Full Face of Wet N Wild

DISCLAIMER: All products mentioned & used in this video were purchased with my own money and my thoughts & opinions are based on my own research & personal experience. Feel free to use the links I provided to learn more about the products. Note, any Avon products listed are connected to my online store and if you do choose to purchase them from that link, I will earn money as an Avon Independent Sales Representative.

Wet N Wild has been a makeup brand that I have used since my good ole high school days. They have super affordable products that are vegan & cruelty free. Let’s face it… there are even high end name brands that aren’t vegan or cruelty free and they cost a whole lot more.

Some of my go to products are from Wet N Wild such as their Photo Focus 3 in 1 Primer Spray, their Photo Focus Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Primer and their Breakup Proof Retractable Liner. I will admit, there have been some Wet N Wild misses that I’ve come across, but overall I would recommend this brand, especially if you are someone who is on a budget.

Check out my latest YouTube video where I create a beautiful summer to fall makeup look using only Wet N Wild products. In the video I share with you my favorite Wet N Wild products as well as some first impressions with products like their Photo Focus Matte Foundation, Photo Focus Concealer and their Limited Edition eyeshadow palette in celebration of their 40th anniversary, The 40 Palette.

To check out my Full Face of Wet N Wild first impressions and faves, check out the video below or click here.

My Full Face of Wet N Wild Makeup Tutorial

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