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One of the biggest things I have had to work through as a work at home mom is being organized. Those who know me may find this as a bit of a shock because I am one who loves to organize. If you are a work at home parent, you know the struggles of balancing work and family life which leads to struggling keeping your home organized for work and family life. Below are some tips I’ve learned along the way that help me stay organized.

Have a Dedicated Space for Work

work from home

Most of us don’t have the space to have a home office. I know for me, up until this past year, I worked where ever I could find a place to sit with my laptop and my supplies were scattered through out the home, most of it in boxes. Once I was able to go through my stuff and create a work space for myself, I became much more efficient in getting things done. What I love even more so being a single mom, I started saving money because I was able to see what I had. I no longer buy stuff because I can’t find it lol.

When choosing your space, Lauren Miles Brunelli (2019) recommends taking into consideration what you struggle with in getting work done, what your daily routine is and how your family functions. You want to find a place that will allow you to be able to focus and be efficient.

Learn how to create an organized work space with See Girl Work’s Work From Home? Try These 5 Tips for Desk Organization

Have a System in Place

One of the most important things you can do for yourself to be productive in the least amount of time is by creating a system that will keep you organized. You want to “create systems that allow you to find what you need quickly, perform the task efficiently and return everything to its proper place easily when you’re done.” (Robinson, 2017)

I have always been one that thrives when I am using a calendar and have my to do lists. Each time I have tried to rebel and not use these my life would be in chaos and things would fall on the way side. When you are balancing work and family life, having a calendar and to do lists will help you get things done on time. Let’s face it, we forget. We are human. You gotta get yourself into the habit of adding appointments and events to your calendar and writing those tasks you need to do right when you think of them. With all the amazing apps available on our smart phones, there is no more excuses on forgetting. We all travel with our phones everywhere we go so you can easily add as you go. And what’s even better is that you can find apps that everyone in the family can be apart of.

Another thing I do to keep myself on track is that I utilize alarms/notifications. I not only use my alarms to wake up in the morning but also when I need to do or go somewhere by a certain time for work and for family life.

Create a Routine


As a work at home parent, you know how easy it can be to get distracted between children, housework, phone calls, etc. The best thing you can do for yourself is establishing a routine for yourself and for your family. This will help minimize distractions and give you the time you need to get work done. ” If you work a little here, and a little there, you might end [up] stretching an 8 hour day into a 10 or 12-hour workday—and your mind will be scattered.” (Parris, 2019)

When creating your routine, consider when your peak hours are. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Whenever your are most energetic and able to focus is the best time to get the tough tasks done. In doing so you will see yourself get more done and meet your deadline with more ease.

Set Boundaries on Distractions

I know for me, those around me think because I work at home that I am available 24/7. This can’t be a reality. Once you have established your routine, it is up to you to set boundaries and minimize your distractions. This may include you screening your phone calls, establishing & enforcing rules with your children (and spouse), turning a blind eye to the housework that needs to be done… Do what works for you on minimizing those distractions.

Forgive Yourself

Image result for forgive yourself you are not perfect

I know first hand how hard it is to balance work & family and how quickly the guilt just makes everything worse. I have had to learn the hard way that I can’t nor should I be perfect at this. I am human and life happens. Some days will be harder then others. On the days that I am able to balance work & family perfectly, I give myself a pat on the back and thank God because they are far and few in between. Most days when I end up cooking dinner an hour later then usual, forget to call someone back or drop the ball on something, whether it is family or work related, I reflect, forgive and move on. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be either. All you can do is learn from your choices, forgive yourself when you fall short and try to be better today then you were yesterday.

What are your favorite organizational tips for working at home?


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