Mother’s Day for This Single Mom

In the last couple of years I dedicated my Mother’s Day posts to the women in my life (2018) and to the ones who call me mom (2020). I thought today I would talk about being a single mom on Mother’s Day.

Today, I know for many of us will just be like any other day. We don’t have a partner to rally the kids together & come up with a plan to make this day special.

I am a single mom of 4 boys and have been since 2019. Our journey was not easy between battling cancer, divorce, more health problem & all the struggles that came with the pandemic. I will say that our first two years in our new family life has been rough. It’s definitely tested us individually and as a family. I will say though, that those struggles has brought us together even closer. In spite of all the hard ships we have endured over the last few years, our day to day life has been stable & non toxic filled with laughter & love. Something we didn’t have for a very long time.

As a single mom, most days I know it can feel like you are continually trying to catch up… Catch up on cleaning, catch up on laundry, catch up on bills, catch up on homework, catch up on sleep. I know this brings on a tremendous amount of guilt, especially when it comes to your kid(s). I continually struggle with balancing all that is on my shoulders to ensure our household is being run smoothly while also working from home and most importantly being the best mom possible for your kids.

The mom guilt can be deadly that can bring on self doubt, feeling of unworthiness, depression & anxiety and the never ending what ifs. All we can do is our best and I know for me, I strive to be “perfect”. But what exactly is “perfect”. Yes, I may forget to wash a shirt you really wanted to wear to school one day or not be able to stop cooking dinner to play with you, I may end up yelling when i reach a breaking point. Trust me, if I had a choice… those things wouldn’t be an issue, but there is only so much one person can do in a day. Only so much energy, time, patience. I know I am not the only mom who doesn’t feel that guilt of not being “perfect” for their kids.

But, even though I may not be perfect, my kids are provided for. I check in with them & show them love everyday. I encourage them to be the best versions of themselves and remind them that no matter what, I am here. I am doing the best I can day in and day out, just like you. That’s all we can do!

And guess what… those mistakes we make… it’s actually a good thing for our kids to see. They will learn that even us parents are not perfect. They will see a positive role model on how to work hard for those they love and to never give up. Even if they may not say it today, but I know that they appreciate all that you do. You are their world just as much as they are your world. There’s no bond like a mother and child. So take this day and make it special for yourself and for your kids. Today we will be doing family time & having a nice steak dinner that yes I will be organizing & implementing. For me, mother’s day is about celebrating the bond a mother has for their child. So celebrate girl!

What are your Mother’s Day plans?

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