Avon Selling Tips: Grow Your Customer Base

The number one question I am asked by other representatives, on my team, The Super Sellers, as well as other representatives who reach out to me, is….

“How do I get customers?”

In some ways this is an easy question, while other ways it’s difficult. The easy part is I can provide a variety of ideas any one can utilize in their Avon business to grow their customer base. The hard part is on the representative trying to figure out what works best for them.

Growing Customer Base in Community

For the most part, new representatives start growing their customer base in their local area. This makes the most sense because this is where they feel the most comfortable and compared to online, starting to grow your Avon business is quicker in your community.

Think about it…. this is where you have connections, this is where people all ready know you, this is where you can provide the best personal shopping experience for your customers.

Click on the video below or click here to learn how you can market your Avon business in your community.

Growing Customer Base Online

The thing with online business is you need to be consistent and you need to have patience. If you don’t, then an online business is just going to frustrate you & have you feel defeated.

If you can keep these two key items at the forefront of your online business, then you will be happy you did so. Most U.S. adults, especially since COVID-19, shop online, even for their basics like body care, cleaning supplies, makeup and basically anything else they may need to go about their day. What that means is the majority of our customers are online, even if they live in your local area.

Click on the video below or click here to learn how you can market your Avon business in your community.


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