May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day has arrived and I’ve decided to pay homage to the moms who have helped me become the woman I am today…

To My Memere Hebert

Whenever I think of you Memere, I can’t help but think of the love & dedication you & Pepere had towards one another & your family. It was truly inspiring to see growing up first hand, the way you would scoot over to sit right next to him in the truck or the way you would say “Roland” when Pepere would get super competitive in your weekly game of pitch with your kids.I remember thinking that I wanted a man to look at me the way Pepere looked at you- a beautiful, amazing woman who he couldn’t imagine life without. I do know that one thing I have inherited from you is your stubbornness in being independent. Because of that stubbornness (I prefer to call it determination), I have been able to not only get through some of the toughest times of my life, but became an even better person for it.

To My Memere Paul

I still don’t know how you raised your 9 kids in that tiny home without losing your sanity. I feel very lucky to have memories of visiting you with my Pepere and rocking in your rocking chair with you. You were a tough cookie who didn’t take anyone’s b.s.. I guess you had to be in raising all those kids just like I have to in raising my 6 kids. I do know when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, if anyone can understand what I am going through, it is you. There have been moments that I have felt your love & strength around me when I was feeling like a failure as a mom and needed that extra boost to get through the day.

To My Memere

Your love, support & guidance is what has helped me become the woman I am today. Watching you & Pepere work together in creating a life together and supporting your family the way you do inspires me to be like that for my kids one day. Knowing that your hard work & teamwork helped you have the American Dream come true for you guys. I know that in some ways our views are very different but I do know that I am a lot like you like your dedication in doing whatever you can to help your family & the never ending love you have for them. Your dedication & love is what inspires me as a mom to my kids.

To My Mom

Of all the strong women I have had in my life, you are by the far the strongest. I witnessed first hand many of your life struggles and not only survive them, but use those trials to learn something from them & make yourself a better person. You have taught me that us moms are the center of our family’s life but it is still ok to be me. It’s actually important that I don’t lose who I am because it is going to make me a better mom, You shown me how to use everything our past generation of strong women who have passed down to us to be not only an amazing strong and beautiful woman, but a loving & dedicated mom as well. You are a true warrior & have taught me to be one too no matter what life throws my way.

I hope that not only the amazing moms in my family but all the moms have an amazing Mother’s Day & know that you are loved, appreciated and the world is a better place because of you!

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