My Quick & Easy Morning Routine

With kids going back to school & the chaos in the mornings to get out the door have returned. Being a single mom of boys, I understand first hand how hard it is to get everyone out the door, including yourself, ready for the day. Many mornings I have mastered the multi tasking capabilities where I am able to wash dishes, make coffee, motivate my kids to get ready, etc, etc. I will admit that multi tasking is NOT for the faint of heart. You do need to be able to semi focus on multiple activities, enough that you do them correctly so you don’t make more work for yourself. Like many moms, getting ourselves ready is usually last & we are lucky to have five minutes to get it all done. So, here is how I do my morning routine during the week.

My Routine

The best thing you can for your morning routine is to get as much as you can done the night before. That includes setting up kids lunches, picking out clothes, picking up the house before bed & so on.

Next thing I do is set the alarm half hour earlier than I want to actually get out of bed. I am not a morning person & it takes me awhile to “wake up”.

Once I am up, the first thing I do is make sure all of my kids are up. I will set up my youngest breakfast out for him because he too needs a few moments to get out of bed. Like mother, like son. Now for my other children, they are older & I have taught them from a very young age how to do a morning routine which includes, getting dressed, eating breakfast, doing their hair, brushing their teeth, etc. For the most part they are able to do this on their own. Of course there are mornings when they can’t find the sweatshirt they want to wear or they misplaced something they need for school. But for the most part, they are on their own.

Now, it’s time to get myself ready. I will quickly get dressed and then begin my morning skincare & quick makeup routine as shown in video below.

Once I am ready, I will give my kids their 10 minute warning. I will then finish getting my little one dressed & ready for school. He had time to watch an episode from one of his favorite shows & eat his breakfast. I will then quickly make sure the house is picked up & dishes are in the dishwasher. Then we are out the door & off to take on the day.

Now this is a routine that works for my family. It’s important to consider your kids personalities & what works for each of them. My 2 youngest are not ones that likes to be rushed out the door. They like to have time to wake up, watch a little tv or Youtube & eat a good breakfast while my 2 oldest prefer to stay in bed as long as possible, wake up scrolling social media & then getting ready the last 15 minutes, grabbing a pop tart or breakfast bar as they walk out the door. This year my oldest will be starting his day later as he will be going off to college, so this year is going to be even easier.

I let my kids do their morning routine that works for them as long as all of the necessities are done on time. When needed, I will help them figure out better time management to ensure everything gets done but for the most part, our mornings are pretty calm & quiet which may be shocking for the fact that there are 4 boys living here. This has taught my kids to be self sufficient, independent & skills on time management. And yes, your younger kids can do many of the things that need to be done in the morning independently, you just have to provide the space to do so.

What are your morning routine tips?

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