Being an Avon Mom: Mother’s Day Edition

Being a mother consists of a lot ups & downs. It is the one aspect of your life that is going to challenge you beyond you ever could think of but also give you the biggest reward and a love like no other. I am a blessed mother of 4 boys (17, 14, 11 and 3). I’ve always had a close relationship with my boys but I know over the last year as we worked through me battling stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer and divorcing my husband (the father of my two youngest), I know our bond has become even closer. My boys are the ones who inspire me and push me to be the best version of myself and to work hard at creating the best life possible for us. In honor of it being Mother’s Day, I wanted to acknowledge the 4 boys who fill my life with repeating myself, chaos, laughter and most importantly lots and lots of love.


My first born. My thinker. My devils advocate. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming and how much you’ve grown in the last year. You have become someone I can depend on to help me around the home especially with projects like our clogged plumbing or moving furniture. Your sense of humor may get on every one else’s nerves but hearing your laughter & seeing your smile warms my heart more then you know. You & I have been through a lot in your 17 years of life, some were bad choices on my end and I will forever be sorry for them. I am working hard to make sure I don’t make those mistakes with your brothers & be the best mom I can be for you now. This past year I have watched you go from being a very isolated, more self-centered teen to a more mature, family oriented young man. We have just another year together before you are off to college and whatever you decide to do, I will support you because I believe in all that you are!


My sweet boy, Matthew. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming. You have helped me so much with your youngest brother and I just love watching you two together. It makes me so happy to know that he has you to look after him and be there for him. I know one day when you are ready to have kids, you are going to make an amazing father and husband. I love that we have an honest, open relationship that has only gotten even closer this past year. You are growing up so fast and can’t believe you will be starting high school all ready. I want you to take on the next four years and don’t be afraid to try new things. Look what you did this past year and the doors that were opened because of it. Don’t ever doubt who you are & what you can offer!


My mini-me (personality-wise)! My creative, happy go-lucky, pride & joy! I know this past year was especially hard on you this year and I am sorry for any of the pain that I caused. I know you know that the decisions I’ve had to make were for the best, but that don’t mean it still don’t heart, and I understand that. Through it all, you have gotten through this past year so maturely and did your best to stay positive. You have such an amazing energy that lights up the room when ever you walk in. Life is going to test you & try to darken that light but don’t let it. You have such amazing big dreams that I am so excited to watch you make come true and I promise to do my best to continue to encourage you & provide you the support you need to make them come true.


My baby, my lil terror. You are the one who in your 3 years of life have tested me, challenged me the most. You are strong will and a ball of energy that definitely keeps me on my toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This past year I’ve watched you never wanting to leave my side to loving school & making friends. You are so funny and bring so much joy to our family. I love our play time and our daily walks because that is when I really can see you shine with your imagination, creativity and your engineer mind. I absolutely love watching you figure out the world around you. We still have many years together and I am going to make sure you grow up in a home filled with happiness, laughter & love.

Being a mom to these 4 boys is the biggest blessing in my life. I am so lucky to have 4 individual sons who each bring me so much joy & love. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What Do You Love About Being a Mom?


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