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Avon 2020 Update: Looking Ahead

Over the last few years, Avon has worked hard to update their product line and opportunity. There are more changes & updates coming our way for 2020 selling period including new products, new sales level & earnings and more.

Upcoming with Avon Timeline

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New Products

Throughout the last few years, Avon has been working on updating their product line through discontinuing products to make room for new, more up to date, on trend products including new products from Avon’s collaboration with The Face Shop and Chi Essentials. Customers will enjoy on trend products at premium pricing adding more money into our pockets!

Some of Avon’s new products launched in 2019 have all ready been raved about from top beauty influencers and magazines:

Avon Collaborations

To help provide on trend, cutting-edge technology products, Avon is now offering *NEW* products in collaboration with The Face Shop for curated Korean beauty products and Chi Essentials for belif products that are top selling at Sephora. These exclusive collaborations are apart of Avon’s commitment to providing best-in-class products.

The Face Shop

Customers will be able to enjoy top trending, super luxurious formulas with cutting edge technology.

  • Dr. Belmeur Cica Hydro Cream (Regular Price: $42): Cica is more than just a trendy beauty ingredient—it’s known to relieve irritated skin, strengthen the skin barrier and gently moisturize. Delivers instant hydration to your skin.
  • Dr. Belmeur Cica Recovery Cream (Regular Price: $42): Cica is more than just a trendy beauty ingredient—it’s known to relieve irritated skin, strengthen the skin barrier and gently moisturize. Treats extra-dry and damaged skin.
  • Flat Velvet Lipstick (Regular Price: $12): The unique flat-and-square tip contours and fills lips effortlessly with brilliant color and a velvety finish–all in just one stroke. Available as Solar Beige, Fluffy Pink, Pink Moment, My Pink, Rosé Pink, Mellow Coral, Scarlet Red, London Red, Cassis Red and Darjeeling Red.
  • Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation Slim Fit (Regular Price: $31): This innovative, ultra-portable design uses a luxurious cushion to deliver the perfect amount of foundation anytime, anywhere—with zero spill potential. Available in 18 long-wearing shades. 
  • Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit (Regular Price: $27): Say hello to flawless, long-lasting foundation with a lightweight, innovative formula creates a smooth, natural matte finish that won’t settle into lines. It’s the perfect fit for your skin. Available in 18 long-wearing shades.
  • Ink Lasting Primer (Regular Price: $23): Your makeup pre-game, turning your skin into a silky-smooth canvas while keeping makeup in place all day. It instantly smooths uneven skin texture and tones to brighten and cover skin imperfections.
  • Ink Tint Serum Shine (Regular Price: $15): Get inked! High moisture + high gloss = the perfect combo for shiny, supple lips. Our lightweight, long-lasting liquid lip stain delivers dazzling, high-shine color that smoothly and comfortably coats your pout. Available as Living Coral, Pure Red, Hug Red and Tempting Pink.
  • Ink Tint Tattoo Matte (Regular Price: $15): Think ink! Our lightweight, long-lasting liquid lip stain glides on sleek and dries down to a silky soft matte finish of vivid color. Available as Vintage Pink, Rose & Rose, Tropical Pink, About Coral, Fiesta Red, Love Me Red, Burgundy Punch and Chestnut.
  • Moisture Cushion Blush (Regular Price: $16): Creates a dewy, watercolor-like flush on cheeks. Available as Red, Coral and Pink.
  • Moisture Cushion Highlighter (Regular Price: $16): Creates a dewy, reflective glow that’s subtle and prettily pearlescent.
  • Rice Water Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes (Regular Price: $11): Rice water, the milky white water obtained from rinsing rice, is enriched with vitamins A, B and E, ceramide and minerals to help skin feel moisturized and look radiant. Our facial wipes contain a moisturizing rice water formula that moisturizes the skin even after cleansing. Saturated with smooth cleansing milk, they also effectively dissolve and remove all traces of makeup.
  • Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser (Regular Price: $13): Rice water, the milky white water obtained from rinsing rice, is enriched with vitamins A, B and E, ceramide and minerals to help skin feel moisturized and look radiant. Our foaming cleanser produces a whipped cream-like texture that softly glides onto the skin to effectively remove makeup residue while moisturizing.
  • The Therapy Oil Blending Cream (Regular Price: $45): The unique handmade blending formula has a bottom layer that boasts a highly-concentrated, rich moisture cream and a top layer consisting of fresh, natural essential oils.
  • The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Facial Serum (Regular Price: $36): Visibly restores youthful radiance and reduces the look of wrinkles. So, where does the “oil-drop” come in? The essential oils that are dispersed and released from the serum naturally form bubbles which are known as “oil drops.” These oil drops contain blending oil to help make skin smooth and elastic.
  • Tone Up Primer (Regular Price: $23 each): Whatever your skin needs, we’ve got a primer for that. All of our color-correcting Tone Up Primers instantly hydrate and camouflage minor imperfections leaving skin prepped and ready for foundation. Available as Lumiere for Dull Skin, Lavender for Sallow Skin, Pink for Pale Skin and Mint for Uneven Skin.

Chi Essentials

Customers can now enjoy a unique blend of certified organic botanicals that include aloe vera, pomegranate, hibiscus and other nutrient-rich ingredients for healthy-looking hair.

  • Replenishing Shampoo (Regular Price: $18): Gentle daily shampoo with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids won’t strip hair of its natural oils—plus it’s safe for color-treated hair. The nutrient-rich blend provides balanced care for the hair and scalp while helping to maintain nourishment and shine. Have a great hair day, every day!
  • Moisturizing Conditioner (Regular Price: $18): Our lightweight daily conditioner is infused with aloe to lock in rich moisture. Vitamins A and B help strengthen your hair from root to ends, increase hair’s elasticity and help to smooth split ends and frizz. The nutrient-rich blend provides balanced care for the hair and scalp while helping to maintain nourishment and shine. Have a great hair day, every day!  Avon Chi Essentials Repairing Serum - 2
  • Repairing Serum (Regular Price: $31): Deeply penetrating, lightweight serum helps to strengthen, moisturize and smooth hair from scalp to ends while helping to heal and protect hair from damage. Plus, it’s formulated with vitamin A to help seal split ends.
  • Thermal Protecting Spray (Regular Price: $27): Infused with essential nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidations to help protect hair from the damaging heat of styling tools. Silk molecules help lock in moisture and strengthen cuticles for frizz-free, shiny hair.

This is just the start of it! Avon has even more to come in 2020 so make sure to keep your eye out in the What’s New, Beauty Buzzes & Avon updates.

Coming In 2020 Video Image

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Buying Avon Updates

There will be some changes in upcoming selling year, some may not care for some of the changes and everyone will love others.

Representative Customer Perks

NEW Customer Benefits.

Your customers will be loving this! Beginning January 8, 2020 (Campaign 3), each customer who shops with you (representative delivery or online), they will be able to enjoy new perks & special offers, including exclusive pricing. Yes that’s right EXCLUSIVE CUSTOMER PRICING! They will see in their Avon brochure or your online store, a special customer price. This is a great way to add more value & commitment to your customers!

Exclusive Sampling Offers

Do you remember the Avon x The Face Shop Deluxe Sampler this fall? Customers will be able to enjoy more samplers like this as a representative customer. These will be super helpful in providing opportunities for customers try out our *NEW* products and fall in love them… putting more money in your pocket. Make sure to keep an eye out beginning of the year for more details on AvonNow.

Goodbye Avon Outlet

Starting in early 2020, the Avon Outlet will be discontinued. The upcoming changes will be all about focusing on core products and maximizing your income.

Click Here for more information on Avon Outlet

Online Store Shipping

Customer’s absolutely love FREE SHIPPING. To help encourage your online customer’s to increase their order size, your customers will be able to enjoy FREE SHIPPING with their $60+ standard delivery order beginning January 7, 2020. Now, this is where many representatives have been complaining about, but if you continue to read below, you will see that there is a “method to their madness” sort of speak.

Beginning January 7, 2020, representatives will help pay for the FREE SHIPPING costs starting at $8. Up until this point Avon has taken on the full cost of shipping when customers qualified for FREE SHIPPING. For those who didn’t, the customer would pay the shipping fee. For those of us representatives who have shipped orders know first hand how expensive it can be to ship an order. I can vouch to say that Avon is still picking up the majority of the FREE SHIPPING costs.

2020 Avon Online Store Shipping Fees

Now for customers who place an order under $60 and those who are not a registered customer with you, as you can see from chart above, they will have to pay shipping fees starting at $8. This is another reason why you will want to encourage those who shop with you to register a customer profile through your online store. Unregistered customers will have to pay full price for the products AND shipping fees up to $17.

TIP: Make sure to keep track of what shipping fees you have to pay. This is something you can apply to business expenses when you do your taxes next year.

Click Here for current FREE SHIPPING and Coupon Codes.

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Selling Avon Products

Avon is working hard on simplifying the Avon Opportunity, maximizing your efforts & commissions and providing quality, on trend products you & your customers will love.

What’s New Demos

Starting in early 2020, ALL representatives will be able to enjoy ability to order two of every available What’s New product at your sales level discounted price. This will allow to showcase your favorites to your customers and get them excited for upcoming products.

*NEW* Sales Level

Starting 2020 selling period, to acknowledge representatives on the track to earning President’s Recognition Program first sales level (President’s Club), Avon has named a new sales level called Premier Level. Though Premier Level is not apart of the President’s Recognition Program, Premier Level representatives will be able to enjoy higher earnings with beauty & jewelry. (See chart below)

Learn more about Avon’s earnings and incentives at Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon or go to AvonNow.

Simplified Compensation

Starting Campaign 3 2020, there will be a new, more simplified earning compensation chart for your sales (AvonNow and online). Your 2020 earnings for beauty & jewelry will be based on what your sales level is by 5pm December 31, 2019.

If you are not a President’s Recognition Program sales level representative, your earnings for each campaign in 2020 will be:

2020 Avon Rep Sales Level Earnings

*NOTE: Though there are no commission for orders under $40 for the representative, leaders will still earn commission on all paid orders, including the ones under $40. 

If you ARE a President’s Recognition Program sales level representative, your earnings for each campaign in 2020 will be:

2020 Avon PRP Sales Level Earnings

The new earnings system will help representatives, especially *NEW* representatives, know how much they will earn on each order.

Learn more about Avon’s earnings and incentives at Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon or go to AvonNow.

Find a Representative Tool

Beginning January 7, 2020, representatives that have reached President’s Club or above will be listed when a new customer does a representative search on the “Find a Representative” search tool. However, when customers do a name search, he/she will be able to find that representative, regardless of his/her sales title. Recommendations will be made with preference to representatives who have reached President’s Club or above, placed an AvonNow order in current & past two campaigns and have had online orders placed in current & past three campaigns.

2020 AvonNow Orders Shipping Fees

Beginning January 7, 2020 (Campaign 3), your shipping fees with your AvonNow orders will be as shown in chart below:

AvonNow 2020 Shipping Fees

Now for representatives who have reached President’s Club or above by December 31, 2019, will receive FREE shipping for any additional $500+ AvonNow campaign orders after they’ve placed a $500 AvonNow order within the same campaign. For example, say you submit a $600 AvonNow order the first week of the campaign. Then, you ended up getting another $525 AvonNow order by the last day of the campaign. You won’t have to pay shipping fee for the $525 order.

Tip: To help soften the shipping fee expenses, don’t forget you can charge representative delivery customers a handling fee. For those who may see an increase in shipping costs, you may want to look into increasing your handling fee. Make sure to give customers a heads up prior to applying the new fee rate.

Digital Enhancements

Personally, this is what I am most excited for & can’t wait to utilize all these amazing tools that will be coming out. In 2020, you will have more control over your online store & marketing! The new content management tool will allow you to pick & choose what offers you want to promote & invest in such as SHIPPING (*wink, wink*), samples, discounts & more. On top of it, you will be able to choose when they will run & have access to ready-to-go email & text templates and soon… DIGITAL ADS!

Digital Enhancements

For representatives like myself who have customers both online & representative delivery, this is going to make it so much easier to offer the same discounts & special offers to ALL of your customers. I know right now, I currently have coupon offers only for my rep delivery customers and then I share coupon offers that Avon chooses for my online customers. I absolutely can’t wait to have even more control over my Avon business with things like:

  • Ready to Go Promo: Choose from ready made offers, set your budget & timeframe and then spread the word!
  • Customizable Digital Brochure: Personalize your brochure to focus on the products your customers love.
  • Personalized Online Store: Manage the features on your homepage & set it up just the way you like!
  • More Learning & Development: Get the latest selling tips, product info & expert advice with the best new training tools and more!

For more information, login to your AvonNow account or contact your mentor.

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2020 Update FAQ’s

Below is a list of frequently asked questions & answers from Avon. For more information on 2020 Updates, please login to your AvonNow account and check out the Avon U training or speak to your upline/mentor.

How will this new plan affect my compensation?

We understand there may be questions and feedback in regard to Avon’s updated Representative compensation plan. The updated plan simplifies commissions- now Representatives don’t have to worry about different sales levels to understand what they will make from their sales. 86% of our Representatives are currently earning 20%. Now with the most recent updates, anyone with an order $40+ will earn 25%. We’re happy to share that Representatives have the potential to increase their earnings under the updated plan as well. *See earnings charts above. 2020 sales levels will expire 12/31/20 with more exciting updates for 2021 will be announced later in 2020.

Why are the prices increasing even though the products are exactly the same?

Pricing is established with consideration for product inclusive of components, ingredients & packaging which from time to time do increase the overall pricing. As part of our partnership, LG has reviewed the quality pricing of all of our products in order to be competitive.

Click Here to learn more about LG acquiring New Avon

How can I convince my customers to continue to buy these products at a higher price?

Our enhanced product offering will provide your customers a destination to shop for the latest in Korean beauty along with innovations from collaborations such as The Face Shop and Chi Essentials. Offering new & exciting products to your customers will give them a competitive advantage in the beauty market.

ME: I personally believe that you shouldn’t have to “CONVINCE” anyone to purchase Avon. If a customer loves a product, he/she will continue to buy it. What we can do as representatives to encourage new customers to purchase from us versus another store is to continue sharing how much we love Avon products and continue providing them personalized services like how beginning in January we will be able to offer our customers exclusive pricing. Remember, you can also add your own special offer/service to show your customers appreciation and that you care.

What should I tell my customers/downline about the price increases?

Avon has always been known for quality products and its commitment to its Representatives. By partnering & offering exclusive collaborations. Avon is bringing exciting new premium products to customers with exclusive pricing available only when they shop with a Representative. We are expanding our product education so that you can convey the quality & usage of these amazing products to customers. Check out all of the available training modules on Avon U.

Since you are raising the prices will the number of samples/What’s New products increase?

Representatives of all levels can purchase 2 What’s New products in each campaign. We saw on average most PRP Representatives order less than 2 What’s New products, meaning that as a business owner, it’s about giving your customers more products to experience and love.

For more information What’s New, check out Avon 2020 What’s New.

My customers love the clearance deals, why did Avon decide to eliminate this?

While customers love deals, they were also frustrated by service disruption due to the limited nature of clearance products. And we want to ensure that they love shopping from you EVERY TIME! Our focus will be to enhance product offerings at the best prices consistently, and there will still be seasonal offers.

Will you still have sale items?

YES, from time to time, you will see seasonal offers & special promotions throughout the year.

Are you still going to carry lower priced skin care items?

Our portfolio of products will offer a variation of price points to ensure there are skin care products for all budgets.

How will we be informed of all the changes?

Regular updates are included in Avon’s weekly email, Beauty Buzz which you can also find on AvonNow. You also will find updates on social media and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Find updates, campaign insider, trainings & more on Avon USA Rep Facebook page.

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Shipping Fees FAQ’s

Below are frequently asked questions & answers provided by Avon regarding the 2020 shipping fees & policy changes. For more information, please login to your AvonNow account and check out the Avon U training or speak to your upline/mentor.

Why are you changing shipping fees?

To give  your customers the VIP treatment they deserve, we’re introducing new perks and special offers only for customers who shop with a representative, including exclusive pricing & free shipping starting January 7, 2020.

How can I explain the reasoning behind this change to my team/new recruits?

Customers expect free shipping. To help increase your online customers’ order size & boost your sales, we’re moving our minimum for FREE SHIPPING from $40 to $60.

Avon has previously absorbed 100% of the FREE SHIPPING costs for all customers. In 2020, the shipping fee for $60+ orders will be shared by you & Avon, with Avon continuing to pick up most of the actual cost & passing along a fraction of the cost to Representatives.

How am I going to be charged?

Your customers shopping with you on your online store will pay $8 shipping on Direct Delivery orders below $60 & receive FREE SHIPPING for orders of $60+. The shipping fee for those $60+ orders will be shared by you & Avon, with Avon continuing to pick up most of the actual shipping cost. For example: You will pay $8 on a $60 online customer order which will be charged to your AvonNow account.

Will there be a specific date when shipping charges are applied or will they be applied as my customer’s order bills?

Shipping fee charges to your account will occur automatically when your customer places his/her Direct Delivery order, at the same time we apply commissions. Your Direct Delivery Orders report & invoice will show Shipping Fees as well as Commissions.

Could this charge cause a hold on a future order?

Your balance from the previous campaign must be paid in full before you submit your current campaign order, so a shipping charge could potentially cause a hold. We recommend checking  your account balance before submitting AvonNow orders to avoid any order disruptions.

My customer returned his/her order. Will I see the credit for the order/shipping fee on the account?

No, this fee covers the cost of the shipping to the customer.

My customer’s order was over $60 but due to a last-minute update, an item was out of stock/not available. Can I get the shipping fee waived?

The customer will need to choose an additional item to bring her order to $60+ in order to get FREE SHIPPING. If the customer does not & has a less than $60 order at checkout, the customer will pay shipping.

Will the cost of an online customer returning an order be charged to my account?

No, the customer pays for shipping when returning items. No change in policy.

Will the cost of my customers’ orders be merged for one shipping fee or is it per order?

Charges to  your account will occur automatically each time your customer places a Direct Delivery order- each customer order stands alone.

Will I be charged for expedited shipping fees?

No, you’ll be charged the standard shipping fee and the customer will be charged the additional cost above that for online store expedited shipping. Free shipping offers do not apply to next-day or expedited shipping.  Expedited Shipping Fees are:

  • Expedited 2- Business Day Delivery: $15.90
  • Expedited Next Business Day Delivery:  $20.80

Can I choose to do only Representative Delivery for my online store orders?

No, you have the option of offering Direct Delivery only or both Representative & Direct Delivery.

FYI: When I first transitioned my business to primarily online, I offered both Rep & Direct Delivery. Be warned, you may have customers request Rep delivery and not be in your local area. You will need to contact the customer, collect the payment & send his/her order yourself. This is how I know how much it can cost to ship orders and it is more than $8 most of the time.

Can I choose to have an online store?

No, all representatives automatically have an online store. However, you choose not to be listed the Find a Representative search tool on Avon.com (and not advertise your online store).

I live in Hawaii. Will my customers be charged the shipping surcharge or will I cover that also?

Customers in Hawaii & Alaska will absorb the surcharge. As a representative you will only be charged the standard shipping fee.

Will shipping for an Avon Auto-Replenish order be charged to me?

It will depend on the size of the order. If the Auto-Replenish order is under $60, the customer will pay shipping. If it’s $60+, the representative will be charged.

Can I block certain customers from ordering from me?

No, it isn’t possible to block individual customers.

If my customer is already attached (connected) to me, he/she will remain attached to me correct?

Yes, your online customer will remain attached to you.

Your customer can choose to detach him/herself to you through their customer profile or register a customer profile through another representative.

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