Disappointed Mother's Day Tips

I know this may not be a typical Mother’s Day inspired blog, but I know this is a topic that many moms, including myself, feel guilty about talking about it. Whether it’s society to blame our own views on what we as moms are “supposed” to be like, the reality is we all deal with our own “mom guilt” and being disappointed on Mother’s Day is one of them. I love my husband & kids and I do give them credit that they do try each year to make Mother’s Day a “relaxing day” for me and I appreciate & love their effort but I too have had experienced disappointment.

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Here is what I have learned to ensure I don’t have a disappointed Mother’s Day:

Tip #1: Lower Your Expectations

Are you imagining waking up to birds chirping on Mother’s Day after a well rested night of sleep, breakfast in bed with adorable homemade gifts from your kids who are well behaved & actually give you a day of no fighting and a husband that makes sure the house is spotless & has you feel like a beautiful queen all day long? We see the moms on tv & movies have the perfect Mother’s Day so why can’t we? The truth is that is not reality. You may have a sick child, your husband may need to work that day, your kids are well, going to be kids. Life isn’t a well scripted scene in a movie that you can say cut & redo until it’s your perfection.

Tip #2: Speak Up

I know this is something I have had to learn to do. As a mom, I would always feel guilty in wanting something & be upset when my husband just didn’t read my mind & know what I wanted. First off, there is nothing wrong in wanting something for yourself. That does not make you a selfish mother. I’ve actually learned that it’s actually making you a more selfless mom because when mom is happy, everyone is happy. If there is something special you want for Mother’s Day, it’s ok to ask for it. And don’t expect your husband to just know. If your husband is like mine, you have to bring him by the hand with neon lights pointing to what you want and specifically say, “I want fill in the blank for Mother’s Day”.

Tip #3: Appreciate What You Have

Keep in mind that there are those who dread Mother’s Day whether it is because they don’t have a relationship with their own mom, their mom is no longer with us or those who would love to have children of their own but for whatever reason can’t or don’t. There are always someone else who is having a harder day than you.

Tip #4: Enjoy Your Day

Give yourself a break today. If dishes sit in the sink all day or you don’t do laundry for a day. Mother’s Day is about celebrating life. So take this day to enjoy your day with those you love. Play a fun game with your kids, do a special craft or activity, go somewhere fun together. Whatever it is, take the day to relax and live in the moment with those who matter the most to you.

Tip #5: Plan It Yourself

Though I haven’t personally needed to do this in a few years, but in the beginning of our marriage, my husband worked on Sundays. What that meant was it was myself with young children all day. If your husband has to work or if you are a single mom, your Mother’s Day will most likely feel like a typical day unless you take it into your hands & make it a special day. Start a tradition like having a picnic at the park or going to a special restaurant for breakfast. Who says you can’t get plan your own Mother’s Day and what you do that day?

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Remember, Mother’s Day is just another day. This too will pass & a new day will come. I do hope that all of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, if not I hope these tips help you make the best of it.

Happy Mother’s Day…

What Are Your Mother’s Day Tips?

Comment below your tips that you use to have a good Mother’s Day.

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