How to Earn Money with Avon 2021

In October 2019, Avon became apart of the LG Household & Healthcare family. Since then, there have been many changes to create a competitive direct selling company that provides representatives a way to earn money while building a business that they can work anytime, anywhere. What is so great about the Avon opportunity is that it is designed to provide a way for their representatives to reach their financial goals with a freedom that comes with running your own business. Whether you are looking to get your favorite Avon products at a discounted price or you need extra money to help pay the bills or you are wanting more control over your time and income & need a full time income, the Avon opportunity can help you accomplish that.

Benefits of Being an Avon Representative

  • FREE online store customers across the U.S. to shop from
  • Work anywhere, anytime with FREE AvonNow account which provides business tools like CRM tools, sales guides, email marketing tools & more. To learn more, click here.
  • Discounted prices on your favorite Avon products + other businesses through Avon Perks
  • Ability to purchase *NEW* products before they are launched in Avon’s What’s New. To learn more, click here.
  • FREE training through Avon U and Learning & Development webinars & Facebook Lives
  • Ability to earn bonuses, incentives & rewards through Avon Rewards program. To learn more, click here.
  • Enjoy recognition through President’s Recognition Program, Leadership Program & Pinnacle Awards. To learn more, click here.
  • Access to support & guidance from your mentor & other representatives
  • For a Limited Time, take advantage of the $0 sign up cost when you sign up by 4/13/21. To learn more, click here.

You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits I just spoke about & then some. During Avon Kickoff last month, they announced even more updates & benefits that will be launching this year. I know I’m looking forward to updating my tv with my LG discount. 

Ways to Earn Money with Avon

Right now there are 2 ways you can earn money with Avon… through personal sales selling Avon products and by mentoring a team of representatives through Avon leadership program.

Personal Sales

Now, when it comes to Avon products, I will say a lot has changed in the 5 years I have been a representative, and I will say it’s changed for the better. We not only offer our customer’s Avon classics like Skin So Soft but also amazing *NEW* products as a result of being a part of the LG family. 

Since we joined the LG family in October 2019, we have launched products from brands like belif, CHI and The Face Shop on top of *NEW* Avon products & collections such as the Isa Knox Anew skincare collection, CBD body care products and the Studio 1886 collection which includes *NEW* fragrances. We even have everything you would need to clean your home. And guess what, there is still more to come! This is definitely not the same Avon we all grew up with. 

By having a wide selection of products at various price points, Avon is providing a way for its representatives to reach a wider range of customers. Whether they are young or old, man or woman, filthy rich to living paycheck to paycheck. There is something for everyone!

Avon Leadership

For me, I was never one that felt comfortable in what many think of when it comes to direct selling companies where it’s all about adding bodies to your team. For me, I look at my team of representatives as that… we are a team. We are working together so we all can have a successful Avon business and reach our individual financial goals. 

As a leadership representative, it is my job to help support & mentor my team. How I do that is by

  • Building a strong relationship with each of my team members by learning about their passions, their whys & what motivates them so I can know how better to help guide & support them.
  • By being a role model through sharing my own expertise, success story & what motivates me.
  • By being ready to go when a team member reaches out to me for help or guidance and being available to problem solve or brainstorm with them a solution or plan.
  • By celebrating & recognizing each team member’s success whether it’s placing a first order, reaching a new sales level or leadership level. I even recognize each of my team members for their birthday & Avon anniversaries.

For more information on Avon Leadership program, check out Avon Leadership 2021.

Let’s Get You Started…

Join Avon today with Reference Code: jantunes at

As a new representative, enjoy

  • 25% earnings on beauty & jewelry sales and 20% on fashion & home sales
  • Enjoy opportunities for bonuses & incentives with qualifying campaign sales
  • FREE online store customers anywhere in the U.S. can shop from & enjoy FREE SHIPPING with their $60+ order
  • FREE online training, tools & support to help you start, grow & manage your own successful Avon business anywhere, anytime.
  • Have access to a team Facebook group where you can enjoy weekly live trainings & tutorials, recognition & incentives and a place to find support as much or as little as you need.

Join Avon today with 1 of 3 options:

  • Get started for $0
  • Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  • Choose a starter collections with best selling products value starting at $112

No matter what option you choose, you will receive all the benefits of being an Avon representative so you can take control of your financial future just like Jen Antunes!

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