Avon Winter Beauty Guide

The winter’s freezing cold temperatures, sharp winds, dry indoor air and even our eating habits and what clothes (or how much) clothes we wear can all effect our skin & hair. One of the biggest things that happens to our skin & hair during the winter months is dryness, even to those who have normal or oily skin & hair types. On top of dealing with drying weather conditions, most people’s lifestyle changes during the winter months, such as hot showers & use of dry heating systems, can contribute even more so to our skin & hair becoming dry. Because of this, it’s important for us to create a beauty routine from head to toe to maintain & hold hydration so we are looking & feeling our best.

Hair Care Winter Guide

Starting at the top, your hair. Believe it or not but your hair can get damaged during the winter. The cold temperatures and dry indoor heat can make it really hard for your hair to hold on to any moisture. This can result in dull hair, breakage and the dreaded dry scalp & dandruff. Below are my Avon hair care recommendations to help you keep your hair hydrated & healthy.

Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum: Smooth and protect hair by applying Dry Ends Serum on towel-dried hair before styling. Delivers smooth, shiny hair with up to 65% less frizz! Special ingredient – pro-vitamin B: coats the hair, enhancing its gloss, elasticity and body.

Dr Groot Anti Dandruff Scalp Care 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner: Total scalp care you can count on! Dr. Groot’s 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner is your new dual-action shower caddy essential. Control the flakes while conditioning your scalp with this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that leaves scalp clean and hair feeling soft and refreshed.

Dr Groot Premium Scalp Cleansing Brush: Get to the root! This scalp cleansing brush provides gentle exfoliation and yet deep cleansing to help clear clogged pores that can lead to dandruff. Promotes hair follicle and hair health. The soft and flexible silicone bristles are gentle on the scalp and won’t hurt hair roots. Promotes healthy-looking hair.

Elastine Botanicals Cherry Blossom & Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner: Daily hydration for your strands. Infused with nature-loving Eco Botanic Essence™, Elastine Botanicals Cherry Blossom & Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo & Conditioner gently cleanses hair and gives it a fresh, sweet scent.  Moisturize dry, damaged hair with this hyaluronic acid-infused formula as thirsty strands drink it up. 

Elastine PropoliThera Dual Serum Essence: Packed with intensive hydration, this dual serum essence penetrates each strand with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to bring damaged or chemically processed hair back to life. It helps to strengthen and protect hair and while adding volume and shine.

Elastine PropoliThera Leave-In Conditioner: This nutrient-rich leave-in conditioner nourishes dehydrated strands, helping your hair regain softness, body and shine.

Skincare Winter Guide

Now onto our skin, on our face. No matter what your skin type is, it can struggle with holding onto hydration. According to a recent article I read, Cerave did a Harris Poll of 2,000 U.S. adults who reported that 83% noted that their skin felt differently during the winter months compared to the rest of the year with 77% stating their skin felt dry during the winter and 41% reported their skin being itchy. So, if any of this resignates with you, note you are not alone. Many don’t realize that they do need to make modifications to their skincare routine during the winter months. Below are my Avon skincare recommendations you can implement into your routine, no matter what your skin type is.

Anew Hydra Fusion 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Meet Avon’s highest concentration of moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid (1.5%!) for visibly plumper, bouncier skin. This super ingredient acts like a sponge holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water for intense, lasting hydration. It’s your rescue treatment for those extra dry areas that need saving!

Anew Vitamin C Overnight Radiant Mask: Wake up to see softer, smoother, more vibrant skin with this overnight radiant mask. Formulated with powerful antioxidant vitamins C and E, this mask visibly improves skin texture and boosts radiance. Contains niacinamide, known to visibly improve skin tone, and shea butter and sunflower seed oil to help nourish and moisturize.

belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer: Dive into hydration with the belif Aqua Bomb, formulated with a soothing blue gel cream that provides instant moisture while making your skin look healthy and even. Lightweight and refreshing. For really dry skin, check out belief Moisturizing Bomb Moisturizer.

belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb: Believe your youthful-looking eyes. This lightweight, refreshing eye cream cools on contact and helps keep the eye area resilient and smooth for crease-free makeup application. Great for dryness around eyes.

The Creme Shop Overnight Lip Therapy Masque Sweet Berries: Wake up ready to pucker up! Our deeply moisturizing Overnight Lip Therapy Masque with nourishing shea butter intensely repairs dry and cracked lips while you sleep.

The Creme Shop Ready, Jetset, Go! Travel Mask (5 pack): Travel may be a luxury, but the effects it can make on your skin are not—altitude, dry cabins and recycled air can make your skin feel dehydrated, so it looks irritated and dull. Combat dry skin with ultra-hydration retention.

Isa Knox Anew Clinical Booster Moisture Lock: Your skin deserves a moisture boost! Featuring a blend of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and NMF (natural moisturizing factor), this formula delivers instant hydration that lasts for 72 hours and protects the moisture barrier for a visibly soft, supple complexion.

Isa Knox LXNew Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser: Time to come clean. Wash up with a luxurious cream cleanser infused with panthenol and soothing rosemary and soapwort extracts. The nourishing formula gently removes makeup and impurities while restoring moisture for a soft, smooth and healthy look. For those who have extreme oily skin, check out Isa Knox LXNew Clean Balancing Gel Cleanser.

Body Care Winter Guide

Finishing up with our body… just like with our skin on our face, our skin through out our body struggles to hold on to hydration during the cold winter months. Below are my Avon body care recommendations to help hydrate your skin for touchably soft, smooth & healthy skin from head to toe.

Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream: Protect against dryness and rough skin with Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream. This protective hand gel locks in moisture and protects against skin irritants. Avon Care’s skin-softening hand cream formula alleviates cracked and drying hands for winter relief and all year round.

Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm: This ultra-emollient formula has silica beads for a pleasing texture and vitamin E, cocoa butter and shea butter to help hydrate dry skin and soften rough patches on feet.

Avon Foot Works Pedicure Tool: The do-it-yourself pedicure essential with four features in one tool.

Avon Senses Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath: Lightly scented with hints of chamomile and freesia as not to cause any irritation. This new formula with hyaluronic acid is designed to form a gentle bath and soften the water. Reduces irritation, redness, and rashes unlike other products. This bubble bath for sensitive skin is great for daily use and all skin types.

Avon Sun Protection+ Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Face with SPF 25: Natural mineral sunscreen provides protection against harmful UV rays. Feels so light! Offers immediate protection—no extra time needed for absorption.

Dr Belmeur Daily Repair Cica Moisture Lip Balm: Soothe dry, sensitive lips with this nourishing lip balm, featuring moisturizing cica-infused oil that glides over lips to keep them visibly soft and smooth.

The Face Shop Smile Foot Mask: This disposable foot mask contains powerful natural moisturizing ingredients for baby-soft feet! With highly moisturizing urea, shea butter and collagen, plus peppermint oil for a refreshing sensation. Perfect for tired feet and relief from high-heel use!

Jeju Aloe Ice Refreshing Soothing Gel: Get soothing with a 3-in-1 gel with aloe that contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C, and helps calm, soothe and soften irritated skin. Use as a moisturizer, soothing after-sun care or as a facial pack. Can also be refrigerated for a cooling effect…. I personally use this on myself & my boys wherever we have irritated, dry skin as well as for bug bites or skin reaction.

Moisture Thearpy +Balance & Soothe Body Wash: Create a healthy environment for skin’s microbiome and restore balance with this refreshing body wash.

Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Bonus Size Body Lotion: Hydraboost Technology supplements your skin’s natural oils to moisturize sensitive skin for 24 hours. If you suffer from red or irritated skin, this non-irritating body lotion reduces the effects. Also available in smaller size

Moisture Therapy Lip Balm: Provides instant moisture to soften lips.

Skin So Soft Botanical Essence Bath Oil: Your skin will fall in love with blended botanicals! A formula of luxurious oils plus herbal extracts is enriched with fatty acids and vitamins to help hydrate, lock in moisture and visibly revitalize skin with antioxidant protection. Plus lemon balm, verbena and green tea to help nourish skin. Uplifting herbal scent.

Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Enriching Coconut Oil Body Wash: Enriches with superior hydration and nutrient-packed goodness for skin that feels sumptuously nourished, soft and supple skin for hours.This luxurious cleansing coconut oil wash lathers up to purify your skin as it deeply nourishes and softens it with vitamin E.

Veilment CBD Body Lotion: Now in an easy squeeze application tube, it’s the same formula as original. Formulated with 100mg of CBD, plus hemp seed oil and turmeric to help soften, nourish and hydrate skin. Jasmine scent. No THC.


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