January 2022: Moving Forward

Boy, was this past year not what I expected. I went into 2021 believing I would be starting steps onto a dream I had since my divorce. Little did I know that my mental health would come in & knock me off my pedestal I was on. I was stupid though in thinking that this wouldn’t happen. That is my pattern… when life is hard & difficult, my mental health is on point & I am become a fighter. When life begins to calm down & levels out, my mental health falls apart and I struggle with depression.

I will say though I learned a lot about myself. I learned that the direction I was going was not in my best interest. I learned how to set boundaries & speak up for myself. I learned to not let guilt or obligation determine my decisions. Being someone who has always been codependent, these are big steps but I know I am not completely over them. My codependency is something I am going to have to work on for a long time and that is definitely what I will be focusing on in 2022. How am I going to do that?

  • Live a healthier lifestyle with more water intake, eating better & exercising more.
  • Reflect each morning & each night on what I am grateful for and/or positivity I have in my life.
  • Focus on my business goals & creating a more stable financial life.
  • Create a home that reflects my family & our life together.
  • Make memories with new adventures & experiences with my children & friends.
  • Surround myself with people I want to be more like… positive, goal achiever, happy, loving.
  • Believe people’s actions, towards you & others.

The last three years, honestly my whole adult life, I’ve had to focus on surviving, getting through, moving on… In 2022, I want to start moving towards living in the moment. I want to be at peace. I want to stick my feet in the sand at the beach watching my kids playing in the water and having my ahh-haw moment that I did it… that is the moment that I was thinking about each time I was getting chemotherapy. That was the moment I was dreaming about when I was under anesthesia for my thymoma surgery. Each hard day, obstacle or bump in the road… I am going to focus on this moment & how it makes me feel….

What does your moment look like when you know you’ve made it & accomplished your goals?

Let me know in the comments

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