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How to Sell Avon at Home

One of the many benefits of being an Avon representative is that you have control on how, when & where you run your business. Because of this freedom, representatives have the opportunity to create a home based business that not only will fit their life but also their personality.

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Benefits of Selling Avon at Home

There is a lot of reasons why people choose to walk away from the corporate world & start their own business at home. Here are the benefits you can enjoy with starting your own Avon business at home:

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  1. Don’t need to commute to & from the office– your office is in your home! According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, “Americans spend an average 348 hours each year commuting” (AllBusiness Editors, 2017) Imagine how much work you can accomplish with that time in not having to commute to & from your office.
  2. Easier to balance work & family life. With having your own business at home, you are able to create a schedule that works best around your family’s routine. I know first hand what I love is that when one of my kids is home sick from school, I don’t have to worry about calling out of work. I can still do my work & be home with my sick child. Also, when my family plans a vacation. I can go! No need to be approved or plan around others who have senority.
  3. You are the boss! You choose when & where you work, what you wear & how to run your business. No more stressing over the office politics & favoritism. You are in complete control of your business! this is boss life
  4. In business for yourself, but not in business by yourself. You will have the support to back you up from Avon & your upline to help you & guide you as you start your Avon business. You will also be apart of a supportive community with other representatives across the U.S..
  5. You are in control of the money. With being in complete control of your business, you are in control of how much you earn. It is the basic principle of: “If there is a will, there is a way!” All the profit you earn from your Avon business is yours to decide what to invest back into your business & what to keep for your personal needs. Want a raise? You decide what you need to do to rise up in sales & leadership levels & you will give yourself that raise! Click here to learn all about Avon’s sales levels & click here to learn all about Avon’s leadership programImage result for earn money with avon
  6. Increase opportunities with Avon incentives. How does a FREE all inclusive trip sound? Right now representatives are working towards this amazing incentives to earn a FREE all inclusive cruise to Bermuda! Throughout the year Avon offers a variety of incentives you can earn amazing new opportunities & prizes. Click here to learn all about Avon incentives you can enjoy.
  7. Less financial risk then building a business from scratch. By starting an Avon business, it will cost you a fraction of the cost it would for you to build a business from scratch or even be a part of a franchise. When you join you will have the option of 3 starter kits starting at $25 where you will receive everything you need to start a successful business including full size products, brochures, business tools & more. Click here to learn more about Avon’s starter kits & how you can use them to create a successful business. 
  8. Tax write off advantages. Being a business owner means you will be able to enjoy a variety of tax write offs. Make sure to contact your tax preparer to learn what you can take advantage of & need to claim for those advantages. Image result for earn money with avon
  9. Creative outlet. Being the one to make decisions for your business, you are able to use creative marketing & money generating activities. One great way to do this is by creating a blog. You can use your blog as a way to express your creativity & share with others. If you can incorporate it with your Avon business, even better! Click here to learn more about creating a blog. 
  10. Gain confidence in yourself. With starting a home business with Avon, you are taking control of your life. As you take control of your life & financial situation, you will notice that your confidence will grow not only with your business life but your personal life as well.

Click here to see AvonMom Top 5 Benefits of Being a Work at Home Mom

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Selling Avon at Home

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In recent years, Avon has broaden their product line to include more then just beauty products. When a customer browses the current brochure, he/she will find products in not only in beauty like makeup or skincare but also fashion, jewelry and even home/lifestyle products like decorations, kitchenware, entertainment & more. Beginning in January, Avon will even have a *NEW* health & wellness line called, Espira. Customers can now enjoy more variety making it appealing to literally everyone! With the holiday season around the corner, you can help people get all of their holiday shopping done right in the comfort of their own home.

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To create a successful Avon business at home, I always recommend to take advantage of ALL that Avon has to offer. This not only helps a representative have multiple avenues to earn money, but it also gives them choices to offer those they share their business with. Each person you come into contact with has their own individual wants & needs. It is up to us, as Avon representatives, to show him/her how Avon can meet their wants/needs. There are 3 ways you can offer for people to purchase Avon products:

  1. Face to Face Service with Representative
  2. Shop Online
  3. Fundraiser

Face to Face Sales

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The foundation of selling Avon was created by the “Mother of Avon”, Mrs. P.F.E. Albee. She created a business plan that would have her go door to door & share her samples with the housewives so they could test out the products & choose the ones they would like to purchase. She would, also, offer a way for these stay at home moms to earn money at home by sharing samples & selling perfumes in their local area. By the time Mrs. Albee retired, “she recruited & trained almost 5,000 representatives” (Encyclopedia of American Women in Business From Colonial Times to Present: Volume 1 A-L, Krisman, 2005).

Check out 5 tips from the “Mother of Avon”, First Avon Lady, Mrs. P.F.E. Albee at 5 Essential Business Lessons from Avon’s Very First Representative.

Over the years, the door to door selling aspect has expanded with new ideas & ways for representatives to gain new customers & grow their business. Here are some ideas on how you can work your business with face to face service in your local area:

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  • One of the the most important tools you have is the Avon brochure. Always having a bunch with your contact information & online store link in your purse/bag where ever you go so you can hand these out or leave them around town for people to grab. To learn how you can get the most out of the Avon brochure, check out Avon Selling Tips: Selling Avon with Brochures.
  • Put up fliers in your local grocery store, community center and/or churches bulletin boards with information about buying & selling Avon. You never know what the person needs when they look at your flyer. Click here for a list of fliers ready to go for you to use. 
  • Participating in events in your local area is a great way to get your name out there in your local area. You can also enjoy on the spot sales with any products that you may have on hand.
  • Advertise yourself by wearing Avon products, placing a decal sticker on your car or even wearing an Avon pin. When you are out & about doing your daily errands, whom ever you come across will know you are the Avon Lady.

Online Sales

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When you sign up to become an Avon representative, you will be eligible to set up your very own e-Store through your personal Avon account at  Having an online store is a great opportunity, regardless if you are looking to only have an online business or not. Online shopping is on the rise, with more & more people doing their shopping right online. So being able to offer your customers a way to shop online will only increase your sales, which means it will increase your earnings. What’s so great about online sales is all you have to do is share your link & Avon will do the rest!

 Learn all the benefits your customers can enjoy shopping Avon online at Benefits of Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes Online.

With the online store, you are now able to service customers outside of your local area. Just like with your face to face sales, the best way to grow your online business is by sharing. Here are some ideas on how you can work your business online:

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  • Put your online store link on all of your printed materials including adding it to your email signature. This will provide anyone who receives the printed material/email will have the link for them to start their online shopping.
  • Share your business on all of your social media profiles. I’m talking about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, PinterestSnapchat, Tumblr & any other social media profiles you have. The more you share your business, the more people who will see it, which means the higher up your online store will appear in the search engines. Click here to learn how you can take advantage of the Social Media Center & Email Center on your personal Avon account on at Avon Selling Tips: Using Web Office for Online Business.
  • Create a business page on Facebook so your customers will have a place to go to learn about your latest sales, promotional offers & whatever else you feel is important for your customers to know. Check out tips on how to advertise your business on social media with Avon Selling Tips: Using Social Media.
  • Create a blog about your business & incorporate what you love. For example, if you love makeup. You can create a makeup blog with tips, how to’s, product reviews & information about Avon makeup. Click here for tips to help you grow an online business with a blog at Avon Selling Tips: Growing Avon Business Online with a Blog.

Fundraiser Sales


Though this is the more difficult of the three to get interest from customers, once you do an Avon fundraiser, you will see all the hard work was worth it. With a registered fundraiser, you will receive 50% discount on the orders. You will then share the 50% with the organization. Most representatives offer 30%-40% depending on how much work is entailed. One of the benefits that representatives love about fundraisers is that they are a great way to boost your annual Award Sales having you reach higher sales levels.

Avon will provide you with all the tools you will need to run a successful Avon fundraiser through your personal Avon account on Here are some ideas on how you can get fundraisers for your Avon business:


  • Place fliers in everything you hand out letting people know you can help them raise funds for a local organization or cause. Click here for a list of fliers ready to go for you to use. 
  • Send an email out to everyone you know letting them know the benefits of a fundraiser & if they know anyone/organization who could use your help.
  • Send a professional letter to the local schools & churches to let them know you can help them with their upcoming fundraisers.
  • Hold a fundraiser yourself for your favorite cause & show your customers how great Avon fundraiser are.

To learn more check out Avon fundraiser.

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How Much Can You Earn Selling Avon at Home

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Just like with any business, you will need to put the work into it. However, with your hard work, you will enjoy amazing benefits financially as well as other opportunities. When you set goals, work a plan & have fun with your business, you will see that your business will continually grow.

Avon has created a system that offers representatives two ways to earn money to help them earn the most:

  1. Personal Sales: Earn money by selling Avon products to customers across the United States in person & online.
  2. Team Sales: Earn bi weekly income & bonuses by mentoring others as they create a successful Avon business.

Personal Sales

As we’ve discussed above, there are 3 ways you can sell Avon products:

  1. Brochure Orders (Face to face sales)
  2. Online Orders
  3. Fundraising

Your personal sales will be calculated every campaign (2 weeks) by Avon. They will total your personal sales & online orders to determine your total Award Sales. Where the Award Sales totals will determine what earnings bracket you will fall under in the chart below:

2017 earnings chart

Avon offers representatives a way to earn even more with the sales aspect of their business through the President’s Recognition Program. This is a sales level achievement program where representatives can earn more earnings, more demos & additional rewards. See below the earnings you can enjoy as you rise up in each sales level:

President's Recognition Sales Level Earnings

To learn more about President’s Recognition Program

Team Sales

When we speak of “team sales” this is in regards to Avon’s Advanced Leadership program. Participating in the leadership program, this will consist of recruiting & mentoring other representatives in creating their own Avon business. You will earn additional earnings, bonuses & incentives. Just like with sales, the higher you rise in leadership levels, the more you will earn.

To learn more about Avon’s Advanced Leadership program, click here

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You can become an Avon representative by joining at with Reference Code: jantunes.

At that time you will be able to choose from 3 starter kits starting at $25. Each kit will have everything you need to start your very own Avon businessincluding brochures, full size products, samples, recruiting information & more. You can learn how to use your chosen starter kit to start a successful Avon business at 2017 Avon Starter Kit Tips.

Be your best with the best join avon now banner

To learn more about starting your own Avon business, check out Sell Avon: How to Start & 2017 Avon Starter Kit Tips.



Become an Avon Super Seller for $30 by joining at with Reference Code: jantunes.

Receive a FREE gift when you sign up as a representative + receive brochures & all the online tools you will need to start & grow your very own Avon business.

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