AvonMom Tip: How to Make a Home Command Center & Be Organized

One of the biggest problems most homes deal with is paperwork! I am a mom of 4 school age boys who are all active in some sort of after school activity. That means paperwork in our home can get chaotic quickly. One way that keeps the chaos to a minimum for our family is having a command center.

A command center is exactly what it sounds like- An organized spot where your family can go to each day to see what’s happening that day & what needs to get done. One of the best things about a command center is that it can be for a family of 1 to a family of 10. The whole point of it is to make your life more simple.

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How to Create a Command Center For Your Home

The most important thing you need to keep in mind as you are making your command center is that it has to meet your family’s needs. There is no wrong way in doing it as long as it works & makes your life easier.

Step 1: Find a Location

Finding a location for your command center is a key element in its success. You need to find a place in your home where it is accessible for everyone in your home & convenient.

Image result for create a home command center find a location

My command center has always been in our kitchen. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The kitchen is the center of our home. In the mornings and right after school, this is where I am the majority of the time doing what I need to do.
  2. The main entrance we use to enter our home is in the kitchen. I have learned the hard way that if I do not have a spot for my kids to place their stuff right as soon as they enter the house, then their stuff will be thrown sporadically around the whole house. Every parent knows how much of a pain it is when you are trying to get out the door & there is a shoe no where to be found.


Step 2: What Does Your Command Center Need to Have?

You need to make a checklist of what you will need to have in your command center that will help keep your family organized & running smoothly.

Some of the more popular items you will find in command centers are:

  • Calendar
  • Writing Utensils
  • Bulletin Board
  • Filing system to organize paperwork

Step 3: Set up Your Command Center

Image result for create a home command center Now it’s time to set up your command center. Make sure to organize it in a way that will be easily maintained. You need to set up some sort of system that you can do to keep the command center working & up to date. A command center is suppose to make your daily life easier, not harder. Find a place for everything & create a system that will be quick & easy.

Step 4: Enjoy!

As soon as you have your command center set up & ready to go, the first thing you need to do is pat yourself on the back because you just made your home run more smoothly. Secondly, you want to go over your new system with your family so they know what to do & how to use the command center to make their daily life easier. After that, all you have to do is make sure to utilize your center & make sure it is kept up to date & organized.

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Tips I’ve Learned to Keep Command Center Working:

  • At the end of each week, I go over the flyers on my bulletin board & if they are no longer valid they go in the trash.
  • Everyday I make sure I put the paperwork I receive & need to keep go in their designated spot. Paperwork I keep on hand is important school papers, bills to be paid, receipts, instruction manuals, kids after school activities, etc.
  • The last Saturday of each month I update my monthly calendar & my weekly calendar gets updated Sunday evening.
  • If you notice supplies are low (pens, pencils, paper clips, homework supplies) restock them before they run out.
  • Don’t be shocked if you need to declutter it every few months.
  • If someone places something where it’s not suppose to, remind them & have them put it where it needs to go (if it’s a small child, you can take this opportunity to teach them how to be organized). As I’ve said this is a way for EVERYONE to have a smoother, more efficient daily life. If everyone puts everything in its place then everyone will be able to enjoy it.

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My Command Center

In March, my family had moved into a new home. The one thing I realized rather quickly is we kill a lot of trees. We literally had a mountain of paperwork and the system I had in place was not going to work in our new home.

With the new school year & me expecting a baby at the end of October, I was determined to make sure I had a system in place. I was not going to deal with the craziness I dealt with the previous school year.

My Location:

We have always had some sort of command center. The issue I had with our current kitchen is that it is smaller then our last kitchen and there really wasn’t much free wall space. After doing some research, I decided that ours will be centered around our kitchen table. This is the center of our home where we do more then just eat dinner at. Having the command center based off the kitchen table made the most sense for my family.

My Command Center Essentials:

The key element in any successful command center is that the system you choose has to best fit your family life. Due to space restrictions, for me, I couldn’t have it all in one place however, I did keep everything in one room. As you can see I have three spots in my kitchen that make up my command center. This system has made minimized the stress & chaos in my home, especially in the mornings as we are all trying to get out the door.

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Examples of Other Command Centers:

Here are some pictures I discovered in my research, some inspired me while others are ones I just like.

Image result for home command center ideas     Image result for home command center ideasImage result for home command center ideas     command center wide

Get more ideas for your command center from these blogs:

(links go to pictures in order top left to right, bottom left to right)

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