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Sell Avon Online Anytime, Anywhere

One of the many benefits you can enjoy as an Avon representative & running your very own Avon business online is the fact that you can work and earn money anytime, anywhere. Yes that’s right…. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. With the help of all the amazing tools Avon offers, representatives are able to enjoy the freedom of earning money that fits into their life.

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Benefits of Selling Avon Online

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There are a wide variety of reasons why people are wanting to start their very own business online. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy earning money online with Avon:

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  1. You don’t need to commute to & from the office– your office is in anywhere you are! “The average American worker spent 225 hours, or well over nine full calendar days, commuting in 2018.” (Ingraham from Washington Post, 2019)  Imagine how much work you can accomplish with all the time  you are not commuting back & forth to work.
  2. Easier to balance work & family life. With having your own online business, you are able to create a schedule that works best for you & your family. I know first hand this is one benefit I appreciate the most being a single mom of 4 boys. I am able to create a work schedule that fits around my kids school & extra curricular activity schedules.
  3. You are the boss! You choose when & where you work… Remember anytime, anywhere! Plus as the boss you make the decisions on how your business is run. You don’t have to worry about office politics & favoritism. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!
  4. In business for yourself, but not in business by yourself. As I was starting my new business, I was so thankful for all the support & guidance I received from Avon, my mentors and other representatives. As an Avon representative, you are apart of a supportive community, a sisterhood.
  5. You have more financial freedom. With being in control of your own business, you have more control of how much you earn. You have the power to give yourself a raise through growing your business and rising up in sales and/or leadership levels.  It is the basic principle of: “If there is a will, there is a way!” Learn how to set goals & create a plan by checking out Avon Training: How to Make a Business Plan.
  6. Amazing opportunities. How does a FREE all inclusive trip sound? Right now representatives are working towards a FREE all inclusive trip to Jamaica in 2020! Plus, throughout the year Avon offers a variety of other incentives for you to earn bonuses, prizes and more.
  7. An Avon online business is less of a financial risk. Starting an Avon online business requires much less of an investment compared to starting other businesses, even other online businesses. You can start your Avon online business for $30 and receive all the tools you will need to start, build and manage a successful online business. Plus, when you sign up, you will be able to choose 1 of 3 FREE GIFTS of products for you to try, sell or raffle off. Learn more about Avon’s FREE Gifts and how to utilize yours to start your Avon business at Sell Avon Online: Using Your FREE Avon Sign Up Gift.
  8. Tax write off advantages. Being a business owner means you will be able to enjoy a variety of tax write offs such as gas miles, business tools, advertisement materials, your sign up fee and more. Make sure to contact your tax preparer to learn what you can take advantage of & what you will need to be able to claim as much tax write offs as possible.
  9. Have a creative outlet. Being the one that makes all the decisions for your business, you are able to use your creativity through marketing & money generating activities. One great way to do this is by creating a blog. You can use your blog as a way to express your creativity & share with others your passions. Click here to learn more about creating a blog. 
  10. Gain confidence in yourself. With starting an online business with Avon, you are taking control of your life. From first hand experience, I can tell you, the more control you have of your life & finances, the more confident you will become. You will see your confidence grow not only within your business life, but your personal life as well.

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Avon Online Business

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Avon is not like your grandmother’s Avon! Customers will now find a variety of products in beauty, health & wellness, fashion & more. You can provide customers quality products that will have them look & feel their best inside & out. With the holiday season here, customers can also enjoy amazing gifts, holiday decor and more.

To create a successful Avon business online, I recommend taking advantage of ALL of Avon’s earning opportunities. It is up to us to learn what each person’s individual wants & needs are so you can show them how Avon can help them. There are 3 ways people can have their wants/needs met with Avon:

  1. Shop Avon online at
  2. Raise money for a cause or organization with an Avon Fundraiser
  3. Earn money selling Avon online

Did You Know…?

You can work your Avon business anywhere, anytime by downloading the AvonNow app now available through your app store.

Shop Avon Online

As an Avon representative, you are provided a FREE online store link for customers anywhere in the U.S. (yes, even Alaska & Hawaii) to shop from. “A 2019 poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR) shows that 76% of all United States adults shop online.” (Brophy from Fit Small Business, 2019) And online shopping is a way of life that is not going anywhere fast!

What makes having an Avon business online is that all you have to do is share your link and Avon will do the rest. They will collect the customer’s payment and ship their order (for FREE with a $40+ order). You can easily share your online business by:

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  • Listing your online store link on all of your business’s printed materials including Avon brochures, flyers, your business email signature, etc. For more tips on how to grow your business, check out Avon Selling Tips: Selling Avon with Brochures and Avon Sales & Leadership Flyers.
  • Using Avon’s FREE social media tool, Avon Social, to share your business on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Whenever a customer clicks on your post, they will be automatically directed to your online store. For more tips, check out Tips on Growing Online Business with Social Media and Pinterest Marketing Tips.
  • Instagram is where it’s at in 2019 for social media advertising… So share your love of Avon and your business. Let customers see you working your business, how your Avon business has improved your life, you using your favorite Avon products… When people see how much fun you are having they will want to be apart of it whether it is buying from you or joining your Avon team.
  • Have Facebook Groups for your customers as a way to develop a more personal relationship, show your appreciation of their business or providing exclusive offers.
  • Do you love to write or looking for a creative way to share your passion? A blog is a great way to not only share your business but also share who you are as a person. People are more likely to purchase from someone they have a connection with. To learn more, check out Avon Selling Tips: Growing Avon Business Online with a Blog.

Online Fundraising

Avon fundraising is now available online! Yes that’s right. Customers can now raise funds for their local cause and organization all online. Each registered fundraiser will have a unique link that will be directed to your online store. Patrons will be able to shop at your online store while on your end, you will be able to see which fundraiser they are supporting.

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Fundraisers are a great way for representatives to not only boost their annual Award Sales and help them reach higher sales level, but also a way to reach more people and have them connected to your online store. As the boss of your business, it is up to you on what percentage of the proceeds will be given to the cause/organization. Most representatives offer 30% to 40% because with online fundraisers, manual labor is minimal. Avon will provide you with all the tools you will need to run a successful Avon fundraiser as well as process and ship customer orders. Here are some ideas on how you can get fundraisers for your Avon business:

  • Place fliers in everything you hand out letting people know you can help them raise funds for a local organization or cause. Click here for Avon flyers.
  • Send an email out to everyone you know letting them know the benefits of a fundraiser & ask if they know anyone/organization who could use your help.
  • Send a professional letter to the local schools & churches to let them know you can help them with any upcoming fundraisers they may have.
  • Hold a fundraiser yourself for your favorite cause & show your customers first hand how great Avon fundraisers are.

To learn more check out Avon Fundraising.

Helping Others Sell Avon Online

Being apart of the Avon community is all about helping one another out, supporting one another and celebrating each other’s successes. As an Avon mentor, you can personally help others reach their goals and create a business that provides them the life they want while earning money through the Advanced Leadership. Though Avon provides FREE online training through Avon University, nothing beats support and guidance from a person who’s been there.

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Through your AvonNow account, there are a variety of tools and reports to help you manage and mentor representatives on your team. Some ideas on how you can mentor representatives:

  • Create a Team Facebook Group page for team members to go for updates, tips and support. This is a great place to acknowledge when representatives have reached sales levels, incentives, etc.
  • Welcome each new representative who joins your team and offer your support, how much or how little he/she may want/need.
  • Send team email updates where you can provide updates on what is going on for that campaign, tips on how they can reach new customers/grow their sales.
  • Create a blog or YouTube channel where you can share with your team (and other representatives or potential representatives) on how to’s, selling & recruiting tips and information on being a representative. Check out Avon Selling Tips: Growing Avon Business Online with a Blog.
  • Do a virtual sales meeting on Zoom or GoToMeeting is a great way to share tips, information about products, how to utilize their AvonNow account, etc.

Click Here for Avon Leadership Tips.

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Earning Money with Avon Online

Just like with any business, it takes time, hard work and dedication for you to reach your goals and to build a life you want. As an Avon representative, there are two ways you can earn money:

  1. Personal Sales: Earn money by selling Avon products to customers across the United States online.
  2. Team Sales: Earn bi weekly income & bonuses by mentoring others as they too create, build and manage a successful Avon business online.

Avon Kickstart Incentive

As a new representative, you have the opportunity to create a strong foundation in your first 90 days with Avon’s Kickstart incentive program. There are 3 components to help you gradually build your business while having first hand experience of your earnings potential.


  • Sales Component: Automatically earn 40% on ALL SALES with your first campaign and continue to earn 40% on ALL SALES with following 6 campaigns when you reach each campaign’s sales goals.
  • Recruiting Component: For each person who joins your Avon team within your first 7 campaigns & places a $150+ order by their 2nd campaign, you will receive a $50 recruiting bonus. (THIS IS AN UNLIMITED BONUS… Earn as many as you can!)
  • Kickstart Bonus Component: Receive a $200 bonus when you reach all 7 campaign sales goals and recruit at least 3 Qualified New Representatives (you received a $50 Recruiting Bonus for them)

To learn more & tips on how to utilize Kickstart incentive program, check out Avon Selling Tips: Kickstart for New Representative Tips

Sales Earnings

Your total personal sales earnings will be based on your online & AvonNow sales per campaign (every 2 weeks). Based on what your campaign total (aka total Award Sales) is, your total earnings for that campaign will be determined as shown in the chart below:

2017 earnings chart

You will automatically receive your online sales earnings once the customer’s order has been shipped (within 48 hours). If your campaign total is more than your average campaign order size, Avon will adjust your campaign earnings once the campaign has closed. Avon will automatically direct deposit your earnings into your registered bank account once you have over $10 in your AvonNow account. You can literally get paid EVERYDAY!

Avon offers representatives a way to earn guarantee earnings through the President’s Recognition Program. This is a sales level achievement program where representatives can enjoy more earnings, demos & rewards. As you rise up in sales level, the more you can earn as you can see in the chart below:

President's Recognition Sales Level Earnings

Leadership Earnings

Once a representative signs up under you, you have been initiated into Avon’s Advanced Leadership. What that means is you will begin receiving leadership earnings as you mentor & grow your team. Participating in the leadership program consists of recruiting & mentoring other representatives in creating their own Avon business in sales & leadership. The higher you rise in leadership levels, the more you will earn through your team’s sales as well as those on your team growing their own teams.

Learn more about Avon’s earning opportunities at Avon Training: How to Earn Money with Avon.

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Become an Avon Super Seller for $30 by joining at with Reference Code: jantunes.

Receive a FREE gift when you sign up as a representative + receive brochures & all the online tools you will need to start & grow your very own Avon business.

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Sell Avon Online

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