Avon New Representative Tips

I remember when I first started, I felt overwhelmed with trying to learn absolutely everything about having an Avon business. The thing is, you are not going to know EVERYTHING. I will admit that I still don’t know everything. So today, I decided to go over everything I feel that is important for my new representatives, especially, to know as they start their Avon business. 

Now before we continue, I do want to acknowledge the person who inspired me to share this type of information, Terri Kolodziej. She is my upline with Avon & she has been an amazing support to me over the last five years.

A few years ago, when I was struggling to figure out how to support my new representatives on my team, she shared with me her packet that she sends out to the new representatives on her team. She is the inspiration behind this blog and the video below…. Thank you, Terri!

You can check out Terri’s blog at Journey of Avon Lady or connect with her through her online store at youravon.com/tkolodziej.

Things You Need to Know

To go over everything you need to know as a *NEW* Avon Representative, check out the video below or click here.

Things You Need to Know as a New Avon Rep

Looking for a specific topic? Check out the break down of the above YouTube video where you can click on link provided to fast forward to desired topic:

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Registering your AvonNow account: 3:07S
  • Submitting your first AvonNow order: 6:44
  • Getting Paid: 16:31
  • Avon What’s New/Demos: 29:13
  • Being Organized: 31:25
  • Support: 36:27

Let’s Get You Started

Join Avon today with Reference Code: jantunes at startavon.com.

For a Limited Time, enjoy 3 sign up options, when you sign up by December 2020:

  1. Take advantage of the $0 sign up
  2. Receive a $100+ value Best Sellers kit for $30
  3. Make a $5+ donation to American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

No matter what option you choose, you will receive all the benefits of being an Avon representative including all the online tools, training & support you will need as you take control of you financial future like Jen Antunes did & start your very own Avon business.

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