tattoos are here to stay it is an excellent alternative to hide a skin flaw, they will see a tiger, butterfly, or a flower.

Can Choosing the Right Tattoo Artists and Shops Make You More Confident?

During pandemic times, you are a bit apprehensive about getting your body inked for fear of getting contaminated with coronavirus. Once you find a reputable tattoo shop, you’ll have that peace of mind that their pool of tattoo artists adheres to safety protocols for a positive tattoo experience. You gain more confidence knowing the artisans are licensed and certified to practice their craft.

·  Avoid risks and go somewhere safe by following these steps to find a solid shop.

· Tattoo artists are certified, licensed, and properly trained.

·  The artisan wears disposable gloves and throws them away after every use.

· Needles are in sealed containers and pigment trays are new.

· Equipment are sterilized.

· Ask how they disinfect their chairs, tables, and countertops. If the shop is dirty go

somewhere else.

· Inks shouldn’t contain metals and solvents that are banned by the U.S. Food and Drug


What Does Your Tattoo Mean?

The reason for getting a tattoo vary so does their meanings and designs. The body art can tell a story, a reminder, or just showing off a fancy design. Sometimes, you will be more impressed with the wearer’s story than the tattoo itself.

The placement of the tattoo also has a bearing. A tattoo over the heart might mean winning the battle over a difficult journey, the mark will be a permanent and visible sign of the struggles.

Patterns can have cultural values showing social position or rank. It can be a mark to show spiritual strength and family or tribal connection.

Designs can be a picture of the growing pains of a tough guy from a tough childhood. People will see the tattoo as a warning sign not to mess with a badass dude.

But, people change ex-gang members who can’t remove their gang-related designs and change them into Christian symbols or bible verses to exhibit their renewed faith.

Those wearing loud, prominent designs mostly don’t have a story to tell. They want to look good and attract attention to stand out in a crowd.

People appreciate the story of a tattoo more than the design itself. If you have a wonderful story to tell to match your good-looking tattoo, people will love you.

Dear Reader,

You may be a little surprised that I posted a piece in regards to tattoos on my blog website. I understand that tattoos have a bad rep and many times are connected to negativity. Just like with makeup, tattoos are a way a person can express them selves… Stereotypes, prejudices, narrow mindedness… we should be doing better, as a society. We are all the same yet, we are all different at the same time. What bounds us together is the fact that we are all human beings that have ups & downs that we deal with internally & externally, yet no one person is the same. Our differences should be celebrated… life would be boring and honestly pointless if we all were the same. We might as well become robots. Imagine how wonderful our world would be if all could learn to respect one another and each other’s differences. As the saying goes… “treat others the way you want to be treated”.


Duke Addison is a marketing specialist and writer working with Manifest Studio. He is a tattoo, art, and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, a husband of a psychologist, and a father of two young adults. When not writing in his favorite coffee shop, Duke spends most of his time reading, cooking, and traveling the world.

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